Thank you just doesn't say enough...

Please allow me to ramble a bit...

Roughly a year ago, I went through a horrible depression due a lot of terrible things striking at me at once. For weeks, I was literally bed-ridden, without any ambition to do anything. Then, one day, I came across Gravity Falls while channel surfing. I had heard the name tossed around before, but didn't really explore it. Only after watching the pilot, I was instantly hooked.

I don't really know what exactly captured my heart, but as if many of you, I immediately identified with Dipper Pines. I mean, this child was LITERALLY me at 12 years old; the same mindset, wit, etc. Even his relationship with his sister reminds me of the one I have with my sibling. However, it was when we were introduced to his red-headed, dimpled-freckled-faced lanky crush that things hit home.

To Dipper, the main thing that appreciates about Wendy is that she is one of the few people that is able to see beneath everything that is "wrong" with him, and help bring out the little hero within. They share the same sense of humor and ideas of fun (though I can't decide if it's because Dipper is trying to act older or due to Wendy's random lapses into immaturity; either way, it's adorable).

To me, such a feeling to share with another person has to be one of the greatest things out there. That's why it kinda irks me when such is threatened. Again, it is something I personally know all too well.

For every "Wendipper/Wipper" out there, there are 5 more that believe that this was the worst possible thing that Alex Hirsch and his staff could have done to Gravity Falls. In a world where ghosts, monsters, and dream-demons run amok, the only thing that cannot (and should not) exist is that a young boy shouldn't harmlessly pursuit an older girl who makes him feel like the greatest thing ever (or heaven forbid, if she might actually like him back...) It has gotten to such a point that people have complained to the show's creator, who in turn, vows to use less of this angle in the upcoming season.

In short, a pessimistic world is telling a little guy that he possibly cannot win against such incredible odds.

If there's one thing I try my best to do in real life, I support the little guys...

With the stories, I am able to vent such frustrations by presenting varying, non-continuous scenarios in which allow for the duo to grow closer and closer while honoring the commandments presented within the show's canon.

However, as I wrote more and more, something unexpected happened:

I actually had garnered a following! There were people of all ages, just like me, that hoped and wished for the best for our favorite non-couple, despite the huge amounts of hate and negativity on the other site of the pond. People who originally thought "No Way!" looked at my tales, and thought of Wendy and Dipper as "Well, maybe..." Within weeks, I had seen Dipper's Birthday Rumble referenced on tumblr and deviantart. Reviews and PMs came flowing in! Shortly after, a soundtrack and artwork were created specifically for this! (small note; for the people asking if they can do artwork based upon my stories: PLEASE! YES, PLEASE!)

More and more, I received messages not only expressing of how people's opinions of the two had changed, but how peoples' real life perspectives have changed for the better (definitely something I didn't expect from writing mere fanfiction). Also, I apologize for the hearts I have broken with the story's ending.

Within 10 months, DBR has crossed over 10,000 individual views, with at least 1,000 more visiting every month! And as we are here, it was most recently nominated and received awards (along with Trust Me, Won't You) almost half-a-dozen times in the 2013 Gravity Falls Fanfiction Awards!

However, I cannot take any of the credit. Any good that has come across from the story/stories is due because of you, the reader(s), who have supported and championed my vision (of another man's vision, granted).

Thank you for everything: your PMs, your blogs, your reviews, favorites, and alerts, your art, your re-postings, your archiving/TV-trope-ing, and again, your nominations and votes! Forgive me if I missed anything.

In gratitude, I would like to take the time to answer a question that has been asked several times, yet I never gave a direct answer...until now:

Will there ever be a Dipper's Birthday Rumble 2?

This is the thing: there is only one person that can answer that for you.

That man is Alex Hirsch.

As mentioned in the Reference Guide for DBR, part of its creation was to add some sort of reasoning to the additional, yet unmentioned growth in Wendy and Dipper's relationship (i.e. how they get closer and closer). At the end of the first season, there is another question about the two that the writing staff kind of danced around, not really providing a clear answer. Of course, such a thing can easily be addressed in the new season, or even one of the Gravity Falls Shorts/Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained. Remember, I am almost OCD trying to keep within the established canon of the show. (I still have to adjust DBR to match up with Pinesquest) Hopefully, they will make mention of "this thing" by the time we get to the hinted "Robbie's Revenge" episode of the 2nd season. But if not...

-An outline is ready!
-Songs have been picked out as themes
-Chapters will alternate between Dipper and Wendy, and some will have them together
-The truth behind DBR1 will be revealed
-It will probably be more chapters than part 1, but more bite-sized (sorry guys and gals, I don't think I got another 77K word-story in me...)

In the meantime, I hope to have But, I Need You wrapped up by Christmas, and a seventh story will be going before my one year anniversary in January. (here's a little preview; this new story will NOT have any supernatural elements to it!)

Again, thank you all for everything. The stories are nothing without you guys/gals! Good night, and hope to see you next year!