Interlude 6: 'Special Blend Tea Party'
Warning. This one is a bit dark.

Drusilla sat elegantly in her chair, her burgundy velvet dress smoothed primly over her knees, legs crossed lady-like at the ankle, delicately holding a fine china teacup while daintily sipping at the tea.

"We're nearly out of the first blend. Would you like to try a different one? It's fresh."

"Yes, please, my Kitten." she gently placed the first cup onto the table and graciously accepted a second, smiling up at her tea companions.

Xander lifted the teapot and filled her cup, the liquid a deep mahogany color. "Tell me what you think." He filled his own and a third as well.

Drusilla took a sip and moaned in delight as the sweet taste of cinnamon and blood flowed over her tongue. "This is delicious."

"Glad you like it." Dawn smiled gently at the Master Vampire. She finished her cup of tea and went to pour more. "Oh, Xander, this pot's nearly empty. Shall I prepare some more?"

"Please do." Xander fondly watched the young girl go, drawing out her vorpal blade as she headed for one of the back rooms.

Drusilla leaned back in her chair, gazing lovingly at the elaborately decorated table that Xander and Dawn had prepared for the three of them. They'd been having a grand time for several days now; Drusilla couldn't remember the last time she'd been this content.

"The first tea had a lovely vanilla flavor and this new one is a delectable cinnamon. It's hard to decide which I like the most. The magic in the blood gives it that lovely kick, but the mellow flavor from an older person is also quite nice."

"Joyce didn't last as long as we'd hoped, but we should be able to enjoy the Willow tea for much longer before having to try a new blend," a red-tinged grin spread across Xander's face.

Dawn returned with a freshly filled pot, a matching grin upon her own face.

Drusilla threw back her head and laughed.

* * *

A contented smile crossed the insane vampire's face as she slept – dreaming of a wonderful new day.

* * * 358 words MavnAlysse 3/23/10 -A/N: Well, even vampires can dream, right?- * * *