Mirror Shards: Remnants

Chapter 2: Pirate Hunter

The blanket lay spread at the foot of a weeping willow, the branches shielding the impromptu tea party from idle passerbys, the sun filtering through in green-tinged beams. Two cans of soda and a bag of cookies took center stage as the two friends took a break from studying and simply enjoyed the other's company.

"Did you hear? Larry went down to the recruitment office this past weekend. Signed up to join the Navy once he graduate."

Dawn glanced sideways at the crooked smile that twitched at the corners of Xander's mouth threatening to become a full-fledged grin. "Why would he do that? I thought he planned on getting a football scholarship and playing for UCLA?" She reached for a can of soda, taking a sip.

Teeth gleamed around a simple response, "Larry went as a pirate for Halloween."

She nearly choked, blinking rapidly as tears filled her eyes. Finally catching her breath (it was a tricky little thing and nearly got away, but she caught it by the scruff and stuffed it back where it belonged) she stared at her friend. "But the Navy?"

Xander gave a loose shrug, "Guess his persona was more Privateer than Buccaneer." He grinned, "Plus, have you seen the new Independance class LITTORAL Combat Ship ACS?" His whistle of appreciation pierced the air. "They pack a mean whollup. Even I want to commandeer one of those babies, and I don't even like water anymore."

Smirking, Dawn leaned up against the tree trunk. "A friend emailed me some pics. It's very impressive in a mine's-bigger-than-your's-boy-testosterone way." Xander gave an unrepentant grin. "So, Larry's going to be a Pirate Hunter, then, huh? Well, at least he'll make a positive difference in the world. Best of luck to him." She tapped cans with Xander in salute, then stole the last cookie from the bag.



(a/n: sorry guys, the new and improved Xander will not be going undercover on the Swim Team – he'd be more apt to try to catch the changed swimmers to see if they taste good.)

End A/N: I know that the time-line doesn't fit, but I couldn't resist, have you seen the thing? Whoa! For those of you who are interested, check out the link to wikipedia – it'll give a bit more information and some great photos.


The USS independence LCS-2 is one of the new Navy Fighting Vessels. LITTORAL is a Navy term meaning close to shore. It's been said that they'll be used primarily for hunting down pirates – I thought it fitting that Larry would want to be stationed on one once he graduated.