A?n: this is a sequeal to a one-shot of Slenderman i made a few months back. if you want to read that first then go ahead (if you dont is shouldnt mess you up too much)


"What did you get for number 50, Alex?"

Alex looked up with a start. Usaly the teacher never calls himbecause of his good grades. But since his meeting with a certian theyve been droping drasticly.

"I- Uh- didn't get that far"

"it was the first question i assigned for the class!" She spoke loudly. Too loud. Making Alex want to cover his earsHe was so used to only being to talked to from the voice in head. And those words kept him calm. This womans voice was loud. and reminded him of a loud fucking flammingo.

The voice whisperd in his head

'24x equals 24' He repeated the words as they filled his mind 'so 24 divided by two is 12. Making 12 equal y.'

The teacher waled to his deask and picked up his paper with only the answers written down

"Did you copy someone?" She asked accusingly. She looked at him and found a drawing on his desk. The particular sketchwork made her freezeit was of a long slender man with a black tuxedo. His face was still blank and above him a small circlewith an X marked through it.

Before aAlex could react, she snatched the paper and foled it

"Talk to me after class got it?" she growled.

Snickers and laughs were heard form other studentstheir workds gave him a mentaly spoke to the voice that beling to drawn demon

"why did she take it?" no reply "Does she know you?"

'not personaly..' it mutterd 'but expect her to say to keep from me.. you wont go away will you?'

Alex thought only teasing.

"All adults know me they fear me. They want to keep you from me. dont let them take you away."

Then, out on nowhere, a man that looked exactly like the demon Alex drewshowed before him.

"Slender..." he whisperd

Before anyone, but the teacher who shoted, could react. the smart board and the computers around became static and the screaching roared through the cschool. all lights went out.

As everyone screamed in horror and ducked under their tables, ALex looked up at the man. no one would see them because he sat at the back of the class and it was too dark to see.

'they will take you away. dont let them. you are mine.' ALex felt one of his extra limbs grab at his arm and waist to keep him still. 'they wont have you . you are mine. i will kill to keep you mine. KILL.' slender pressed his non-existnent lips onto alex. ALex only sat stunned. he wasn't sure he wanted Slender to kill for him..

'only i can have you. have you looked at your back since our first encounter together?


HE heard a low growl from the slender man that alex learned was a chuckle.

'i did it so you couldnt go away.'

'why would i?'

'You'll understand later' another low growl.

the lights came back on. the static noise stopped, and everything was normal again. The computer started to blink back to their normal screens.

"is everyone alright?"

A/n: so what do you think? its pretty rappy and slow but it will get better. just remember the description! :P