The Doctor was drunk, Rose decided, as she watched him marching around the Tardis, singing 500 miles, the bottle of wine waving dangerously in his hand. They had continued their Christmas celebration aboard the the Tardis after telling her mom goodnight. "Come on Rose," he grabbed her hand and took another drink. "I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more." He marched her into the kitchen and took down another bottle of wine. "Drink," he said, handing it to her.

Rose woke the next morning, with a horrible hang over. She didn't remember much of the previous night. The last thing she did remember the Doctor was trying to scale the coral in the control room. She stood up and was surprised to see that she was naked. She hardly ever slept naked. Wondering, briefly, how drunk she had been, she headed to the shower.

Rose moaned and leaned against the wall in the bathroom. This was the fifth day in a row she had woken up sick. She splashed cool water on her face and then headed to the kitchen. The Doctor were all ready there. She put bread in the toaster. The Doctor looked up. "You okay, Rose?"

"Fine," She lied. She grabbed the toast and sat down. "So have you decided how you are going to get us into the school?"

"The Physics teacher won the lottery last night. So I am going to be the new Phyics teacher" He said happily. "And you're going to be a dinner lady."

"A dinner lady."

"Yeah. Get ready big day," He hurried out of the room. She watched him go and then headed back to the bathroom.


"Rose, hurry up or were going to miss Elvis," She heard the Doctor call through her bedroom door.

Rose sighed. She looked down at the test in her hand. It was positive.

"I can't be pregnant," she said softly to herself. But even as she said it, she knew it wasn't true. She thought she might be pregnant, two months ago when they had investigated the school but then with Mickey deciding to travel with them and then falling into the Parallel world and seeing her dad again, she put it out of her mind. But now there was no denying that her pants were getting tighter and she felt butterflies in her stomach. The question is when it happened. The last time she remembered sleeping with somebody, was before she met the Doctor and that was at least a year and a half ago. Though on the Tardis it was hard to keep track.

"Rose, come on," She heard the Doctor yell again. She threw the test away.

She headed out to see him on a moped. "Are you going my way," he asked. "Is there any other way to go, Daddy-o." "You speak the lingo," He said happily. She decided the conversation could wait.

- DW -

She was exhausted. She had gone to Magpie's to investigate the telly's and than she was standing in a jail cell, surrounded by people and no idea how she had got there. Her and the Doctor were walking, the block party. They had been there for hours and her feet were killing her. "Doctor can we go back to the Tardis now." He led her back to the Tardis and opened the door. "I'm going to go lay down," she said. As she took a step away from him, she started to fall. "Rose," the Doctor said, grabbing her.

"Come on." he led her over to the pilot seat and helped her sit down. He pulled out the sonic screwdriver and scanned her. Looking at the results she saw his eyes go wide. "You're pregnant," He said surprised. "Rose, why are you pregnant?"

"You see Doctor, when a man and..."

"I know that." he said cutting her off. "What I meant to say is Congratulations and did Mickey know?"

"No," She replied. "I didn't know for sure until today."

"But, you're at least four almost five months along. How did you not know?" He asked sounding concenered.

"I thought I might be before the school, but then I decided I was crazy and then with everything that happened it was easier to ignore it, especially because, I don't know whose it is."

"What do you mean?"

"The last time I slept with someone, that I remember, was before I met you."

"Come on," he said softly and led her down to the medical bay. She laid down on the bed and lifted her shirt, as he pulled out a scanner. She watched him pressing buttons and then go pale.

"What is it," she asked.

"It has two hearts."