Hey. I'm back with a new update for Hostile Takeover. I'm sorry I haven't updated this story in so long. I let other projects get in the way. But reading over it just now lit my passion for this story again. And so here you are a brand new update.

Undertaker's POV:

Undertaker had followed Shawn, Andromeda, Emily, Punk, and Mary for a while thinking of place that Katherine could be. It didn't take him long to figure out that his wife would be in her and Stephanie's office. They had a meeting with creative after all.

He walked towards the office in question get strange looks from people as he passed them. He ignored the looks. He was after The Deadman. People feared him. Fear in his mind meant respect. So in short they respected him. They respected him more than they respected their new boss.

He smirked as he entered Stephanie and Katherine's office.

"Hey," came Katherine's voice, "the door's closed for a reason buddy."

"I was kind of hoping I was an exception to that rule," he said as he strode over to the woman he loved pulling her into a hug.

"I'm sorry Mark. I thought you were one of Henry and Rebecca's thugs coming to demand more from us. I didn't know it was you."

Stephanie walked over to us with a raised eyebrow.

"What can we help you with Mark?" she asked. "You don't usually seek us out at work."

"I just wanted to let my wife know her daughter and son-in-law are back from their honeymoon. And they have some important news you should hear."

"Let's go find them then," said Stephanie putting down the folder she was holding.

Katherine nodded and got up as well.

Now to figure out where those kids and Shawn would start looking for Andromeda's family.

Punk's POV:

Punk couldn't believe he had the honour of being one of the first few to find out about the new addition to the Tudor/Micheals family. Sure he was about to enter the Tudor family himself but he didn't know that Andromeda and Shawn already considered him like family.

"What's with the stupid grin on your face Punk?" asked my rival John Cena.

Punk glared at the man. The nerve of this boy scout want to be barging in on his moment of feeling like he had family.

"None of your business Cena," he hissed. He felt a hand rest gently on his arm bringing him back to reality. He looked to find Mary his wife to be at his side now.

"Is there a problem here gentlemen?" she asked looking between Punk and Cena.

"No," said Cena. "I was just asking a question is all."

"And I answered your question," said Punk.

Mary turned to Cena. "I was told you were talking to my brother Edward earlier," she said. "Do you know which way he went?"

Edward's POV:

"I was told by my father," Edward said, "that the Shield will be having a feud with myself, my soon to be brother-in-law CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan." He looked between the three men of The Shield.

Dean Ambrose nodded in understanding as did Roman Reigns.

"Dude," said Seth, "now that the business part of things is settled. I want to ask you about a little rumour we heard earlier."

Roman elbowed Seth in the shoulder and shook his head.

"What dude it's just a question?"

"Go ahead then," said Edward waiting for this important question to pop out.

"Is it true your sis is pregnant already?" asked Ambrose.

A squeak of shock came from behind him as Edward turned around to find his sister Elizabeth standing there. When had she gotten there?

Elizabeth's POV:

Elizabeth was shocked to say the least. That was not the first time she had heard such rumours about her sister and brother-in-law. But where they true?

"So?" said Seth.

"We don't know," said Edward. "We have yet to talk to either of them."

"Well that's what we heard," said Roman.

"Don't believe everything you've heard until it is confirmed first," Elizabeth replied. "That's always a good rule of thumb."

"I agree," came a voice from behind me. "I see my new brother-in-law and sister-in-law are still talking about me."

Elizabeth turned to find not only Shawn, Andromeda, and Emily. But also Mary and CM Punk. What could they all be doing here?

Undertaker's POV:

Undertaker had followed the path that he thought his new family would take. He was right. He found Andromeda and the others all together. But what he heard as he traveled discouraged him a little.

"So I hear there's some news you two have to tell us," he said walking up behind Shawn and Andromeda Micheals.

Shawn's POV:

Shawn paled as he heard the voice of The Undertaker come from behind him. He knew that Taker had married Andromeda's mother. And the man actually treated Andromeda better than her own father did. But having him stand behind Shawn like that scared him more than anything else ever did.

"Actually we were looking all over for you," Andromeda said. "I'm glad you're all here. Even The Shield. Shawn and I have some news to share with all of you."

"Yeah," Shawn replied. "Important news."

Everyone looked at the pair with wide eyed expressions on their faces. Shawn could tell the waiting was killing them.

"We're going to have a baby," Andromeda said killing the suspense.

Henry's POV:

"Congratulations," Henry said as he and Rebecca walked out of the shadows. "It is sad that neither of you thought to invite Rebecca or I to this occasion."

Henry was shocked. He hadn't expected Andromeda to fall with child after the first two months of marriage. If he wanted her and Micheals' share of the company he would have to make sure the child wasn't born. He smirked as he rubbed his hands together and began planning his grandchild's demise.

Sorry again for long wait on the update. I hope you all enjoyed this new chapter. And hopefully someone cough Undertaker cough finds out about Henry's evil plan for Andromeda's child. Until next time folks.