Hey. This idea has been rolling around in my head for quite some time. It's a crossover between The Tudors and WWE Raw and Smackdown and TNA. A few facts have been changed. Like Katherine Howard is now going to be Katherine McMahon Vince's daughter and Stephanie's sister. And Henry had a daughter with his fifth wife named Andromeda. And in this time he had a daughter with Katherine Parr who recently died after being put in a coma. A few of the characters are going to be divorced. And AJ is not going to be crazy. I'll give her a reprieve from that. So hopefully you all like it.

Henry Tudor looked around the board of the company he had just acquired. Not from a stranger like with TNA. No the person glaring daggers at him was his ex-father-in-law. Vince McMahon. Henry glared back at the man in front of him. "You can make this easy on yourself and your family Vince," he said. "Or you can just sign on the dotted line and make the company mine."

Vince kept his cool. He had not only his daughters' and son's well being to think about here. There was also his son-in-law and his grandchildren from both of his daughters. He knew there was no other way around it. And he knew it which was what was killing him the most.

A sardonic chuckle was heard from the middle of the table as the man it belonged to watched as Vince McMahon signed the contract. Paul Heyman smiled over at Thomas Cromwell. "That concludes our business here gentleman," said Heyman in his oily voice.

Henry turned back to Vince. "Should I be there when you tell Steph, Katherine, and Hunter?" he asked. "Because they will all eventually know who is responsible for this."

There wasn't long to wait. Just as Henry finished Stephanie, Katherine, Hunter and his second youngest daughter Andromeda walked in. Andromeda stopped short and stared between Vince and Henry.

"Why don't you wait outside with Shawn Angie?" asked Hunter. "After what he just told us he needs someone right now."

Andromeda nodded and headed out the door to where Shawn was sitting. Once she was gone Hunter turned to Vince and Henry.

"As the three of you know," Vince began, "I signed my company over to Henry. He gave me no choice in the matter. But as of right now he has total control of the company."

Hunter turned to Vince. "What does this mean for us?" he asked. "What does this mean for Setph and Kat? What does this mean me, Shawn, and Andromeda?"

Henry smiled evilly. "Well Paul," he said using Hunter's real name, "it means all of you work for me now. Your wife, my ex-wife, my daughter, your little friend and my current wife's ex-husband, and yourself all work for me. As part of my inner office."

Hunter's mouth dropped open. At both the lack of respect on Henry's part and for the fact that Shawn hadn't told him about this yet.

"Poor Shawn," he heard both Steph and Katherine whisper.

Andromeda's POV:

Andromeda walked over to Shawn. She hadn't seen anyone look so upset since, well since the news of the takeover had been given to her grandfather. She knew her soul that her father had something to do with this man's mood.

"Are you all right Shawn?" she said taking a seat next to him.

He nodded not really looking at her.

"Shawn," said a woman's voice, "what are you doing here? I thought my husband was meeting with The McMahon's. And the last time I checked you aren't a McMahon. Your a no one."

Andromeda glared up at the woman who stood before her. Her newest stepmother. Rebecca Tudor the ex-Mrs. Micheals. She glared at the woman. "Becca," she faking the friendliness in her voice, "I'd watch how you treat my friend here. Or I can accidentally let slip to father your dirty little secret."

She paled and then stormed up to her Henry and began talking to him.

"Why didn't you tell anyone she divorced you Shawn?" asked Hunter.

"Because," said Shawn, "I just want to get over it. I don't want to talk about it. And I don't need anyone else talking about it." He turned to Andromeda. "And don't give her a reason to get Henry to turn his back on you."

Andromeda snorted in disbelief. "Like he hasn't already," she bit out laughingly. "She's going to regret leaving you and we all know it. It's only a matter of time"

Henry's POV:

Henry watched from a far with his wife. Shawn Micheals and his daughter Andromeda would pay for the lack of respect they were showing his wife. And he knew just how he'd do that. What better way to keep an eye on both of them than to keep Shawn in the family. He turned to Cromwell.

"I want you to draw up a marriage contract," he told the other man. "Between my second youngest daughter Andromeda and my wife's ex-husband Shawn Micheals."

With that Cromwell walked off to do his bidding. They'd have no choice but to sign the thing. Or there'd be hell to pay. The Attitude Era was over The Tudor Era was about to begin again.

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