Chapter 1:

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that this is my first story. I'm a fan of the Teen Titans, so yeah. It starts in Central City, not Jump City. So yeah. Enjoy!

As usual perched on top of a building in downtown Central City, Kid Flash watched for any disturbances. Knowing that Downtown Central usually had the most violence he waited until he saw or heard anything suspicious so he could quickly get a handle on it. Ever since he left his older, stronger mentor, Kid Flash has always felt freer. Like he's able to do anything on his own. This is what he needed, or what he thought he needed. Somewhere deep inside of him he still felt empty. A very small feeling that he usually ignored, until moments like now when he quietly sat still waiting for the smallest sign of trouble. Ever since Jinx left his life he's felt so alone. After the titans big fight with the Brotherhood of Evil he thought him and Jinx could be more than just friends. He thought they were heading in that direction after a month of casual dates. Once she left him, he felt like it was his fault. He looked around once more before heading to his small apartment for the night. Nothing, not a single peep, hollers, or screams from the silent city air. As he climbed down the building's fire escape he heard a very faint screech coming from down the street in front of the City's civil arts museum.

He quickly ran to investigate careful not to make a sound. The museums doors were wide open the lock that was on the door pried away. Kid Flash figuring this was the source of the screech sound he had heard. He walked into the museum expecting to see another robber dumb enough to rob a museum in an area where Kid Flash would be staked out. Instead he saw a very familiar face, a face he hasn't seen in a year. Ever since the Titans destroyed the brotherhood of evil. It was Jinx, she broke into the museum. She had her back turned to him and had already broken into a case, in her hand was a giant glass Purple diamond. It shined when she held it, like it had its own energy source.

"Jinx? Is that really you?" He said incredulously. "What are you doing? Where have you been?"

She gasped. This was very unexpected she had no idea that he had resided in Central City when she cut off all connections with him. "Um….oh hey" she said trying to hide the shock in her voice.

"What are you doing?" he asked moving closer to her, as he eyed the diamond.

"Nothing…I'm just…were you following me?" she asked trying to somehow get the attention off of the diamond she was holding.

"No, I surveillance the downtown area of the city before I head home, where have you been" he asked again growing impatient. "More importantly what are you doing?"

"Listen Flash, you wouldn't understand, this is strictly business-"she sputtered.

"What type of business is stealing? I thought you were good." Kid Flash said trying to hide the hurt in his eyes. "You cut off all connections with me. I tried to find you for months!" Now he was growing angry.

"Just leave me alone you wouldn't understand!" she said as she aimed a hex bolt directly at him. He ran out of the way just in time to run towards her and grab her around the waist. "Let go of me! I have to do this!"

"No, not until I get some answers! What did I do to make you like this again? We were so happy! What happened!" he shouted anger getting the best of him.

She zapped him with hex beams shooting from her eyes. He flew backwards into a wall. "I'm sorry it had to be this way." She turned away disappearing into the night, as Flash stood up and brushed himself off.

"I didn't handle that very well." He said running after her even though he knew he was too late to find her.

"WOO HOO!" shouted Beast boy loud enough for everyone to hear him. "I finally beat you after three rounds!" he started breaking out into his victory dance. "Go Beast Boy it's your birthday, Go Beast Boy it's your birthday!" he said after throwing the controller down.

"Shut up you green booger! I'll get you next time! I challenge you to a rematch!" shouted Cyborg.

"Oh man you're so on!" shouted Beast Boy as he grabbed the game controller smashing buttons as he tries to shove Cyborg off the couch. They vigorously started playing their usual videogame.

"Ugh" Raven sighed as she got up from her spot by the window and headed to her room to meditate where it was quiet. Beast Boy spotted her walking towards the door.

"Awe come on Raven cheer me on, and watch me destroy Cyborg's reputation as master of videogames!" He laughed.

"I'd rather shrivel up and die." She said in her deadpan voice not even glancing in his direction.

"Please Raven," Beast Boy begged. "This may be a huge achievement! One that will go down in history books!" he continued while jamming on the control buttons his eyes shining with excitement.

"It may be your only achievement if you don't stop pestering me." Raven said exiting out of the room as Starfire dragged her back in yelling to all of her friends to gather around she had an announcement.

"Starfire please put me down" Raven growled as she realized waking up this morning had been a mistake.

"So sorry friend Raven, I have great news for all! Where's Robin?" she said as she looked around the room expecting him to be there, only seeing Cyborg and Beast Boy shoving each other around while playing their game.

"He vanished off to the evidence room an hour ago; he has a lot of papers to file for the police records." Cyborg said as he bumped Beast Boy in the head with his elbow.

"Actually I'm right here" Robin said as he walked into the room. "What's wrong Starfire is-"

"Everything is glorious now that everyone is here! I have very exciting news can everyone please sit down!" Starfire beamed with happiness as she pulled a flyer out of her pocket. Raven and Robin sat down quietly on the couch waiting for her announcement to be over so they could go do other things.

"I am happy to announce-"she stopped abruptly glancing at Cyborg and Beast Boy who were still playing their game. She walked over to the TV quietly and pulled the plug. She watched in amusement as both of their faces dropped in horror.

"Star what the heck!" Cyborg fumed.

"Yeah Star I was about to beat him!" Beast Boy yelled. At this Cyborg smacked the back of his head.

"I am very sorry friends but this cannot wait! Please sit down." She watched them frown simultaneously as they sat down next to Raven and Robin.

"Okay friends, I am happy to announce that we are invited to a ball!" Starfire unraveled the paper and giggled with joy and happiness.

"WHAT" they all said at once in disbelief.

"It came from the box of mail this morning, inviting the Teen Titans to the Jump City annual ball! Oh friends isn't this glorious!" Starfire beamed.

"Uh, Star I really don't think the Titans have time for a ball. What if we get an alert and we have to go fight." Robin said hoping she would agree. He hated balls, and pretty much anything that had to do with dancing. He would rather stay home and eat Starfire's cooking than go to a ball only to make a fool out of himself.

"But Robin don't we have communicators to alert us when the City needs our help? That is what they are for, are they not?" She said looking him in the eye.

"Uh, um…well…Star…um-"he started, trying to find a way out of this.

"Star we don't have the correct um…clothing! Yeah that's it, clothing for this occasion." Beast Boy interrupted saving Robin's butt. Robin sighed in relief thankful for Beast Boy for once in his life.

"Well the ball isn't until Friday, it is only Wednesday." She said perking up. "We could go to the Mall of Shopping! Wouldn't that be most fun! Raven and I could go find dresses while you guys could find the tuxedos." She said growing very excited.

At the word dresses Raven stood up, "I am not wearing a dress!" she spouted looking around at her teammates, attempting to calm her emotions before she spoke again.

"But Raven, you must wear a dress to a ball! It will be wonderful, with dancing, music, and food!" She beamed again, looking around at all of the unhappy faces. "I am most excited! Human traditions are very amusing!" She ran off towards her room to look up pictures of ball gowns.

"We have to stop letting that girl get the mail." Cyborg sighed. Bowing his head in defeat.

"I'm not going to the ball." Raven said getting up to head to her room.

"Yes you are, we all are." They all stared at Robin as he spoke. "We have to show up at this thing as a group, remember they invited all of us." He said as he picked up the fallen invitation.

"You actually want to go to this thing?" Beast Boy said in confusion.

"No, but we can't let the City down and most importantly, we can't let Star down." Robin said as he sighed in discomfort and agitation.

"Well it's settled then we have to go to this stupid thing." Cyborg said looking at Robin and Beast Boy.

"I am not wearing a dress." Raven said still in shock at the fact that she was going to a ball.

"Who knows you might look good in one." Beast Boy said as Raven headed out of the room towards her room, forcing down a faint blush that spread across her cheeks.

"Ugh" Raven grumbled only low enough for her to hear.

As Kid Flash shed his costume that night and climbed into bed, he thought of the last night he ever saw Jinx. It was a Friday night and she was as beautiful as ever. Wearing her usual uniform on their casual date, in case they ran into any trouble. He took her to her favorite Italian restaurant downtown called noodles. As they took their seat in the fancy Italian Restaurant he made small chat with her about the City's decreasing crime rates. He made a couple jokes and they ate happily. She giggled her eyes shining with bubbliness. He smiled, proud that he made her giggle so hard.

"Ha! You're right tomatoes can't be vegetables but we still put them in our salad!" She giggled some more happy that everything was going well for once in her life.

"I'm very happy that we've been casually dating for the last month," Kid Flash said as he calmed his laughter. "I wanted to give you something, to make this official." He pulled out a long black box from his uniform pocket.

"Oh!" Jinx exhaled. He opened it slowly so it was facing her. Inside was a round light pink pendant. It was the size of a bottle cap, and was shining as bright as her eyes. "It's beautiful." She breathed.

"Just like you." He said certainly. He walked around the table and placed the pink pendant around her neck. It shined, like it belonged to her. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the cheek, creating shivers down Jinx's spine.

"Thank you Flash, It's the most precious thing anyone has given me." She said looking down at the shining gem on her throat. She held back a tear of gratitude.

"Why don't you go see how it looks?" Kid Flash said gesturing the ladies room across the restaurant.

"Okay." She said getting up ready to go. "Wait a minute is this just another excuse to get a look at my backside?" She smiled and laughed.

"You caught me," He said as he laughed in unison with her. "But seriously go take a look, you look beautiful." He said gesturing at the ladies room again. She got up, trying to hide the blush that spread across her cheeks, and flounced off to the ladies room, purposely shaking her behind so he could get a better look. He laughed.

He watched the door to the ladies room swish closed as he exhaled a nervous breath. "That went better than expected." He thought as he thought about how lucky he was to be with such a wonderful person. Suddenly there was a loud bang, the door to the ladies' room exploded outward in tiny shards. Everyone in noodles quickly ran to the door screaming and shouting. Kid Flash ran into the ladies room expecting to see Jinx hurt, or injured. But instead, she was glowing with anger. He hex bolts charged at her sides her eyes glowing.

"Jinx, what are you doing?" Kid Flash screamed, as he tried to run towards her.

"I can't do this anymore." She screamed back, but there was no anger in her voice only hurt. She hurled a hex bolt directly at him, he dodged it.

"What are you talking about? Do what? We were just eating dinner!" He said as he dodged another hex bolt.

"I'm sorry Flash. I must go." She said in her tiny voice as she unleashed fifty hex bolts hurling all over the restaurant. Kid Flash dodged the first twenty when he realized that the restaurant was going to cave in with people still in it. He ran, and swooped up as many people as he could and rushed them outside, just as the restaurant caved in on itself. Thankfully everyone was saved. He looked around trying to find Jinx, but all he could see was rubble. He quickly thrashed around in the rubble searching for her until he realized she wasn't there. She had taken off into the night. Gone, in the blink of an eye. He spent months trying to track her, no results. He spent many restless nights trying to rack his mind to find out what he did wrong on that night, nothing. If only he knew what made her snap inside of the ladies room.

Kid Flash gently drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Hoping that when he woke up the whole incident never happened. He hoped that the whole thing had never ended like that. All he wanted to do was show her a good time. What had he missed? Were there any signs that she was troubled?

"Ugh, Starfire hurry up let's get this over with." Raven said as she stood in Starfire's room ready to hurry up and get to the garage. "Cyborg and the others are waiting." She added as she watched Starfire rummage in her closet.

"I have found it!" She yelled pulling a pink fluffy purse out of her closet. "Hopefully it is full of currency for our day out.

Raven sighed. "Let's get this over with." Her and Star walked to the garage to find a T-Car waiting with three anxious titans inside. They rumbled down the street and onto the highway. As they pulled into the mall parking lot they tried to run through the crowd of people surrounding their car.

"This is why I love being on the Teen Titans!" Beast Boy said as he signed an autograph and smiled at the screaming fan girls. Raven rolled her eyes.

"Come on B, get a move on!" Cyborg yelled as the titans ran into the mall. Once they were inside they felt safe. No autographs or public photography was allowed inside.

"Okay team, let's hurry up-" Robin started but was rudely interrupted by Starfire.

"Raven and I will go to the shop of dresses now, bye!" She yelled dragging Raven behind her as she ran off towards the right side of the mall. Robin watched her go, and with a sigh turned and gestured for the others to follow him to the men's suit and tie stores.

"Starfire slow down you're going to yank my arm off." Raven grunted as Star slowed down and pointed to a store in front of her. The store was named Victoria's secret. "Oh, no no no Star I wouldn't be caught dead in there." He sentence hung in the air as Starfire ran into the store giggling and shouting at Raven to come join her in the "Shopping of undergarments." Raven grunted and followed Starfire in.

"Starfire this store isn't for us, we should go now." Raven said bowing her head in shame as the sales clerk looked their way and smiled.

"Oh, friend Raven what is Victoria's secret? Does she not wish for us to know?" Starfire said while looking into a pile of thongs.

"Star, there is no secret." Raven grunted as she shooed away the approaching sales clerk.

"Why is this store not for us? Do we not belong here among womanly underclothing?" Star asked innocently with a smile on her face.

"We don't have boyfriends, only girls with boyfriends shop in stores like this! Now can we please go?" Raven asked trying to calm her embarrassment and anger.

Starfire giggled. "I thought I saw you eying Beast Boy a couple weeks ago? Did I not?" Starfire asked clearly trying to get on Raven's last nerve. Starfire always liked to spy on Raven, just as Beast Boy liked to.

Raven didn't believe what she was about to say, "Can we please go pick out dresses already?!" she asked trying to contain her emotions, and her blushing face.

"Oh, yes! Let's go!" Starfire quickly grabbed Raven and bolted out of the store. Heading for a store filled with ball gowns.

Raven sat down in a chair across from the dressing rooms as Starfire pulled a dozen dresses off of hangars and threw them into dressing room A. She first stepped out in an Orange feathery, sparkly dress with sequins and fitted bodice. It puffed out at the end and disfigured Starfire's figure.

"Um, I don't think that one looks right on you." Raven said as Starfire turned in front of her and looked into the mirror across from both of them.

"The color and shape does not look satisfying. I want something to pop, and make Robin's mouth drop." Starfire said with a small blush.

Raven knew of Starfire's crush on Robin, but realized her true intention of going to this ball. Starfire wanted to impress Robin and reveal her feelings for him. Raven felt guilty that she showed a lack of interest in this ball. She wanted the best for Star; she put on her happiest face and picked up an armful of nearby dresses.

"Raven, are you going to partake in the shopping of dresses with me?!" Starfire asked, her eyes lighting with excitement.

"Yes, let's make this the best ball ever." Raven said as she walked into dressing room B. Starfire jumped in the air and ran into her dressing room. They went through each dress they had in their dressing room, stopping in between to show the other girl the dress. After an hour and a half, they each settled on a dress. Raven chose a tight fitted black strapless dress that ended just above her knee; it sparkled in some places due to the silk top layer. She picked out black high heels, and a subtle onyx necklace. Starfire chose a pink dress with a one shouldered sash that ended just above her ankle; it had a slit all the way up her thigh. Where it ended a green frilly flower adorned her hip. She chose green pumps and a green choker. They paid the store clerk and headed back to the entrance to meet up with the boys. Once they arrived they could tell they have been waiting a while.

"Finally, we've been waiting forever!" Beast Boy groaned as he headed to the T-Car.

"Let's just go." Robin said, clearly aggravated at the thought that he just wasted a day shopping for a tux.

"Shut up y'all, stop complaining it's all over with." Cyborg said as he also headed towards the car. He actually like getting dressed up for special occasions, and he didn't mind the time spent to shop.

"Thank you friend Cyborg, I was about to star bolt them into oblivion." Starfire added with a nod of her head.

The group headed for home, where they eventually ate dinner and headed to bed. Starfire was excited about the next day. Robin was aggravated he hated dancing. Cyborg was somewhat excited to what the new day would bring. Beast Boy couldn't sleep, he headed for the kitchen where he found Raven, sitting at the table alone with a cup of chai tea in front of her.

"Hey, couldn't sleep?" He asked shyly as she looked up, briefly startled.

"Yeah." Raven said trying to hide the emotion on her face.

"Why?" He said pouring him a cup of water.

"None of your business." Raven stated clearly not wanting to be bothered this late at night.

"Geez, I was just asking. No need to get snippy." Beast Boy said as he sat down in seat next to her.

She could feel his warmth beside her, and somehow that felt comforting. She fought the urge to lean against him. "Let me guess you couldn't sleep because of late night snacks, or did you stay up to play videogames?"

"Actually neither of those." He said calmly drinking his water quietly.

"Really? Then what is it, why couldn't you sleep?" Raven asked realizing that she didn't want to seem forward. She didn't know why she cared so much, but she had to know what was up.

"Nuh-uh, if I tell you, you have to tell me why you couldn't sleep." He looked up at her from his cup and smiled, his fang poking out.

"No, not happening." Raven said. They sat in silence for a couple minutes, no sound except for the sound of their breathing, she finally broke the silence. "I'm worried about dancing, at the ball, you have to know how to dance and I don't. Happy now?" She blurted out; shocked that she just shared something with Beast Boy. It felt right to open herself up to him, but why?

Beast Boy looked over at her but she was turned away. He's having a real conversation with her. This was an achievement, she hasn't even embarrassed him yet Beast Boy thought happily. "I've been having nightmares lately." Beast Boy said taking up his half of the bargain.

"You get nightmares?" Raven said incredulously, she never thought Beast Boy was the type to get nightmares.

"Yeah, sometimes…" He said looking distant.

"What are they about?" Raven asked, hoping he wouldn't notice her sudden interest in this conversation.

"I don't want to talk about them in depth, their just," He sighed. "Bad."

"Okay, I understand." She said placing a hand on his shoulder. She really did understand his pain; nightmares were scary and sometimes sad. She understood that he didn't want to talk about them in depth; though she still wanted to know. They sat in silence for minutes more.

"I can help you." Beast Boy said to Raven's surprise.

"What do you mean?" She answered.

"Stand up." He said as he leaded them away from the table. Raven surprisingly listened to him, even though she usually didn't. What was going on with her tonight? He grabbed her waist in one hand and her hand in the other. She gave a light gasp.

"Beast Boy, what are you-" She inquired before he cut her off.

"I'm just teaching you how to dance. My mother taught me when I was younger." Raven looked up at him then, shocked he had talked about his past with her. He was usually the type to laugh, and make jokes at everything. This was a side she had never seen before, and she liked it. He swished her around the room, gently, and beautifully guiding her. She was lightheaded, but she liked it. She liked the feeling of Beast Boy's hand on her hip his hand in her hand. It fit perfectly, like his hand belonged in hers. After fifteen minutes of graceful dancing, he took her to her room quietly. Neither of them saying a word, as Raven detached his hand from hers she disappeared into her room. She slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

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