"A New Partner"

OK, here is a new story. No one complain about me making new stories when I have others that need to be finished. I will get back to those while working on this one. Anyway, I was asked to make a Digimon 02 and Digimon Data Squad crossover, so here it is. Please enjoy and review!

A girl with mahogany hair, tanned skin and chocolate brown eyes dressed in a lavender tube top, jeans and black convers was walking down the street looking for her cousin as a request from her kind aunt.

This girl is Daisuke Motomiya, former leader of the second generation of Digidestinds and child of Courage, Friendship and Miracles.

The last battle to save the world happened almost a year ago where there were some terrible losses for many of the Digidestinds.

Kari has lost her eye sight from the battle, Tai lost his left arm, TK lost his right eye, Joe lost his hearing, Ken damaged his vocal cords and lost his voice (the Digidestinds had to learn how to use sign language for those who couldn't speak or hear) and finally Daisuke lost the most important thing in her life.


She was finally able to make him reach his Mega form, UlforceVeedramon, and the two partners used the last of their strength to defeat the evil digimon once and for all.

The battle was immense and UlforceVeedramon was deleted when he finally beat the evil digimon, Daisuke wound up in a coma for three months and had a scar on the left side of her face.

It started from under her eye and ended at her the bottom of her cheek, it was a light pink color that stood out a bit on her face, but she never covered it up.

She had gone through a great deal of depression after she woke up from her coma.

Her parents couldn't deal with her dilemma, so they shipped her off to live with her aunt Sarah Damon, her mother's younger sister, and the woman's two children Marcus and Kristy.

At the moment Daisuke was looking for Marcus, her cousin who is her age.

He was a real trouble maker, always getting into fights with some teenage street fighters and he could take out at least a dozen of them all on his own.

It was quite impressive for a 14 year old.

Daisuke walked off to an area that was filled with people crowding the place and some police cars were there blocking off the place.

Curious, Daisuke was able to sneak past the police and walked off to find a group of men lying on the ground unconscious.

As she kept walking, she found the source.

Marcus and he was facing…an Agumon?!

"What in the-?" she gasped as she ducked down to watch what was going on.

"Ouch!" someone male yelped making her jump up to see a purple furry lizard looking creature.

"You're a digimon!" she gasped as she kneeled down in front of the purple creature who had tiny black wings on his back, notifying him as a dragon.

"How'd you know?" he asked.

"You're not the first digimon I've met. So how did you get here? Are you partnered to a Digidestind?" Daisuke asked.

"A what now? I've only ever been in the Institution ever since I was born." He said.

"Institution? What is that? Oh, by the way, I'm Daisuke Motomiya. The idiot going against that Agumon is my cousin Marcus Damon. Who are you? I've never seen a type like you before." She said with a smile.

"Oh, I'm Dorumon. It's nice to see that not all humans are mean and scary looking." The dragon said happily as his tail wagged.

Just then, they heard a female voice and turned to see a girl that was Daisuke and her cousin's age with magenta hair and matching eyes dressed in a strange uniform that was white and magenta.

"Oh no. it's her. She's here to take Agumon and I back to that horrible place." Dorumon whimpered.

Looking down at the dragon and seeing the pure terror in his gold eyes, Daisuke had a determined look on her face that she didn't have since Veemon's death.

"Not happening on my watch." Daisuke said picking the dragon up in her arms.

"Marcus can protect Agumon. You'll come with me." She said standing up and taking off quickly.

Dorumon was amazed at the act of kindness by this human and felt very grateful that she would risk herself for him.

He cuddled up into her arms as she ran off with him, trying to appear as small as possible as he put his trust in her.

After twenty minutes, Daisuke made it to her aunt and cousins' home and walked on into the house.

She looked around, spotting her 10 year old cousin Kristy, who had light brown hair and emerald eyes just like her mother, was sitting in the living room on the couch watching TV.

The scent of meat and rice being fried made it known that Sarah was in the kitchen getting supper ready, so Daisuke took this as her chance to go upstairs to her room that had lavender walls, a window on the side with a bed under it with red sheets and blankets and she also had a wooden dresser that had her clothes inside and a closet on the opposite side of the bed.

On her bedside table was her lap top and she had some bags and boxes that still had her CDs, DVDs and other things in them.

"Here. Stay in here while I get you something to eat. If my aunt or cousin, the girl, come in here, I want you to stay as still as possible and pretend to be a stuffed animal, OK?" Daisuke asked Dorumon as she sat him down on the bed.

"OK, Lady Daisuke." He said cheerfully.

She was a bit startled at that and laughed shyly at it.

"Hey now, just call me Dai." She said.

"OK, Lady Dai." He said making her sigh in exasperation.

"Be good, please." She said as she turned to leave the room, closing the door behind her.

Once she got downstairs, she started thinking about why these digimon were coming into the Human World again.

Was the barrier between the two worlds weakening again because of some new evil digimon?

She would have to call the others in Odaiba to tell them what was going on.

When she walked into the kitchen, Sarah turned to the girl with a smile.

"Oh, there you are, Dai. Did you find Marcus?" she asked.

"Found him and lost him. We got separated by some police cars. There was an accident going on or something like that. He'll be back as soon as he can or he'll stay over at a friend's." Daisuke said as she grabbed a plate and started loading it up with rice and strips of beef that were made.

She even grabbed a few big carrots from the fridge and then started going back upstairs.

"Where are you going?" Sarah asked curiously.

"Oh, I have a friend I'm talking to, so I'll be in my room." Daisuke said.

It was the truth.

She didn't like lying to someone as kind and trusting as her aunt, especially when she treated her better than her own parents and sister did, but it was needed since she didn't want to involve her in the affairs of the Digital World.

"Like on video chat or something along those lines? All right, just remember to bring your plate down." Sarah smiled.

"Right." Daisuke nodded as she went off to her room.

Dorumon was sniffing around the room, interested with all of the things he found there, like the bottles filled with colorful liquids (nail polish), thick sticks that smelled like honey (deodorant), this wooden thing with bristles on the flat part (brush) and the comfy bed he had been set down on.

During his search, he found a book and opened it up to show pictures of his new Mistress and some people she knew, surprised to find she never used to have that scar and most of the pictures had her with her human friends and other types of digimon.

The one he found her frequently with was a Veemon in his In-Training form, Fresh form and Champion forms (ExVeemon, Flamedramon and Raidramon).

It began to make sense to him now why she was so accepting of him and willing to help him out.

Something that turned the gears in Dorumon's head though was where the blue dragon was.

"I bring you salvation." Came the 14 year old girl's voice as she came into the room and the scent of food filled Dorumon's nose.

He turned to her and saw her close the door behind her as she walked over holding the plate of food and she set it down in front of him.

She noticed he was looking at one of her old albums, this being from when she was 10-11 years old and she picked it up with a sad smile as she gazed down at one of the pictures of her with Veemon.

"Thank you for the food, Lady Dai." Dorumon said as he started eating the food, his hunger melting away as he ate.

"No problem. If I were starving, I'd get in a pretty nasty mood." She said as she closed the book.

The dragon was able to tell that she was sad from looking at the pictures, the aura was radiating off of her strongly, so he decided to wait until they knew each other better or she decided she was fine with telling him about the digimon she knew.

"Do you think Agumon and Marcus are safe?" he asked instead.

"They should be. I trust Marcus to protect himself and Agumon, but who knows what that girl is capable of?" Daisuke said.

"She's a member of D.A.T.S. It's also known as the Digimon Data Squad. There are digimon that help those humans keep us locked up. I always viewed them as pathetic traitors." Dorumon growled as he thought back to them.

"The Digimon Data Squad? Digimon working with humans? That's insane. The only humans who work with digimon are the Digidestinds. This makes no sense at all. I'll have to ask Izzy and Tentomon to look into this." Daisuke said.

After a while, night came so Daisuke snuck Dorumon into the bathroom to give him a bath in the sink, washing the dirt out of his pretty purple fur and out between his paws.

He enjoyed the warm water and the berry scented bubbles that he was washed with, but what he loved the most was when he was dried off and had his fur brushed by a comb.

He slept at the foot of his Mistress' bed, watching over her like he had decided he would do after she saved him.

He was nothing but noble.

While the two were sleeping, lavender particles of data flickered around Daisuke's left hand and a new device that was rectangular and was lavender and white appeared in her hand.

As the data faded away, her hand unknowingly wrapped around the device as she moaned softly in her sleep and turned over onto her side.

The next day, Daisuke awoke to the sound of yelling and sat up drowsily in her bed, stretching her arms out as she gave a big yawn, sighing in contentment as her back cracked.

"What is going on out there?" she asked as she then noticed the strange device in her hand.

"What is this thing?" she asked turning it over, inspecting it.

Dorumon woke up soon after, stretching in a cat like manner, then looked up at the human to see that she was up too.

"What's wrong, Lady Dai?" he asked.

"I found this weird device. I wonder what it is." She answered showing it off to him.

He gasped and jumped up.

"That's the device that the D. members have. They seal their digimon inside of them and use it to make them digivolve." He said.

"What? This is a digivice? Ugh, the old versions are better. This is just ugly." Daisuke scowled.

The sound of yelling made the two jump up and left the room to go check out what was happening and found Marcus and Agumon lying on each other, looking sore and the human passed out, Sarah looking at him with Kristy and the girl from D. .

"Yoshi, the other digimon is nearby." A high pitched female voice announced.

"What? Where?" the girl, Yoshi, asked as she turned around to see Daisuke with Dorumon standing at her side.

"What?" she asked shocked at how tame the dragon appeared.

"Commander, we found Raptor 2 in the same location as Raptor 1. He's with a human girl. What should I do?" Yoshi asked speaking into a headset.

"How about you leave him alone and deal with me?" Daisuke asked as she stalked over to the other girl, her anger growing.

"Dai?" Kristy asked as she saw the new creature.

"Who do you think you are caging digimon? What right do you have? Are you a part of a government funded project? Let me guess, you are. That's so sick. How dare you think you can come to my family's home and try to kidnap a digimon? You know nothing about them or the Digital World." Daisuke ranted as she got up in Yoshi's face.

The magenta girl stepped back in shock, not expecting this type of reaction at all.

Agumon got up and joined Dorumon, confused about what was going on.

"What's going on? Who is that?" the orange dino asked.

"Lady Dai saved me from the D. . She also has relations with other digimon and humans who are friends with digimon." Dorumon explained.

"It's my job to capture rogue digimon. Who do you think you are?" Yoshi asked getting some of her nerve back.

"Daisuke Motomiya, leader of the second generation of Digidestinds. Chosen child of Courage, Friendship and Miracles. Keeper of the Golden Radiance. Partnered to Veemon, who died in a battle against an evil digimon nearly a year ago to save the world. Trust me, brat, I have more skill and knowledge than you'll ever hope to. So back off." She said shutting the girl up.

During all of this, Marcus remained unconscious on the ground while the digimon stared at the mahogany haired girl in awe, Kristy and Sarah were confused and Yoshi was shocked beyond all belief on the information she had lashed at her.

This girl, Daisuke, had this aura around her that commanded respect and meant no nonsense.

Her chocolate eyes burned with truth and sincerity, they also held the wisdom of someone who witnessed many things and grew up early from it.

"Yoshino, allow me to speak with the Digidestind." Her commander ordered.

"Uh, yes, sir." Yoshi said pulling her ear piece off and handed it to Daisuke.

Keeping up her role of the leader she once was, she took the ear piece and placed it in her ear and then spoke.

"What do you want?" she asked wanting to get straight to the point.

"Miss Motomiya, if what you say is true, then I would like to have some words with you. If you would allow it." a deep male's voice said.

"Fine, but no one touches Dorumon and Agumon." She said.

"Of course. Come as soon as possible." He said.

Daisuke took out the ear piece and handed it back to Yoshi, then walked back into the house with Dorumon and Agumon on her tail.

An hour later Daisuke was dressed in her regular outfit and was walking through the halls of DATs with Yoshi, Dorumon and a plant digimon named Lalamon.

Agumon was being taken care of back at the Damon home by Sarah and Kristy who were fascinated by him.

"This is it." Yoshi said as the electronic doors opened up themselves and allowed the group inside.

The Digidestind looked around, spotting these Pawnchessmon (black and white) at computers with a purple haired woman and blonde haired woman.

A turtle looking digimon was walking around with a tray that had drinks on them.

Finally there stood a man in the center of the room with dark sunglasses on and a ferret looking digimon wrapped around his neck.

"Miss Motomiya, please, come in." the man said.

Daisuke narrowed her eyes at him as she walked inside, noticing a machine that looked like a lie detector she had seen in an American cop movie once.

"I hope you don't mind, but we will be asking you questions about your encounter will digimon. This machine will tell us if you are lying." The man said.

"Uh huh. What, did you not know you need to introduce yourself first?" Daisuke drawled in a bored tone as she sat down in a chair that was brought over by BlackPawnchessmon.

"Of course, forgive me. I am Commander Sampson, the leader of this organization. This is my partner, Kudamon." The man said.

"If you are a Digidestind, then please tell us all you know." Kudamon said.

The girl nodded as the blonde woman walked over and hooked the wires up onto Daisuke, Dorumon watching warily in case there was any sign of foul play.

Daisuke told them of her adventures and not once did the machine show she was lying.

When the questions were done, the wires were taken off and Daisuke was sipping tea with Sampson.

"So do you know why I have this new digivice? It's obvious what it is since Dorumon said he saw you guys use it to make your digimon digivolve." Daisuke said as she took out her new device.

"It must mean that you are partnered to Dorumon. It seems as though the Digital World has chosen you, as you put it before, for you to be partnered to a new digimon and help us." Kudamon said.

Daisuke stared down at her digivice, many emotions flickering in her eyes.

Was she ready to devote herself to a new digimon partner so soon after Veemon's death?

Could she love Dorumon like she did Veemon?

Looking down at the dragon, he tilted his head to the side.

"Lady Dai?" he asked hoping she was all right.

She gave him a smile as she decided.

"You might wanna prepare yourselves, because I don't mess around. If any of you guys do anything dealing with the digimon that I don't like, I won't hesitate to tell you all off. I understand that this is your organization, but I'm a Digidestind. My loyalties are to the digimon and I put their well-being before all else. If there are ways to deal with them peacefully, then I will do that. If you don't respect my decision, then I'll call in the Guardians of the Digital World and the Sovereigns to deal with you all. Is that understood?" she asked with a challenging look.

Megumi (the blonde), Miki (the purple haired girl) and Yoshi were all surprised with how the girl had spoken to their Commander, but the man appeared to look amused by this.

"You must have been a very wonderful leader in you day. Very well, I will agree to your terms. Welcome to the Digimon Data Squad, Daisuke and Dorumon." He said.

To be continued…