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In Kinsey's room music blared, Kol had gone out to the bar down the road for a drink of both kinds while she had filled up in the bathrooms of Starbucks.

There was a time, I used to look into my father's eyes
In a happy home, I was a king I had a gold throne
Those days are gone, now the memories are on the wall
I hear the sounds from the places where I was born

She sighed, why did this song remind her of her childhood?

She remembered being resented by Nik because Mikael always doted on her and never dared raise a hand to her but he beat Nik almost daily, he slapped Rebeckah when she displeased him, he had hit Elijah when he revealed his plans to marry Tatia, he had hit Finn and Kol, once Henrik but never Kinsey.

And Kinsey was the most defiant child he had….heck the girl could handle a blade better then Nik could… (How she learned was still a mystery)

And she was a GIRL.

Up on the hill across the blue lake,
That's where I had my first heart break
I still remember how it all changed
My father said
Don't you worry, don't you worry child
See heaven's got a plan for you
Don't you worry, don't you worry now

Maybe it was because Esther did enough hitting of Kinsey for the two of them?

It was like role reversal, usually Mikael would hit his children and Esther would ask him to stop…but when it came to Kinsey it was different story.

ESTHER would hit Kinsey and Mikael would order her to stop.

Honestly she wasn't that bothered when Esther died.

Don't you worry, don't you worry now
Ooh, ooh, ooh ooooh!
See heaven's got a plan for you
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooooh!

Life as a vampire suited Kinsey well.

Unlike Rebeckah it suited her fantastically. She could be young and playful and immature forever.

Rebeckah had wanted to grow up, have kids, and grow old…

Men flocked to court her for her golden hair and blue eyes...

No one cared to look at Kinsey…

Not with Rebeckah….

She still remembered the villagers…."Isn't Rebeckah lovely?"

"Yes my son is rather infatuated with her…I must ask my husband to ask Mikael for permission to court her."

"My youngest son has grown rather fond of Kinsey though…"


"Oh yes the youngest Mikaelson."

"Her? Whatever for…she is no Rebeckah...not much to look at."

It sickened her. Honestly it did…

There was a time, I met a boy of a different kind
We ruled the world,
Thought I'll never lose him out of sight, we were so young
I think of him now and then
Still hear the song, reminding me of a friend

It remained that way, she was going to turn fifteen in the summer, weeks before she gained immortality when she caught the eye of the blacksmiths youngest son, he was more skilled then his brothers…said to make some of the finest swords that came out of the Smiths.

He was already fifteen and was actually going to be sixteen in the autumn.

He did not wait for her birthday, he befriended her and walked with her when she was on errands for her mother or he would ride with her some days.

Just as the next verse started Kinsey turned off the music and groaned into her pillow.

She didn't even remember that boy's name…

Kinsey resented Rebeckah, Rebeckah was a classical beauty who was still called stunning in this day and age and what was Kinsey?

With her pale skin with that olive tint to it, her brown eyes and hair…

What was she compared to Rebeckah?

That century away from it all…

Oh that century…

Kinsey sighed.

You've a long day tomorrow girl just get some rest.


"…Look can we do this later my friends just got here and yes Damon I actually have some. I'll call you when I'm done." Jeremy said kissing Elena's cheek.

"Uh Jer…" Elena began turning and freezing in horror.

"Hey guys." Jeremy said to the duo.

"Damon its Kol." She said in horror backing up.

Damon turned and was met by a wooden bat to the head which broke in half.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Jeremy shouted.

Kinsey appeared in front of Elena. "Hi!" She said in an overly-excited happy voice.

She had a sadistic smile on her face that unnerved Elena.

"Jeremy get back they're Originals!" She told him and he took a few steps back.

"What?" He asked.

Kinsey zoomed over to beside the bat rack. (a/n I'm gonna call it that, I'm Irish we don't play baseball, we play GAA. Hurling, soccer, rugby and…various other things but not baseball)

She looked up at Jeremy. "No hard feelings mate." She drawled. "But we're not buds." She told him.

Kol chose a bat from the rack. "You know I'll never get used to aluminium but at least it won't break."

He went to hit Damon but was met with the broken part of the first bat.

Kinsey gasped and turned but Damon was in front of her and snapped her neck.

"Did you kill them?" Jeremy asked.

"No. But it gave us a head-start."


Kinsey shot up gasping holding her neck and saw that Kol was still out.

'You can run Kinsey, find Max….find you're boys….find someone….Kol will be fine, he'll think the Salvatore's took you….'

She stood up and was about to when she sighed and looked behind her.

"You're gonna regret this…" She said to herself but looked down at Kol's body and groaned pulling the stake out of him.

He shot up a few moments later and stared at his sister.

"You are lucky you're my favourite brother." She said handing him his phone. "I talked to Nik, they've got white oak stakes and they're trying to find who they're descend from…and they're gonna wipe out the rest of the family. They're heading for Mary Contrary's home. So move your ass, because we have to stake a Groupie." She states.

He stands up and offers her a hand up.

She ignores it and stands by herself.

"You're in a great mood." He stated.

"Damon Salvatore has snapped my neck twice. I'm a thousand years old. He shouldn't be able to do that! So move your ass and let's get going."

He rolled his eyes.

They made it too Mary's house first.

"Hello…oh, Kinsey, Kol." She smiled a bit fake toward Kinsey but flirtatiously at Kol.

"Come in." She stated and they did.

Barely ten minutes in the door and Kol had managed to talk her into the bedroom and staked her.

In seconds after Kinsey heard the muffled scream she was leaning against the doorframe "And here's me thinking you'd screw her first." She commented.

"With my little sister two doors down?"


"Had her once…okay but not great."

She chuckled dryly. "Whatever. What now?" She asked bored.

"We wait."


They could hear Damon and Elena.

"A vampire hoarder…" Damon commented.

"Who was this Mary person?" Elena asked.

"Scary Mary really old, super creepy…"

"And how do you know her?"


Elena chuckled dryly. "Course…"

"What I said creepy not ugly…"

Two minutes later they walked into the room and Damon flashed his flashlight over the corpse.

"Mary…." He commented.

"Quite contrary." Kol commented and Kinsey flicked the lights.

Kol was holding his bat sitting on a chair and Kinsey stood beside him resting on the arm rest.

He stood up and admired his handy work, Kinsey flicked through a book called Peter Pan lazily.

"Shame about Mary she used to be a blast….I don't quite know what happened." He stated.

Kinsey closed the book and sat on the chair, legs resting over the arm rest. "I feel the time spent with our family might have ruined her brother." She commented.

Damon frowned, Kinsey's tone wasn't the sadistic happy giggly tone he'd come to know, it was tired, bored and indifferent.

What was up with Baby Original?

Kol shrugged. "She was a bit of an Original groupie."

"And were you her favourite?" Elena asked.

"You mean did I turn her….I think I did, wait no maybe it was Rebeckah, but there was also a Klaus period….and let's not forget the Elijah affair."
"And she told me she never wanted me to change her because I was a psychotic little girl. I might have changed her for laughs and giggles." Kinsey said standing up, walking toward Elena and smiled.

But the smile seemed tired.

"We spoke to our brother; we know you're trying to find out who you're descend from…." She turned her head to the side to look at Mary and smiled again. "Now you never will." She said.

"So!" Kol said tapping the bat off the ground twice. "Where did we leave off?" He slammed the bat into Damon's knee and he fell to the ground.

Kol brought it down onto his back a few times fracturing his spine.

"Elena…get out of here." Damon cried in pain.

She dashed for the door but suddenly Kinsey was in front of her.

"According to our brother…you're off limits, please don't test me." She told Elena sighing shoving her back until she fell and hit her head off the dresser.

Damon shot up hands around her neck. "Don't. Touch. Her."

Kinsey snarled and shoved him away from her and Kol let out a mocking laugh when Damon hit the floor.

"Oh dear, we've hit a nerve. Relax darling, we just want to be even. You snapped my baby sister's neck twice, you killed my brother and then you humiliated me."

He brought the bat down forcefully a few times breaking Damon's spine.

"There now we're even." He stated smiling.

Kinsey grinned.

I'm glad I stuck around.

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