Mirror Shards: Interludes

Snippets for the Mirror Shards series.
by: MavenAlysse

Rating: FR15 (to be on the safe side)

Disclaimers: B:tVS belongs to Whedon, Lewis Carroll (aka Charles Dodgson) created the awe- (and story-) inspiring Alice in Wonderland, and American McGee is responsible for the nightmares, er.. I mean, the versions of Alice and Cheshire Cat I ended up using from the game 'American McGee's Alice.' Nothing is mine, though I can dream, right?

Summary: Bits and pieces of things that happen here and there within the 'Mirror Shards' universe.

Author's Notes: It took awhile, but the writer's block finally let up a little. Hope you all like.

Timeline: Any time after Halloween, but no real order.

Interlude 1: "Cat Napping"

Willow entered the Library, a slight frown upon her face. Spotting Dawn at one of the tables she walked over, dropping her backpack with a light 'thump'. "Dawn, have you seen Xander? He was supposed to meet me by the tree so we could study."

The younger girl looked up from her book, tucking a strand of dark hair behind her ear. "He was here during Study Hall. I think he was going to cat nap. You should check the sunny spots."

With a bemused look on her face, Willow stepped up between the stacks. "Here I am, taking study time to chase sun beams." She checked the angle of the sun streaming through the windows and headed in the most likely direction. Which of course meant he wasn't to be found. She headed in the other direction. Still nothing. A third direction yielded similar results. Exasperated, she slapped the side of a bookshelf. "Xander!"

From above her she heard a yelp, causing her to flatten herself against the farthest wall. A body fell from the top of the shelves. It twisted in midair to land neatly in a crouch beside her. Xander rose to his full height, gazing at her reproachfully. "You bellowed?"

Scowling, she slapped his arm, "Meanie. You scared me."

"Scared you? You didn't just jolt up from a sound sleep and fall nearly ten feet." He rubbed his arm in mock pain.

"Sorry." She glanced up, a faint frown upon her face. "What were you doing up there, anyway?"

"It's under a sky light." He took her arm and walked her back toward the tables. "Sorry I lost track of time. We still on for our study session?"

Willow nodded, "You betcha, mister. You are going to pass this History test if I gotta pour the information into your head myself!"

A gleam shone in his eye and a grin blossomed. "Wouldn't that be great? No more having to listen to boring lectures. Just tip your head and let the knowledge flow in." He tilted his head, blinking in thought. "Of course, then you'd have to put corks or something in your ears to keep it from pouring out before it was all absorbed. People would look pretty silly like that, don't you think?"

Willow sighed, a small smile upon her lips, having gotten used to the odd segues Xander was prone to since his parents had been killed. "Yup. Pretty silly. Where would you like to go study? Here? Giles'? The park?"

"Here's good. We can help keep Dawn company 'til her mom gets home. Buffy went shopping. With Cordelia."

Willow shuddered. "With Cordelia? Why ever for?"

"She's not so bad, once you get past all the layers."

"So, she's like an onion?" she teased.

"Let's just say that everyone wears masks and what you see isn't always what's really there."

Willow nodded, though her brow creased again as yet another change expressed itself, Xander didn't used to be so blunt or insightful – well, yes, actually, he did, but it felt different nowadays. "Xander, are you okay?" She held a hand to stop his initial reply. "I mean, really okay? You've been acting odd, well, more oddly than normal. I know that a lot has happened over the last few months. I..." she stammered, wishing she had the words to make everything alright again for her best friend. "I just ... you know that you can tell me anything, right?"

He nodded, not a hint of hilarity about himself as he took her hand in his. "I know, Wills. I know." They stared deeply into one another's eyes for a few moments, then he gave a quick grin and spun her in a circle. "Study?"

She sighed, smiling. "Study."

* * * 651 words 1/14/10 MavnAlysse * * *