Hey all! I felt like some fluffy Apriltello, so here it is! (Based on 2k12)

I don't own TMNT, if I did Apriltello would be canon and Casey would prolly be with Raph.

April O'Neil hummed as she ran the paintbrush up her big toe. She had picked a purple polish. Not her usual color, but it had been a whole week since she had seen her boyfriend Donatello and she was feeling a bit sentimental. After the turtles' latest run-in with Dogpound the Shellraiser had been completely obliterated, leaving Donnie to build the whole thing again from scratch as soon as he could so the turtles could stay on top of tracking the Kraang (who Donnie had been particularly determined to thwart ever since he discovered they were after his April). Girlishly, a giggle bubbled up from April's throat. She was his April now. Ever since that month-ago awkward confession and first kiss, she was his. And he was hers.

Which brought her right back to being frustrated that she hadn't seen him in so long. She did have a big school project to work on, so she supposed it was for the best that she hadn't been distracted- but just texts from the scientific turtle hadn't been quite enough for her. She was ready to have Donatello back in her arms.

Speak of the devil, a tiny knock came from her window at just that moment. How ecstatic she was to see that gap-toothed grin again! She waved and gestured to indicate the window was unlocked and he could enter because she didn't want to ruin her toes, but as soon as Donatello had crossed she room to her bed her arms were around his waist tightly.

"I missed you!" She announced, looking up at him with an expression of joy on her face. Donatello broke the embrace to sit on the bed and press a lingering kiss to April's lips.

"I noticed, the purple on your toes looks good." He chuckled and kissed her again, sighing and touching his forehead to hers when he broke the kiss. "Shell, April, I've missed you so much."

"I'm guessing the Shellraiser's done?" She threw her arms around his neck again, not willing to let him go just yet. Donatello nodded, winding his arms around her waist.

"Yeah, just put the final touches on an hour ago. Sorry it took me a while to get here; I took a shower to get rid of all the motor oil." April shook her head.

"You don't have to apologize, Donnie. You've been keeping in touch with me all week, I have no reason to complain. Besides, I know it's important to you that you guys get back to tracking the Kraang." Donatello nodded.

"Absolutely. I just wish...I wish few things were different." He said quietly. April pushed away from him gently, raising an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

"I just..." Donnie rubbed the back of his head. "You know, I wish you had your dad here with you. I wish the Kraang had never come here from Dimension X and...you know, I wish I was just a normal guy. We could go on dates, maybe we'd be at school together, and-"

"And you need to stop talking now, because you're speaking complete nonsense." April smirked. "Donnie, if the Kraang had never come here I never would have met you in the first place. You wouldn't even be you, you'd be a regular turtle. And..." April broke eye contact with him. "Of course I want my Dad back. I want to know he's okay...and I miss him. I'd also love to introduce him to you." When she smiled at Donatello again, he noticed her eyes were misty. Donatello wanted to comfort her, but still felt like he hadn't made his point.

"I know I just...thanks for, you know..." He groaned. Why couldn't he sound intelligent when it mattered? He could spout theories into the deaf ears of his brothers all the time but when it came to talking to April, who would actually listen, he was too tongue tied to say a thing. "I know this relationship can't be easy for you, especially with everything else that's going on right now. But thank you for...for giving me a chance." April's brows furrowed in frustration; Donnie was supposed to be smart, here!

"Donnie, I'm not doing this to give you a chance. I'm doing this because I want to be with you." April took hold of one of his large green hands. "I don't want a normal guy. I want Donatello." The aforementioned turtle's face lit up like a beacon.

"April..." Donatello squeezed her hands. "You...you really mean that." It wasn't a question, the turtle was sure of her confession and rejoicing over it. "I...you're the most wonderful girl I've ever known, April O'Neil. You really are." He hugged her and pressed a kiss to her forehead as April giggled.

"Donnie, I'm the only girl you know. Aside from Karai...but I don't think she really counts." Donnie shrugged as he cradled his love closer, propping his chin on top of her head as she snuggled into this chest.

"My point still stands."

Sorry if this seems kind of random, but I really needed to get it out of my system. Basically I thought that Donnie would start out this relationship pretty insecure. He holds April in very high regard and I think he'd be afraid of disappointing her. But I think he'll get more confident as things progress. :) Reviews are appreciated!