A/n. I'm back everybody! This story is a sequel to my first story "Lucy of Midgard". So if you are new here, you might want to check that one out first, otherwise you will be missing out on some important details, and might be a bit confused... Plus, I have been told, it's a pretty fun tale. :)

I am excited to start a new story, but now with no cannon to go from its a bit more pressure. I had it easy with the first one, between Thor, and the Avengers, I had tons of information to use. It was important to me to write something that fit in with the movies, and I think I was able to do that. But this one is all me, so hopefully everyone still likes it.

Also, on a side note, this story will be third person instead of first like "Lucy" was. There are just too many characters with something to say this time, to use first person.

Welcome to the new story everybody!

Chapter One

He had been watching them for so long. And after the years of work, watching, and waiting, it was almost time. He just needed to be more cautious, she would feel him if he got to close to them, he knew it. But he just couldn't help himself on that day. He smiled to himself as he crept around the outside of the arena. It wouldn't be long now, Asgard would fall, and if not Asgard, then Odin's beloved Midgard. And Odin along with them. He was going to make sure of that. Odin had gained, no, taken, too much. It was time for him to learn how it felt to lose.

The twins were growing like crazy. Lucy felt like she was having new shoes made for Coul every other week. About a year before, Frigga had commented that he was bound to be as tall as Loki. And at the time Lucy laughed it off. After all, he was only three. But now...well, now she couldn't help but wonder if he was going to outgrow his father before his tenth birthday.

Astryd wasn't necessarily growing physically, in fact she was absolutely tiny. But she was so smart. She reminded Lucy so much of Loki. She was quiet, and introverted. She was constantly observing people, and her surroundings. And her empathic abilities were so impressive, even Odin noticed.

They were on a family outing at the arena. Coul was in the open field with his father, and uncle. Astryd sat at Lucy's side, drawing with her pencils. Lucy watched her son carefully, his bright auburn hair making him easy to spot. He was a good four inches taller than Astryd, and looked a bit older than he was.

Thor and Loki laughed as he dropped the wooden sword they had him practicing with, and instead used a conjured snake to try and scare his opponent Sif.

She fell to her knees in front of him, and in mock terror cried out. "I surrender your majesty! Please, anything but snakes!"

I smiled as Coul made the snake disappear, and bowed in front of his dueling partner. Just like he had been taught. Loki and Thor applauded, "well done my boy!" Loki picked up his son. "However, I think you were supposed to be learning to use the weapons today, not using your magic."

Coul scowled at Loki. "Magic is easier."

Loki set him down on the ground, and got on one knee in front of him. "While that may be true, it is not always practical. Magic is not always the answer Coul. You must be able to defend yourself in other ways."

The boy nodded his head, and turned to his partner. "I am sorry I cheated Sif."

"It is not cheating to use the skills you were given Coul. I think your father just wants you to know that other skills can be just as important." Sif replied. "Now let's try again."

He nodded and went back to the sword he dropped. Loki looked up at Astryd, "are you going to join us today Astryd?"

Lucy looked down at her daughter. Her long black hair was in a braid that almost reached her waist. She was concentrating on the drawing she had been intently working on since we arrived. "Astryd, your father is talking to you."

She glanced up at Loki. "What daddy?"

"I simply asked if you were going to be doing any training today."

She looked at Loki for a moment, and then up at her mother. "Do I have to?"

Lucy nodded her head, "I think it would be a good idea. I know you don't enjoy this part of your lessons Astryd, but self defense is very important. Even mommy has been learning." Lucy smiled down at her husband.

Loki grinned back at her. While it was true, he had been teaching her self defense. Most of the time their sparring started out with weapons, and ended in hand to hand combat. And that usually turned into something else entirely.

After their last session ended with them wrapped in each other on the floor of the training room in the palace, there was some discussion that perhaps Lucy needed a different tutor.

"Come Astryd, some time here is good for you." Loki called to her.

The tiny thing sighed, and passed her pencils and parchment to her mother. She walked to where her father stood, and he swooped her up into his arms. Making her squeal as he spun her around.

Lucy watched her family train, her children were talented with their magic, but Loki was determined they would be capable of anything.

She smiled as she watched Thor help Astryd with some defensive movements. Their uncle was absolutely in love with them.

Once bi-frost was finally repaired, Thor had taken to spending a lot of time in Midgard with Jane. He spent every free moment he had while he was in Asgard with Loki's children. Granted his free moments were few, with all the work he and Loki were doing for their father.

Odin had finally realized that utilizing both of his sons was far more effective than relying on Thor for everything. The brothers and Lucy spent a lot of time doing work with Odin, keeping Asgard running as it should.

It gave Frigga a lot of time with her grandchildren. She spent the time teaching them. Anything and everything the children wanted to know, or things Frigga thought they should learn. Details about J├Âtunheim, and Alfheim. And about Midgard, and it's history. She was determined that they would know everything about where they had come from. Loki especially appreciated this effort, since he knew what a mistake it was to not be honest about their origins.

Lucy was glad for all of it. It was important for her children to have all of this information, they would need it for whatever future they chose. Which changed depending on the day. A few days ago Astryd explained that when she grew up, she was going to work with Uncle Phil at SHIELD. He had told her she could be his partner. And that together they would save the world.

But Coul argued that he wanted to stay in Asgard, because, "that's where all the cool stuff is." And he was determined that if Odin would let him, he would be king someday. But he also said, that if Odin said no, he might go to Midgard and be an Ironman.

Loki and Lucy were happy their children had two homes. They almost led two lives at times. They were just days away from their next visit to Midgard, to celebrate the twins fourth birthday. Lucy worried at times that it might be confusing for them, to go back and forth so much, but they both adapted easily to wherever they were.

Loki climbed the stairs and sat next to his wife, watching their children with her. "They are doing much better. Both of them."

Lucy nodded as she laid her head on Loki's shoulder. "They definitely get that from you. I suck at all this stuff."

He laughed and lifted her face, "no, I do not believe that is really the issue. I think perhaps, the fact that your tutor cannot keeps his hands, or lips for that matter, off of you, tends to cause a bit of distraction." He kissed her softly, and she ran her hands through his hair.

She stopped suddenly, her lips still resting on his. She stiffened and sat up. He recognized the look on her face, "Lucy what is it? Something is wrong?"

She nodded and slowly got to her feet. She looked around them slowly, and methodically. Taking in every detail, looking at every face.

"Someone is watching us." She was starting to feel a bit of panic now. This feeling was something she remembered.

"What do you mean? Is it someone we know?" Loki suddenly looked around himself. "Someone who is dangerous, or means us harm?"

Lucy nodded again. "Anger, a lot of anger. And resentment. Jealousy. And definite danger. We need to leave here Loki." She looked up into his eyes. "Now."

She turned toward the their children to see Astryd already running toward them. Her chin trembled, and she had tears in her eyes. "Daddy I want to go home." She said as she reached for Loki.

He picked her up, and held her tightly. Lucy looked up at a very confused Thor. "I think it's time to go home Thor. Come on Coul, let's go, please."

Thor picked up Coul, and lifted him onto his shoulders. He and Sif walked to where Loki and Lucy stood. "What is going on? Is everything alright?"

Lucy shook her head, "not here. We need to go."

They went home to the palace and Lucy took the children to their rooms. She bent down in front of Astryd once they were alone. "Did you see anyone?"

Astryd ducked her head, "no. Just felt him. He is a bad man mommy."

Lucy took her daughter into her arms. "I felt him too Astryd, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Your daddy and I will always protect you. Do you understand?"

She nodded her head. Lucy handed her back her parchment and pencils. "Why don't you finish your pictures, while I talk to daddy, okay?"

Astryd took her things, and Lucy kissed her on the cheek, before sending her on her way. Lucy headed to the large library in their quarters.

Thor, and Sif sat in the library. Loki paced the floor, and immediately started questioning Lucy when she entered the room. Lucy held up her hand to stop him. "I don't know who it was. I just know he was dangerous."

"Did he say anything to you? Out loud or otherwise?" Loki demanded, he was angry at the thought of his family being threatened.

"No. He said nothing, it was just the feeling. Like I explained, it felt mostly like anger and jealousy." She didn't say more, but Loki knew there was more to it than that.


Lucy sat down, and sighed. "It's nothing. I'm sure it can't be related. It happened a long time ago."

"Lucy, you and our daughter were terrified by it. I don't care if it was a thousand years ago, this man, these feelings, it was familiar to you."

He didn't ask it like a question, he didn't have to, it was like he could read Lucy's mind. There was no sense in keeping it a secret anymore. "Yes, I felt something very similar once before."

"And when was that?" Thor asked.

Lucy sighed in resignation, this was something she had never intended to tell Loki. "It was on our wedding day. Right before I walked down the aisle. Whoever this is, I think he may have been at our wedding."