Love Breaks any spell: The hooded one!

This is my first fanfiction, for The Sisters Grimm! I am rewriting this story, because I feel like I did not do a great job, on the original one. Also, as the chapter go on, you will soon find out the answers to your unanswered questions. Please read! :D

(No one's P.O.V)

Sabrina was trying to sleep, while Puck was fighting with his chimps, there sure was a mess. Yes, Puck was 17, but he sure hasn't lose the habit of acting like a 12 or a 13 year old. He was making too much noise, it was impossible to sleep, but of course you could hear Daphne snoring through it all. Sabrina awoke, to get Puck to shut the F*** up. Sabrina let out a groan, before getting out of bed, her hair was sticking out of every direction and her eyes were droopy. With every step she took, she let out a sigh and wonder to her self 'Will I ever get some sleep?'. Once she had reach Puck's door, she murmured to herself "I'm gonna become a psychopath if he doesn't shut up!". She reach the door knob and twist it, once she had open the door all the way she heard a noise and turn around. She saw a furry thing, with something shiny on its hand, but before she could identify what it was, her head started hurting and everything started spinning around her and then everything went black.

Meanwhile Puck had heard a scream, and came running to where it had come from. There on the ground was no one less than Sabrina Grimm, she look so innocent laying on the ground.

"What the fudge just happen here?" asked Puck, to no one in particular. He had to take Sabrina to where, the old lady and her parents were. I love the way her hair goes, ugh, there go those stupid hormones! Puck thought, as he was sure having a hard time taking his eyes away from Sabrina!

Once Puck had past the stairs, the real challenge waited for him.

"what, DID YOU DO TO MY DAUGHTER?!" shouted Henry at Puck, who had an angry and worried expression at the same time. Before the argument would go any farther, there was a knock at the door, without wasting anymore time, Puck went running to the door.

"Hello Snow White!" greeted Puck, at Snow White who was dressed in a fancy white and light blue, knee-length dress. Snow White was now a doctor, she had decided to get that job after the war with the scarlet hand. Reason number one, there were lot's of everafters who had really bad injuries and some were made with magic.

"Hey Puck!" Snow White responded with a smile, but her smile soon faded into a frown, when she saw Sabrina.

"What?!" asked Puck, sensing the change of mood on Snow White.

"Well" said Snow White, and continue talking. "Sabrina haves the spell that I had, so that means that her true love must kiss her. Unless you don't want her back alive." Snow White was looking at Puck the whole time, while she was saying that. Puck on the other hand, look gross out, but in the inside he felt somehow strange. "Puck, would you kiss her? Please just try!"

The Trickster king proudly said "NOPE" but then some "stupid" words started coming out his mouth "Alright, if you me t-"

Henry interrupted and said "NO! I'm NOT letting that happen."

"But, then she will stay like that FOREVER, don't you get it Henry, it's a spell, a spells a spell, you can't change that" Snow White said, trying to keep her voice down. Henry lower his head and whisper "Fine, you win…"

Puck grinned at that, and lowers his head, to kiss Sabrina right in her lips. His lips touch her lips and she open her eyes and…..

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