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Harry James Potter groaned as rolled over in bed. He'd been woken up by a loud pounding and an insistent shrieking outside his door. It was a reminder that today was Harry's first day of summer. Most teenagers loved summer the chance to sleep in and a break from schoolwork. But not Harry. For Harry summer meant an endless list of chores, meager meals and the loving company of his relatives, the dear sweet Dursleys.

Not wanting to but having no choice Harry rolled out of bed and fumbled putting on his glasses before opening his eyes. However something strange happened when he opened his eyes. His surroundings were incredibly blurry. Frowning he pulled off his glasses to clean them. They must have gotten smudged or something when Dudley pushed him into the bushes in front of the house when they got back yesterday as a welcome home present. Once his glasses were off he realized he could see perfectly. His jaw hanging open in shock Harry quickly lifted his head to look around the room in awe of being able to see so clearly without his glasses. Then just like that everything was blurry again and he had to put his glasses on once more. Confused and worried that maybe he was going a bit mad he shrugged it off and trudged downstairs to start breakfast.

The incident was soon forgotten until he woke up several days later in the middle of the night to extreme cramps. His whole body was tingling and tensing. It felt like he was being stretched and it was painful. There was nothing he could do about it though and so he simply tried to relax and get back to sleep. He brought it up with his aunt the next day and she hardly spared him a glance before saying he probably just hit a growth spurt. Harry did notice that he was a few inches taller. He'd always been average in a height, maybe a little on the short side, but average nonetheless and gaining a few inches was exciting to him. However he wasn't quite sure that you were supposed to grow several inches in just one night.

He decided not to worry about it. Who knows maybe puberty was more severe and happened more quickly for wizards than muggles? Being cooped at the Dursleys was making him crazy. For once he was just a normal boy going through normal changes. There was nothing to worry about, he was sure. Besides he had other things to worry about like Voldemort's return, the death of Cedric Diggory and the reason why his friends had not yet written to him this summer.

His feelings of peace all changed when a week later Harry was working in the yard and everything suddenly went blurry. He took off his glasses and everything was once again in perfect clarity. Feeling extremely strange Harry rubbed at his eyes and blinked a few times to see if it would go away. It didn't. He stood there not knowing what to do. Harry wasn't quite as smart as Hermione or had as much experience in the wizarding world as Ron but even Harry knew that going from being as blind as a bat to seeing in perfect detail wasn't a normal part of growing up, even for wizards.

"Boy what do you think you're doing just standing about?" demanded Aunt Petunia.

Harry turned to look at her still at lost for words as to what was going on.

"What have you done to your eyes!?" she shrieked, her voice shriller than normal.

"What? What's wrong with them?" Harry gasped his hands immediately going to his face. He looked around for a reflective surface he could look into. What could possibly be happening to his eyes?

"We told you, you couldn't use any of that freakishness here!" she shouted.

"I didn't do anything. I swear. Aunt Petunia what's wrong with my eyes?" Harry begged feeling his panic rising.

For once his Aunt seemed to take pity on him or else even her prejudiced mind was able to realize that her nephew was truly terrified about what was going on.

"Your eyes are gray," she said.

"Gray?" Harry said feeling off.

"Yes, it must be some sort of freakish disease. Go to your room until it's other with, I won't have whatever freakish thing that's wrong with you affecting my Diddykins," she said dismissively, seeming to have reached her kindness level towards Harry for the day.

Harry gaped at her in disbelief. Was he sick? Could this be some sort of wizard disease affecting him? He tried not to panic. It couldn't be anything too serious it wasn't even harmful. It was actually sort of a good thing being able to see without his glasses. He walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Harry stared into his newly acquired pale gray eyes not really knowing how to feel about them. Was this permanent or would they be able to change them back into the vibrant green of his mum's? Everyone always said he had his mother's eyes and he didn't want to lose that.

He stood staring for several more moments before returning to his room. He lay down on his lumpy bed and closed his eyes. He rubbed them and reopened them hoping that his eyesight had returned to normal. There was no such luck. His vision was still in perfect clarity. He couldn't even write to anyone for help since the wizarding world seemed to decide to ignore his existence this summer. Bitterness welled inside Harry at the thought but he shoved those feelings aside to focus on the more important matter of the fact that his eyes were now a completely different color.

He needed information and so he did the only thing he could think of. He turned towards his school texts. Over the next several weeks it was like revisiting the summer after his first year. The Dursleys kept him locked in his room and fed him through the cat flap afraid that they would catch whatever disease was making his features change. He kept track of his growth and tried to stretch and work out the uncomfortable twinges and aches of his muscles as they shifted and grew. He didn't have a mirror in his room so he couldn't constantly watch his face change. It made his infrequent trips to the look in the bathroom mirror all the more startling for the changes were all the more noticeable to him.

He sent an owl order to Flourish and Blotts to purchase as many different books on wizarding diseases and ailments as he could. When no results turned up he bought books on different curses and transfiguration spells that might be the cause for his changing appearance. But no matter how much he searched he continually found nothing to explain what was wrong with him. The only thing he did find was a new passion for reading and acquiring new information. A lot of the books he ended up reading were obscure and had information in them that he hadn't known anything about. He also found that information seemed to stick more readily in his mind something he was extremely grateful for.

Harry was still terrified about the changes in his appearance, though. He just didn't know what to do about them. He wanted to contact his friends but none of them had written to him all summer. Harry had no one who could help him, he was left all alone going through this transformation without any guidance or knowledge about what was happening to him. And the more the features of his face changed the more terrified he became.

Harry just didn't know how this was possible. From his readings he'd learned that such a thing should be impossible. People just didn't start looking like a completely new person as they grew up. Sure they went through some changes but never to the extent to what Harry was going through now. He looked like an entirely different person now! He thought maybe he was going insane or maybe that this was some elaborate scheme of Voldemort's to make him go insane. What other explanations could there possibly be? He didn't know and he couldn't find any other answers to his problem and that's what had him so worried.

The changes seemed to have completed themselves around midway through the summer. He no longer had any muscle aches or pains and his features had settled and were no longer changing daily. The change had left him almost a foot taller, reaching six feet with a broader more eye catching frame. Harry had taken to stealing extra food from the Dursleys when they were asleep at night seeing as it was the only way to keep up with his ever expanding body, the consequences be damned he desperately needed the nutrients. For with the rapid growth and changing of his body he wouldn't have survived on the merger rations the Dursleys gave him. As it was he was still too skinny for his much larger frame.

He now also possessed hair that was somehow an even deeper black than it had been before and though it now lay flat against his skull it had taken to curling at the ends. His newly acquired pale gray eyes were heavy lidded and surrounded by thick dark lashes. He had retained his perfect vision something he was very grateful for since he no longer had to worry about fixing and maintaining his glasses. His face was sharp with high-sculpted cheekbones and a strong square jaw, full lips and an aristocratic nose. At the risk of sounding vain the transformation had left Harry incredibly handsome.

One night before bed he heard sounds coming from downstairs. There was a thump and a crash that sounded like someone had knocked over the vase of flowers Aunt Petunia kept on a table in the hallway. The Dursleys had gone on vacation for the weekend so it couldn't have been them. They had thoughtfully left his room unlocked since even they had known that he couldn't last three days locked up without access to a bathroom. Terrified that Death Eaters might have broken in Harry grabbed his wand from the floorboard under his bed before making his way downstairs. Once downstairs he was confronted with a large black man, helping a woman with spiky pink hair up off the floor and two of his former professors. Well technically just one of his former professors since the other had been imprisoned while someone else impersonated him.

"Who are you?"Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody demanded. Of course with his magical eye he would be the first one to detect Harry creeping down the dark staircase.

"It's me, Harry," said Harry cringing when he spoke. He didn't even sound like himself anymore. No, his new voice was smoother, silkier and vaguely familiar. He'd heard it before he just couldn't remember where exactly.

"There's no way you're Potter," Moody spat back.

"Well I am how else would I have gotten past the wards?" snapped Harry and he lifted his bangs to reveal the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

"What shape does your patronus take?" asked Remus Lupin.

"A stag," replied Harry firmly. There was a shocked silence for a moment as the adults absorbed the fact that this tall handsome, completely unfamiliar boy before them was actually Harry Potter.

"Merlin, Harry that's really you?" Remus breathed in shocked amazement.

"Yes, I don't know what's happened. I don't know why I look like this. Do you know what's happened to me?" asked Harry desperate for answers.

"I… don't know, I've never heard… we—" stuttered Remus only to be cut off by Moody.

"We don't have time for this let's get him back to Headquarters and we can sort this out there."

"Right, grab your things Harry. You'll be gone for the rest of the summer," Remus informed still sounding a little dazed.

Thrilled at the turn of events Harry raced to get his trunk out of his cupboard and his other things from under the floorboard of his room. He had quite a few texts stored away upstairs since he'd gone on his little information gathering spree. He had even ended up buying and reading books that hadn't had anything to do with researching his sudden transformation. He really had surprised himself by the way he'd suddenly become interested in absorbing new information in plethora of different subjects. Even more surprising was the fact that he understood and remembered what he was reading.

Harry gathered the books he wanted to take with him and placed them in his trunk while Remus looked on with a surprised but approving look as he saw all the books he'd accumulated.

"Before we leave Harry let me introduce you to Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks. They're Aurors who are also working for the Order," Remus explained.

"Mr. Potter," the large black man, Kingsley, greeted as he looked him over critically no doubt perturbed by Harry's radical change in appearance.

"Wotcher Harry, and don't call me Nymphadora," said the pink haired woman seeming to take the fact that he didn't look like Harry Potter was supposed to in stride.

"Nice to meet you both. But what's this Order you mentioned? And this Headquarters where we're going?" Harry asked.

"We'll explain when we get there. Now we've dawdled long enough let's move," commanded Moody.

"Right, take my arm Harry," Remus offered his arm while Kingsley grabbed up Harry's trunk.

As Harry stepped closer to Remus he couldn't help but notice that he was now just as tall as his professor. Harry wasn't used to being so tall. It was sort of nice. He'd always been one of the shorter boys in his years, which he had always vaguely resented especially when some of the younger years started growing taller than him.

Moody counted off followed by the jarring feeling of being squeezed through a tube and then they were standing outside on a street lined with London townhouses. Moody had Harry read the address of the building they would be going to since it was under the Fidelius Charm and just like that Number 12 Grimmauld Place made its appearance right between numbers 11 and 13. Harry was momentarily distracted from his worries about his transformation to think about why they were here and what the whole Order thing was about. It had to be some sort of anti-Voldemort group. This led to thoughts on Voldemort and what old snake face had been up to this summer.

Harry shrugged it off and proceeded to follow the others into Grimmauld Place hoping that it would hold all the answers he'd been seeking.