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Chapter 1

A raven haired princess stood alone in the Silver Millennium's Royal Garden and gazed up at the stars with a worried expression on her face. Where could you be Serenity?, the priestess thought even though she already had a good idea where Serenity was. Her most precious person, the person she had sworn to protect with her life was in the greatest possible danger. She was in love, in love with the Prince of the Earth! The Princess of Mars had been consulting the fires for weeks and everything she had seen foretold of a disastrous end to this forbidden love affair. Mars was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the rest of Princess Serenity's Guardians approaching her. Serenity's Guardians consisted of Princess Mercury a blue haired, intellectual girl who was calm and quiet but very formidable in battle, Princess Jupiter a brown haired, strong warrior who was usually the strength behind the group, Princess Venus a blonde haired girl who looked a lot like Serenity and was the official leader of the guardians, and Mars. Princess Venus reached Mars first.

"Any sign of her?" Venus asked struggling to catch her breath.

"We've looked all over the palace," added Mercury as she typed on her computer trying to pinpoint the Princess' exact location.

Mars gazed at her team all of them dressed in their sailor fukus. "I believe the Princess has gone to the Earth to visit her Prince again." Mars said quietly, "Nothing but disaster will come of this, not just for her but for everyone."

"Did you have a premonition Mars?" Jupiter asked looking worried.

"We don't need a premonition to tell us what we already know, remember the rule about the Earth and Moon?" Mercury reminded the group.

Mars and Venus nodded their heads in agreement and Venus took charge.

"Mars and I are going to the Earth to get the Princess. Jupiter and Mercury you two stay here and guard the palace and under no circumstances do you tell anyone where we're going, especially the Queen." said Venus

"Right", Mercury and Jupiter agreed. "Bring her back safely", said Mercury as she and Jupiter headed back toward the palace.

Once they were alone Venus and Mars stared at each other with determination then they grasped hands and disappeared.

Meanwhile On Earth,

A general of Prince Endymion was sound asleep in his bed, when three loud knocks startled him awake. The brown haired man struggled to get up and make himself presentable. Pulling his brown hair back into its usual ponytail, he answered the door agitation clear on his face.

"What is it?" Nephrite snapped.

"It's after 2 in the morning and the Prince isn't in his room!" the blond haired man said as he barged into Nephrite's room. He began to pace the room his face full of worry.

"Calm down, Jadeite," Nephrite said "The Prince is more than capable of taking care of himself. He does not wish to be babysat or treated like a child and we must respect his wishes, besides I believe he is in the company of a certain Princess". Nephrite smiled.

"I see nothing to smile about!" scoffed Jadeite, "Is it really alright for the Prince to be with this girl? What do we really know about her intentions or any of those moon people? Her people already lord themselves over us as if we aren't capable of handling our own affairs! She could be a spy sent to seduce Prince Endymion and take over our kingdom!"

"Enough!" Nephrite snapped interrupting Jadeite's rant, "After years of animosity between our Kingdom and the Moon, we are finally becoming more amicable and working toward peace. As a general to the Prince you should be setting an example for our people. I suggest you adjust your attitude immediately and not let anyone else, especially the Prince hear you speaking that way!"

Jadeite glared at his fellow general for a moment then sighed with defeat.

"I suppose you are right but I do wish Prince Endymion would have chosen an Earth woman", Jadeite said bitterly," I thought the Lady Beryl would have made him a fine wife".

"Beryl?" Nephrite laughed, "Beryl was in love with the Prince but her father's ambitions and her haughty attitude drove Endymion away. Besides I don't believe he will have anyone other than his Moon Princess, I understand why, she is quite the beauty." Nephrite said with a smile.

"That may be but at least Lady Beryl is one of us." Jadeite said as he stalked out of Nephrite's room.

The heir to throne of the Silver Millennium was in complete bliss as she rested in the arms of her true love. She stared into the midnight blue eyes of her prince and let out a happy sigh. She was at peace. Being with Prince Endymion for even a moment was worth the punishment she knew would receive once her guardians found out where she was.

They could never understand that the mere thought of Endymion was what made her get up every day full of life, hope, and happiness. They could never her understand feelings. They would only scold her and reminded her of duties as Princess and her responsibilities to her kingdom and remind her about that dreadful rule….

"Those of the Earth & Moon are never to intertwine, never to love & should this law be broken disaster is sure to follow".

Serenity frowned. How could any disaster come from the love she felt for Endymion? No, she thought I don't believe it, I WON'T believe it!

"Serenity?" Endymion said interrupting her thoughts.

"Yes Endymion?" Serenity answered smiling up at her prince.

"You've been so quiet tonight, my love. Is something bothering you?" he asked looking worried.

Serenity hesitated for a moment before answering "No, just enjoying the garden, my love."

Endymion looked around; they were surrounding be the loveliest of trees and flowers. Even at night their beauty was astounding. He sighed as he knew it would only be short while before Serenity's guardians came to retrieve her. Prince Endymion stared down at his beautiful princess and found her ocean blue eyes gazing up at him expectantly. He closed his eyes and leaned down towards her.

As Endymions' lips brushed gently across hers, the one thing Serenity was trying to forget appeared in her head again…

"Those of the Earth & Moon are never to intertwine, never to love & should this rule be broken disaster is sure to follow"

Serenity leaned forward and kissed Endymion harder. I don't believe it, I WON'T believe it.