AN: This will be a multi-chaptered AU story, taking place right at the end of 2x01 Broken with Regina & Emma falling into the hat instead of the Wraith. This story will be quite a Swan Queen journey that I hope you'll enjoy.

READ BEFORE READING: This is a fast moving relationship. Why? Because almost every Disney true love couple falls in love at first sight & gets married very soon after. This puts Emma & Regina a little OOC because of this, but I felt that the power of true love, the way Disney always portrayed it, these ladies don't have room for argument & they know it. It is what it is (at least for this story). If this isn't to your liking, if you're someone who prefers the story to be dragged out like a soap opera, taking as long if not longer than the show itself, then DO NOT READ this fanfiction. I won't be insulted.

Warning: Strong T rating for the following: Curse words, torture, physical/mental abuse, mentions of child abuse, abortion, and miscarriage. None of this is in explicit detail, but if any of this bothers you, DO NOT READ this story! You're in my world now, little girl!

Disclaimer: I begged my fairy godmother for the rights to Once Upon A Time, but she just patted my head and laughed before she shook her head no. So they're not mine, I'm just borrowing them.

"There's something over there," a woman's disembodied voice indicated.

"Philip, don't!" a different female voice cried out.

The sound of heavy wood being tossed aside was heard before light penetrated the savior's closed eyelids. A groan slipped out of her mouth as she slowly blinked open her eyes to take in her surroundings. The harsh sunlight overhead made her wince and she instinctively raised a hand to block out the bright intrusion.

"Where am I?" Emma mumbled in a groggy voice.

"The Enchanted Forest," a male voice answered. "What land did you and this woman come from?


It was then that Emma realized a slender arm was draped over her stomach and a warm body was pressed against her side. Turning her head cautiously, the blonde gasped when she saw the dark tresses of hair that veiled the other woman's face, the face she knew without a doubt belonged to the one and only Mayor of Storybrooke.

"Regina?" Emma whispered. She shook the brunette's shoulder when she didn't get a response. "Regina, wake up."

"Regina? As in the Evil Queen Regina who enacted the dark curse?" the woman in warrior garb questioned.

Emma snapped her gaze to the medieval dressed people above them and frowned. "Uh, no...different Regina," Emma lied smoothly before returning her attention to the silent companion beside her. "You need to wake up now."

The sheriff was growing concerned as the strangers watched on wearily. She managed to get out from under the brunette's grasp and carefully turned her over. Brushing ebony locks away from her face, Emma took a brief moment to admire the beauty of her son's other mother before she patted her cheek lightly.

"Madam Mayor, you're going to be late to work," Emma teased.

Russet eyes snapped opened and Regina quickly sat up, only to immediately regret the action as she swayed a little before Emma reached out and steadied her.

"You can let go of me now, Miss Swan," Regina managed to snap, glaring at the blonde beside her.

"Nice to see you're back to your sunny disposition," Emma quipped as she pulled away and stood up.

Regina noted the three people staring at them and quickly snapped her business mask on, flashing a winning smile at the gentleman of the group as he assisted her up from the pile of debris. Whispering a genuine thank you, she took in the scenery surrounding them and realized with slight concern that she was back in her homeland.

"Miss Swan? What kind of name is that?" the young woman suddenly asked.

"I'm the cousin of Miss Muffet, you know the one who sat on a tuffet," Emma joked, but when three pairs of eyes gawked at her like she was crazy, she cleared her throat nervously before slipping her hands into the back pockets of her skinny jeans. "Sorry. That's just Regina's pet name for me. My name is actually Emma. Who are you three?"

"I am Prince Phillip. These two lovely ladies are Mulan and Princess Aurora," Phillip introduced.

"Right, of course," Emma muttered as she turned away for a second to roll her eyes, which only the mayor was privy to witness.

A smile ghosted upon Regina's lips at the savior's response before she straightened her jacket and faced the three strangers. "Are you three the only survivors of this land?"

"No Milady, there are quite a few of us. We have taken refuge on an island where the ogres cannot reach us," Prince Phillip answered.

"Ogres?" Emma questioned in disbelief. "As in fe, fi, fo, fum?"

"That would be giants, Miss Swan," Regina lectured under her breath. "So am I correct to assume that the ogre wars have once again struck the land?"

"You speak as though you are from here, yet your clothing attire and blonde companion say otherwise," Mulan observed with a suspicious glare. In a bold move, she stepped closer to Regina. "I feel as though you have something to hide."

The mayor simply remained impassive, even though her mind screamed at her to choke the life from the insolent little brat. Emma watched the anger roll off the brunette in waves, wondering how long Regina could retain it until she exploded.

The warrior woman stood her ground for a few seconds before she pulled back and approached the prince. "Phillip, I believe they need to be taken to the safe haven for Lancelot to make a decision."

"Mulan, let's not be hasty. These two women have shown no reason for us to fear them. They can return with us willingly if they so desire," Phillip reasoned.

"A curse was unleashed upon this land and we know it was the work of a queen named Regina. Are you willing to let your chivalry cloud your judgment by allowing this...this woman to roam freely, when she could be the evil queen herself?"

Emma couldn't explain the sudden need to protect Regina, but something about the tone Mulan used when speaking about the mayor set off the white knight syndrome within her.

Stepping up to the female warrior, the sheriff threw an accusing finger towards her. "I told you she wasn't Queen Regina! So what if she happens to share the same name as the one who cursed you all! Maybe her mother thought it was a pretty name or maybe it's the simple fact that more than one person can share the same name!"

Mulan's eyes lit up as a dark grin spread across her face. "I believe I have the solution to this conundrum. How about we ask the evil queen's mother if this is in fact her daughter?" Mulan offered. "Then we'll know if this Regina is a different person, as you proclaim."

A sharp intake of breath was heard from behind Emma and they all turned, watching with mixed expressions as Regina turned visibly pale.

"The Queen of Hearts is here, in this land…alive?"

Phillip stared at the frightened woman with concern. "Yes, she's imprisoned at the safe haven. She has no magic, so you have nothing to fear."

The mayor started to hyperventilate as spots clouded her vision. "Miss Swan, we have to leave…now!"

"Regina, what's wrong?" Emma asked in a low voice.

"You're not going anywhere!" Mulan barked.

"The hell I'm not!" Regina snarled, throwing her hands out towards the woman.

Emma flinched , expecting the warrior to go flying across the courtyard or burst into flames, but nothing happened. She looked to Regina with questioning eyes.

Looking at her hands, Regina felt like she was right back on her front porch with a crowd of angry people ready to tear her apart. Her magic should have worked, yet it somehow failed her once again. "I don't understand."

"Did you just try to use magic on me?" Mulan roared. In the blink of an eye, the warrior reached into a satchel and blew a handful of powder into Regina's face.

Emma shoved the warrior away, but it was too late. Regina's eyes slipped closed and her body slumped into the savior's arms.

"What the hell did you do to her?!"

"Sleeping powder. It'll keep her out until we can reach the safe haven." Mulan placed a hand on her powder-filled satchel. "Are you going to be a problem as well?"

"Mulan, I forbid it!" Phillip interjected.

Emma watched as Mulan deflated. "I am only thinking of our safety." With a huff, she approached Emma and made a move to take Regina from her arms, only for the savior to take a step back and glower.

"Don't you dare touch her," Emma warned. "I'll carry her myself."

"It's a day's journey," Phillip informed her. "At least take a horse. I'll help settle Regina in the saddle with you."

"Good thing I can ride," Emma muttered under her breath.