"The Wild Boy of the Digital World"

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Groaning, Daisuke opened her eyes to find Dorugamon sitting at the edge of her bed with a small smile lighting up his face.

She returned it and forced herself up, her body feeling as though it was made of cement and her head pounded.

"Hey Doru, what's going on?" she asked.

"The Commander made an interesting revelation. Your uncle was on the project ten years ago to venture into the Digital World." Dorugamon reported.

"What?!" Daisuke shrieked as she gained the energy to shoot up to her feet.

Her uncle had disappeared long ago and no one knew where he went, so the news that Spencer was actually in the Digital World was a huge surprise.

"How long have I been asleep for?" Daisuke asked.

"For two days now." Dorugamon responded.

"Well, what else happened? The last thing I remember is Biyomon being captured by Merukimon and then some short dude coming in, threatening to shut down DATS." Daisuke moaned as she held her head and sat down.

Dorugamon tilted his head to the side, knowing that the Golden Radiance truly was taking over her and that worried him.

How many more laps of memory would she have and many more fainting spells?

It concerned him that she could be in danger by using the Golden Radiance and wondered if the other Digidestineds were suffering from this.

Tai had explained once how the Light took over Kari twice when she was younger and she forgot what happened the first time while the second she was weak in the beginning.

Could the Golden Radiance be draining Daisuke of more energy than it the Light had Kari?

"Biyomon came back as Garudamon searching for Kristy and went on a rampage. Marcus made GeoGreymon digivolve to RizeGreymon to defeat Garudamon and returned him to a digi egg. Kristy has it now and hasn't been able to leave your side for a while." Dorugamon explained.

"And the others? Did they get hurt? Where are Tai, Matt, Agumon and Gabumon? I swear, if Jun was hurt, I'll-"

"We're fine." Jun said as she and MarineAngemon walked into the room when they were finished with eavesdropping.

Jun walked over to her sister and hugged her; thankful that she was now awake and safe, but was worried about her still.

Daisuke clung to her sister, happy to see her safe as MarineAngemon sat on Dorugamon's head.

"Are you okay now?" Jun asked.

"I'm great, just happy everyone's safe." Daisuke said.

This made Jun's grip on her tighten letting her know that a secret was being kept.

Before she had a chance to ask, Sarah and Kristy came into the room, the young girl holding the digi egg.

"Oh, good. You're awake." Sarah smiled as the sisters pulled away.

"Yeah, sorry for the scare there. Hey, Kristy. You all right?" Daisuke asked the girl.

Kristy forced a sad smile and walked over to her, sitting on the bed and leaned her head on her cousin's arm.

"I'm fine. And so is Biyomon. I finally have him back. We have a second chance now." Kristy said as she pet the egg.

The mahogany haired girl held her cousin close to her, kissing the top of her head, then looked up expecting to see Marcus and Agumon, but they weren't there.

"Where are the boys?" she asked.

Sarah and Jun shared sad looks as they then turned back to the teenage girl.

"I'm afraid that Marcus and the others are going to the Digital World to stop Merukimon." Sarah said.

"What?" Daisuke whispered as her heart constricted in her chest.

"Marcus is also going to find Uncle Spencer. He's really stubborn, but at least he has Yoshi and Thomas to look after him." Jun amended.

"That doesn't help." Daisuke said as she stood up.

"Daisuke, what are you doing?" MarineAngemon asked.

"I'm going after them." The girl stated.

Everyone then gasped at that, but they were also expecting it of her.

Jun bit her bottom lip, but nodded at this knowing they wouldn't be able to talk the girl out of it.

"Just be careful." She said.

Turning to her, Daisuke smiled at Jun as Dorugamon came up to her side.

"Are you sure you're up for it, Lady Dai?" he asked.

"I won't leave them alone. You with me?" she asked him.

"Always." The dragon nodded.

After getting dressed and saying her goodbyes to her family, Daisuke and Dorugamon set off to DATS, the dragon flying fast before they missed the others.

They got to the building in twenty minutes and quickly ran inside, twisting around the hallways until they made it to the doors that opened for them.

The group inside turned to find the Lavender duo had arrived, everyone shocked to see them, but also relieved.

"Please tell me you weren't thinking about leaving us here." Daisuke said.

"Daisuke." Yoshi cried as she ran over and hugged the girl.

"What are you doing here?" Marcus asked.

"I told you I lost too much already. I'm not losing you guys next." Daisuke said as she and Yoshi pulled out of their hug.

Marcus shook his head, but a grin was curving his lips as he walked over to his cousin and bumped fists with her.

Thomas walked over next, happy to see his girlfriend was up and dressed in jeans with hiking boots and wore a white tank top, but was still wary over allowing her to come.

"Are you sure you're all right to come with us?" he asked.

"I'm positive." She nodded.

"Very well. Time to go." Kudamon said.

Nodding, the group of four downloaded their digimon into their digivices and then went into the transporter, waiting to be transported as Miki and Megumi worked on the computers.

"Digital harmonizer aligning." Miki announced.

"Bionic condenser coming on line now." She said.

"The coordinates are lock. Digital code recognized." Megumi reported.

"The Digi Gate is open. Initiating sequence. Transport in three…two…one." Miki counted.

"Initiate transport!" Sampson commanded.

"Initiating now." The two girls said.

Yellow light was shining down on the group inside the transporter and soon they were being broken down, transformed into data that began to move through dimensions.

Soon, a pillar of light shot down from the sky and they rematerialized in a forested area in the Digital World as the light faded away.

"Transport complete." Thomas stated.

"So much of this looks like our world." Yoshi exclaimed softly.

"Except for the rocks floating in the sky." Lalamon said.

"Incredible." Yoshi breathed as Marcus snickered.

"Please." He scoffed.

"What? You don't find this place weird at all?" Yoshi pouted at him.

"Did you forget that we deal with weird every day? A little more is not gonna bug me." Marcus said.

"You bug me." Yoshi retorted.

"This place reeks of evil." Daisuke muttered as she looked around.

"Our supplies have arrived guys. Come on." Thomas said as a beam of light shot down from the sky.

"You think they could transport them a little closer to us." Marcus commented.

"So I guess you don't want that lunch 'cause the last one there doesn't get any." Yoshi said as she started running after Thomas.

"Boss!" Agumon yelled.

"Agumon?" Marcus asked lifting his digivice up as Daisuke silently snuck away.

"The lunch that your mom made is with the supplies!" Agumon yelled.

"Now I see what Thomas is up to. Nice try guys. You'll never beat me there. Hey wait up!" Marcus yelled as he ran after the others.

The group spotted the supplies was in a clearing that they were running towards, Agumon suddenly running beside them.

"Huh? Agumon, when did you get out of the digivice?" Marcus asked.

"Back off. Sarah's eggs are too important." Agumon panted.

As they were feet away, a boomerang came out of the trees and hit the container that had the supplies inside of it, breaking open to reveal the devices and food that all turned into data and faded away.

Everyone stood there stunned at what happened, unsure of what could have done it.

"Those eggs never hurt anyone." Agumon said sounding close to crying.

"Quickly, Gaomon; Realize!" Thomas held up his digivice.

"Lalamon; Realize now!" Yoshi held up her digivice.

"Dorugamon: Realize!" Daisuke held up her digivice.

"Sir, yes, sir." Gaomon said.

"Lalamon!" she chirped.

"Yes, Lady Dai." Dorugamon nodded.

The four digimon ran up front, standing together as they looked around, waiting for their enemy to show themselves.

The boomerang was thrown again, Thomas pulling Daisuke away while Marcus ducked and rolled out of the way.

"Marcus, where are you going?" Thomas called to the brunette who was running into the forest.

"If Agumon's going after this guy, then so am I." Marcus called back.

"We're the ultimate team." Agumon panted as he ran alongside Gaomon and Dorugamon.

"Ugh, I need to hang out with more girls." Daisuke groaned as Thomas held her around the waist.

"Stop! Come back!" Thomas yelled, then ran after them.

"Hey, don't forget us." Yoshi called as she, Daisuke and Lalamon followed after the males.

"Then hurry up already." Marcus snapped.

As they chased after the figure jumping from tree branch to tree branch, they discovered that their attacker was human in appearance and appeared to be a child.

"Hang on, is that a kid?" Marcus asked.

"What's a human child doing here?" Yoshi asked.

"He must have slipped through a portal by accident." Daisuke theorized.

"We better find out." Thomas said.

The boy jumped to the next tree, then turned his body in mid jump and kicked at the tree behind him, making small plants with spikes on them rain down on the group that covered their heads.

He chuckled at that as he then leapt off, making is escape.

"Hey, wait, kid. Come back-Ahhh!" Yoshi yelped as a large Venus fly trap caught her by the leg and lifted her up into the air.

"Yoshi!" Marcus gasped.

Thomas and Marcus then rushed over, trying to get the plant to let the girl go as Daisuke searched around for the boy, knowing he was nearby watching them, waiting to strike.

He may be a child, but he was cunning and knew this forest and the layout of the land better than they did so he could use it to his advantage.

Suddenly, the boy roared as he came swinging over on a vine and kicked Marcus down when he stepped away from Yoshi as Thomas tried to free her.

The boy tried to punch Marcus, but his small fists were easily caught.

"Nice try, but not good enough little boy." Marcus said.

"Keenan, watch out!" someone called.

Ninja stars were thrown making the boy, Keenan, backflip away while Marcus rolled to the side to avoid getting hit.

"Come back here!" Marcus called after the boy who flipped up into the trees and landed on a branch beside Falcomon.

"It's that digimon." Marcus said.

"Yeah, I think his name's Falcomon or something." Agumon said.

That's him. That's the guy. He's on the same team as Merukimon." Marcus said.

"You humons. You all evil. You enemies of all digimon." Keenan yelled down at them.

"What are you talking about?" Marcus asked.

"I'm guessing someone brainwashed the kid." Daisuke muttered.

"Quiet. You humons always disturb peace in Digital World. Me hate you all!" Keenan yelled.

"Give me a break, kid. If anyone's disturbing the peace, it's Merukimon." Marcus scoffed.

"You lie! Merukimon protect us! Now you go! Go! Leave Digital World!" Keenan yelled.

He pulled out his boomerang and threw it at the group making them step back as it return to Keenan who jumped up to catch it and jumped down in the center of the group, swinging the boomerang like a weapon at everyone.

Marcus tried to punch him while Agumon used his Pepper Breath and Gaomon tried to punch him, but Keenan jumped up into the air as Falcomon flew in and threw down tiny bombs.

They exploded around the group making them cry out as they were blinded by the smoke and they coughed.

"This is a complete disaster." Yoshi coughed.

"That's it. When I find Merukimon, he's a road kill. Not only is he trying to destroy our world and taint the minds of innocent digimon, but a human child too? He's gonna pay." Daisuke growled as her incisors became fangs.

When the smoke faded away, a fog came in that also confused Falcomon and Keenan who was clinging to the bird's ankles.

"Get out of here! Go on, get out of here trespassers!" a male voice echoed around the forest.

"Oh, great even more trouble." Marcus said.

"Get out, I said. You're all intruders and I don't want you here! Get out of my forest right now!" the male yelled.

"Or what?" Agumon called.

Vines then whipped out of the fog and attacked the group, tying Agumon and Marcus up.

"Do something." Marcus struggled to get out of the vines.

"Lalamon!" Yoshi cried.

"Go, Gaomon." Thomas called.

Lalamon used Lala Spiral and Gaomon used Double Backhand to cut the vines and free the Orange duo from their trap.

"Are you guys okay?" Thomas asked.

"Yeah, what in the world was that thing?" Marcus asked as he and Agumon landed in front of the group.

Out of the fog stepped a large tree digimon.

"You meddling humans are trespassing in my forest. I want you out of here now! And if you don't leave immediately, you'll find my bite is much worse than my bark." He growled.

"Cherrymon, an Ultimate level digimon. He isn't very fast on his feet, but he makes up for it with the swiftness of his lightning fast vine attacks." Gaomon informed.

"We'll go if you tell us where Merukimon is." Marcus said.

"So it's the guardian of the forest you seek? I'm afraid it won't be easy to find him." Cherrymon said.

"Why?" Thomas asked.

"Because although he is somewhere nearby, his fortress is well hidden. Even if it was he who directed you here, if is best that you leave my forest now." Cherrymon said looking at the two opposing groups.

"Even if who directed us here?" Yoshi asked.

"I believe he means Merukimon who might be more than just a digimon and controls the Digital World." Thomas said.

"Be quiet! You humons heard Cherrymon. Now leave before we make you go." Keenan yelled at them from atop a cliff.

"He does realize he's human right?" Dorugamon questioned the sanity of the blue haired, honey eyed boy.

"Look, kid, give it a rest, all right?" Marcus was growing annoyed.

"Quickly, Keenan, use your power." Falcomon flapped his wings.

Growling, Keenan pulled out a black and purple digivice from his belt making everyone gasp.

"You see that?" Yoshi asked.

"A digivice." Thomas exclaimed.

"How did he get one of those?" Marcus asked.

"Great, evil is manipulating a Chosen Child to fight for them again." Daisuke growled.

Keenan's hand had purple data particles that he slapped on top of his digivice with a roar.

"Falcomon digivolve too…PECKMON!"

"Peckmon, a Champion level digimon. This fearsome foul can attack with his terrible sharp beak and blistering fast Spiral Claw strike." Gaomon informed.

"He looks like a colorful emu in clothes." Daisuke said.

"Attack, Peckmon!" Keenan ordered.

Peckmon jumped up and used Spiral Claw making the group jump out of the way of the attack.

"How can we defeat such speed?" Gaomon asked.

"DNA: Charge!" Thomas called.

"Gaomon digivolve too…GAOGAMON!"

"DNA: Charge!" Yoshi called.

"Lalamon digivolve too…SUNFLOWMON!"

"This your last chance. Leave Digital World, humons!" Keenan yelled as he jumped on Peckmon's back and threw his boomerang.

Marcus punched it making it shatter.

"Listen you grammatically challenged little brat. You're about to learn what happens when you challenge the best ultimate team in not just one world but two." Marcus held up his fist that had orange data particles.

"DNA: Charge!" Marcus called.

"Agumon digivolve too…GEOGREYMON!"

GeoGreymon ran at Peckmon to use him Horn Impulse, but the bird flew away making the dinosaur ran into the side of a cliff.

Peckmon then used Kunai Wing on GeoGreymon.

"Stop it right now! You're destroying my forest!" Cherrymon yelled.

Looking over, Daisuke saw tiny baby digimon hiding under Cherrymon which made her realize what he was trying to do and then glared when a Gotsumon and Yamnamon joined in on the attack, raining down the rocks.

"No. Stop! You're going to hurt the babies!" Daisuke yelled up at the attacking digimon.

Cherrymon looked at her in surprise while Thomas and Yoshi turned in shock to see she was right, but Keenan and his evil digimon allies weren't listening as their continued fighting GeoGreymon, Sunflowmon and Gaogamon.

Worry for the babies made lavender data particles appear around Daisuke's hand and she clenched it tightly as the data turned white.

"Lady Dai, your hand." Dorugamon said.

Gasping softly, Daisuke looked down at it and pulled out her digivice to see it turn white and gold much to her surprise.

"What is this?" she whispered as her fangs turned back into normal sized teeth.

"What's going on?" Yoshi asked.

The white data went around Daisuke's body as she smiled, feeling the power of the Golden Radiance inside of her calm down.

"That's just like what happened to me." Marcus' eyes went wide.

"Ready, Dorugamon?" the girl asked her dragon.

"Whenever you are." Dorugamon smiled.

Smiling, Daisuke swung her arms around her head, creating the Crest of Miracles before she then tapped her digivice.

"DNA: Full Charge!" she called.

Power surged forth over to Dorugamon, filling him with the energy as he then finally began to digivolve.

"Dorugamon digivolve too…DORUGREYMON!"

Everyone stared in awe at the large red and white dragon with large wings and had black stripes who then flapped his wings, sending the boulders that would hurt the babies away and then shattered the larger ones under his paws.

"DoruGreymon is a Beast Dragon Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody whose name and design are derived from "Digital OR Unknown Greymon". It is a massive Digimon whose form was released through the interface on its brow by the potent life-force data of the legendary beast, the "Dragon", which slept within the deepest parts of its DigiCore, and that holds the alias of "Final Enemy". With its overwhelming stature it can demolish any indomitable Digimon, and even the attacks of the "Nightmare Soldiers" are deflected with one sweep of its wing. As it is highly intelligent, it won't reveal its existence carelessly, so it is difficult to even detect it." Cherrymon spoke.

DoruGreymon turned to the enemies and glared at then with his golden eyes warning them all back and Gotsumon quickly got on Yamnamon, taking off.

"Me not afraid of you." Keenan yelled.

"You should be." DoruGreymon growled.

Peckmon then used his Spiral Claw on DoruGreymon, but it didn't hurt the Ultimate in the least which just made him smirk.

DoruGreymon then used his tail to whip Peckmon away into the forest.

"Why did Dorugamon digivolve now?" Thomas asked.

Daisuke then fainted and DoruGreymon flew down, scooping his human up in his paws.

"I felt it. I felt her heart. It was so pure and good." DoruGreymon purred as he set his human into Thomas' arms.

The dragon then reverted back into Dorumon who sighed at being drained from digivolving into his Ultimate form.

"I never knew humans could be kind to digimon. I'm amazed." Cherrymon said.

"Not all humans are bad." Yoshi smiled as GeoGreymon, Sunflowmon, Gaogamon and Marcus walked over, Dorumon being carried by the brunette.

"Especially this one." Thomas smiled down at the girl in his arms resting with a peaceful expression, her lips curved upwards softly.

Cherrymon smirked at him as the babies came out from under his roots to play with the Champions that transformed back into Rookies and Yoshi kneeled down, picking one up and kissing his leaf stemmed head.

"So, you think you can help us find Merukimon?" Marcus asked.