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Bella POV

I wrap a body around my body as I get out of the tub and walk to my room, I quickly throw on a tank top, under wear and shorts along with a pair of socks. I walk over to my bed and quickly crawl under the blue comforter. I nestle my head into my pillows as the bed starts to warm up; my eyes begin to droop as sleep overtakes me.

I open my eyes as I hear loud music playing, I'm standing infront of a mirror dressed in a gold gown and black hair. I back away from the mirror and hurry to the first door I see. I throw open the mahogany door and rush to the railing, I peer down and I'm stunned as I see hundreds of men and women dancing dressed in gowns and suits, everything was expensive and magical. I felt someone tap my shoulder as I turn suddenly, I look at the person behind me and see a man. I can't see his face at all its just a black smoke. He offers me his arm and I fell my body doing so against my will, he leads me away from the railing and to a set of hidden stairs. He leads me down them and we enter a study.

He leads us to the middle of the room and starts to talk, it sounds echoy and hard to completely sunderstand.

"Let's toast to the future ." He hands me a wine glass and my body moves without my permission as I smile at the mysertious man. I raise the wine glass to my lips and take a sip. My eyes widen as something enters my stomach, I look up and see a silver dagger with blue and gold embelishments planted into my stomach. Blood seeped on the dress as the wine glass slipped from my hands, I felt my legs give out as I fall back onto the black lounge that was behind me. I look up at the man I can only make out his lips as he smiles before walking away. I felt my arm gently slide off the lounge as my body goes slack and my breathing slows down. I close my eyes as heavyness falls around me...

"Bella!" I wake with a start as my mother calls out my name. I sit up in my bed and wipe my eyes as I take a deep breath, I push the covers back and quickly fall into my morning routine.

As I board the bus I look out the window as I think back to my dream from last night, it was so real. I could still feel a stinging in my stomach but their was no mark or blood. I was so confused by the dreams I had lately, they were so real and they all ended with me dead. I lean my head against the cold glass as I contemplate the past few days.

Jasper POV

I sit on my back porch as I look out across the trees and lake, thinking about my encounter with Bella. She had become so beautiful and I had just wanted to shake her to make her remember me. I let out a sigh as I close my eyes, my brain going into overdrive.

"Ahhhhh!" I turn to the study where a women comes running out, she runs over to me in tears.

" ...someone..someone killed Isabel!" My eyes widen as I rush past her, my cape flying behind me. I run into the study and see my beautiful Isabel laying on the black lounge. I rip my mask off and run over to her body, I turn her head towards me and take off her gold mask throwing it to the side. Her beautiful brown eyes are closed. Tears run down my face as I pick up her body, laying her on the floor next to me. I look down at the blood on her dress and I feel sobs rip from my throat. I hold her body close to me as I cry into her neck,

"Isabel!" I'm waiting for her arms to wrap around my neck and place gently kisses on my cheeks as she blushes...but it never happens. Her body remains slack as I hold her close. I feel my emotions shut down and my crying stops, I look down at her beautiful face and gently brush the stray curls from her face. I stand up and lean down picking her up bridal style. I walk out of the study and to the stairs, everyone parts as they see me carrying her. I hear the cries from the women in the room and the men gasp as I walk up the stairs with Isabel.

My life is's done for. She had saved me from becoming a monster..the only person I loved.

My eyes fly open as I look around the empty yard, looking for someone. I realize I'm alone as I lean back, my mind realing. I had never seen that was so real and I knew. I knew that I had lived more than two lives with Bella, I had been with Bella for so many lifetimes. Unfortuantly, none of them ended happily. I let out a breathe before standing. Everytime I closed my eyes I saw Bella..Isabel? She had jet black hair, skin as pale as snow and the most stunning green eyes.

Everytime I saw her I just wanted her more and more, the thought of stealing her in the night became a fun choice. But I knew I couldn't do that to her..she loved her parents in this time and they loved her. I would have to make her remember or fall in love with me again...I couldn't wait anymore. I needed her...I needed her so much that it hurt.