Enjonine - 27 Dresses: Part 1

Note: This was an awesome idea requested by Anonymous. This amazing graphic is not mine either. I tried writing a fic before but it failed. But I want to actually finish this one because I love the idea so much and it would be a waste. Enjoy! Also, if you've never seen 27 Dresses, you should watch it because it's one of my favorite movies and it's so great.


Eponine has been a bridesmaid 27 times. She's in love with her boss, Marius Pontmercy, who doesn't know how she feels. When Eponine's younger sister Cosette comes to town, she catches Marius's eye. All the while, Eponine is being chased by cynical wedding columnist Kevin Enjolras (who prefers being called just Enjolras). Things take a turn when Marius and Cosette get engaged.

Part 1:

Eponine had fallen in love with weddings when she was 8 years old. She had helped someone on the most important day of their lives. She liked the idea of that.

Of course two of her friends had to have a wedding on the same day at pretty much the same time. She had been going back and forth the whole night. She had to tell the cab driver multiple times not to peek at her while she changed. The whole time Enjolras had been watching her, seeing her check her watch constantly. Every time she came back her dark bun was messier.


When Eponine regained conciseness, she was laying on the wood floor of the reception hall. She saw a handsome, stone-faced blond staring down at her.

He smiled, "Look who's awake."

Eponine tried to sit up. Pain throbbed in her head, "What happened?"

The blond steadied her, "You tried to catch the bouquet and got knocked out. I'll get you a cab."


In the cab, the blond asked Eponine why she'd been coming and going the whole night, when Eponine told him that she'd been going back and forth between weddings, he laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"Why would you go to two weddings at the same time?"

"They were two really good friends of mine who just happened to have a wedding on the same night."

The blond scoffed, "I don't understand weddings, you're giving yourself away for the rest of your life, and you lose all of your freedom."

Eponine glared, "You sound so cynical. I have to go."

She got out of the cab. The blond picked something off the floor of the cab. Her day planner. There was a name on it in gold letters.