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Puella Magi Americana Magica

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: I Can't Enjoy Both?

San Francisco was one of the most if not most visited cities in the world. It's beauty was known by all and sometimes having secrets… mostly good… but one so terrible, so horrible that only a few knew…

San Francisco and much of the Bay Area was called the Witches Den, for it's unusually high amount of witches… having a single witch attack in a day was considered a slow day… actually having only two witches was considered a slow day, having a single witch was considered odd.

This phenomena started about 2 years ago… but no Magical Girl in area knew the cause, or if they knew the cause they didn't tell anyone.

In a Middle School, not far from the Balboa Park BART station, the school day was winding down. The last class of the day was being held.

One girl Sabrina Holmes was paying attention to the homework assignment, and wrote everyone thing down.

Sabrina was a girl of medium height with wavy sea green hair and matching eyes.

Despite the furry white cat like creature sleeping on her lap she got the assignment down.

The little creature was not Kyubei, but rather called itself Gobey, why was that. It was one of the mysteries of the Witches Den, what ever caused the Witches Den also caused San Francisco's version of Kyubei to well go a little insane by Incubator standards.

And for some reason this changes all of the red on him to blue… no one on not even his race knew why this was…

He had emotions, happiness, sadness, anger, regret… because of that he refused to make as many contracts.

Of course most of the magical girls didn't know that last part…

He was also a notorious drunk… and since he lived with Sabrina, she had to make sure he didn't overboard…

However Sabrina was no magical girl, no she refused to make a contract. She was a secret keeper for the trio of San Francisco, in fact her house was where they stored any and all excess Soul Gems, after all it was common for them to get more than three a day…

The bell rang and the students began to leave.

"I hope you all have a good weekend." Said the teacher.

Sabrina picked up Gobey by the tail waking him up.

"What?" asked Gobey, "Is class over?"

Sabrina nodded and walked over to her classes mate Lenora Butcher, she was a rather tall girl with long dark purple hair and piercing red-violet eyes.

She was the magical girl in the school and had been for about two years.

"Here… and make sure to keep an eye on him this time…" said Sabrina, "He got really drunk last night."

"I know…" mumbled Lenora, "You can blame for that, Angelina was the who brought him last night…"

"Don't lie to me, I know no watches him when he comes home…" muttered Sabrina.

"Good morning Lenora." Said Gobey.

"It's afternoon." Mutter Lenora.

Sabrina sighed and left, she wanted very little to do with magical girls other than taking care of Gobey.

Leona went to her locker to get her backpack and left.

"So where do you want to search today." Said Gobey.

"It doesn't matter." Said Lenora.

Lenora left the school and change her soul gem from ring form to egg form and began her search for a witch.

It didn't take too long, just a block away from City College she found one.

She took out her cell phone and knew she had to call her partners.

At Crissy Field, a girl dressed in a school uniform with short blue hair laid on a bench. In her hand was a blue Soul Gem…

Her name was Diana Irving, her father was a high ranked executive in Silicon Valley and she had almost everything she wanted in life…

Well almost, what she wanted was a Beach House in Hawaii, and that is what she wished for.

All she ever wanted to do in life was laze about doing nothing.

In fact she had a bet with Lenora that if she could defeat a witch sitting on her butt, Leona would buy her meals for a whole week.

Even before the Witches Den Phenomena, the Golden Gate Bridge was a magnet for Witches… Many believed that was the cause of the Witches Den.

That is why she also invited a method she called fishing using her magic as a radar, if a witch came into the area she would know. About a quarter of all the witches they found was found using this method.

That was when her cell phone rang.

She reached into her bag and pulled it out, she saw it Lenora.

"Hey, where's the witch?" asked Diana.

"It's on Howthe." Came Lenora's reply.

"Did you contact Angelina yet?" asked Diana.

"No…" came Lenora's reply.

"I'll call her." Sighed Diana, "I do have to pick her up after all."

"Whatever… I'm going in." came Lenora's reply.

Diana sighed and hung up her phone.

She got up and called the third member of their team.

In Japan Town, at the bookstore, a girl with long pink pigtails looked at the Japanese Manga section.

Her name was Angelina Morris, she only joined recently and became a Magical Girl for the sake of being a magical girl.

She loved anime and manga and she loved the Magical Girl genre most of all. Of course she jumped at the chance of becoming one when she found out.

Since she did have to make a wish she made the wish to speak Japanese.

She also was a newbie, she hadn't been a Magical Girl for more than a month.

That was when her cell phone rang.

"Moshi moshi…" she answered.

"Hey, Lenora found a witch…" came Diana on the other end, "Japan Town?"

"Yeah…" responded Angelina.

"I'll meet you there soon." Responded Diana.

Back at Crissy Field, Diana since it wasn't it wasn't a sunny day, she found a place that was deserted easily and transformed into her magical girl form.

Her clothes hand to somewhat flowing sleeveless dark blue shirt, with a sky blue collar that had a sort of star shape. She had short sky blue that also flowed, she had knee high dark blue socks and flat shoes, in her hair was a dark blue head band and her soul gem which took the form of a drop of water was in her hair.

She summoned her weapon, which was a trident. Her abilities was controlling water and sand… however she rarely used the sand part, but due to the fact that water was every she was able to use water in many ways. In face it was her main transportation.

She used her trident as a focus and using the water from the bay used the water a high-powered jet that let fly high into the air.

She took this all the way to Japan town, she touched down, at Webster and Post, managing to keep much of the water she gathered from the bay, thankfully no one noticed her, and Angelina was waiting outside for her…

"That the 3rd time this week you were here and not looking for witches." said Diana.

"Gomen…" said Angelina rubbing the back of her head.

"I'm scolding you, but remember if Lenora finds out she will guilt you…" said Angelina.

"That stopped working a week ago…" said Angelina.

Diana laughed, "Hold on tight." Said Diana.

Angelina grabbed onto Diana's waited. Diana launched her and her partner high into the air.

Back at the entrance to the labyrinth. Lenora transformed into her magical girl form.

She had a red-violet shirt with long sleeves that were slightly puffy at the top, her collar and cuffs were black as was her skirt, which was knee length, she also had red-violet and knee high black boots, her soul gem was at her throat, which was a circle

She then opened the entrance and went in.

Inside it was strangely like a library.

She walked with Gobey on her shoulder.

"If you go near a liquor store I promise I won't tell Sabs you went in alone…" Sid Gobey.

Lenora said nothing.

That was when several affairs showed up, they were a mixture of books and bats…

That was when Lenora created some daggers, which she threw at the familiars.

She then created shields around many of them and repelled them far away.

Outside Diana and Angelina arrived.

"Gobey we're here." Thought Diana.

"We haven't encountered the witch, just familiars so far." Gobey's voice came them.

That was when the familiars in the shields suddenly came out of the entrance.

Both of them knew whenever she away a familiar they would leave the labyrinth still trapped in the shield… both of them assumed that they disappeared when the witch was killed.

"All right! It's time to transform!" cheered Angelina.

She transformed into her magical girl form.

She had a pink she with puffy sleeves, a hot pink sailor collar with matching pink skirt which had a light pink lace underneath. A dark pink ribbon was at the base of the collar on her lower back. She had light pink sock that went to above her knee as we light pink give that went to her elbows and hot pink shoes that had ballerina straps, her pig tails were now tied with large light pink ribbons and her soul gem too the shape of a cherry blossom petal on her forehead.

"Let's go in." said Diana.

"Right." Said Angelina summoning her weapon which was a katana.

They ran in and caught up with Lenora, who was repelling the familiars away.

"It's about time." Mumbled Lenora.

That was when one of the familiars tried to attack Diana but she created a jet of water that was summoned from the air itself to smack it away.

"Waiting for us?" asked Diana.

"You know I like to repel familiars whenever I find the witch on my own… I can't enjoy that?" asked Lenora.

Angelina cut down a few of the familiars.

"I thought you enjoyed when they make a strange sound?" asked Angelina.

"I can't enjoy both?" asked Lenora brushing her hair out of her face.

"I guess…" said Angelina.

The trio continued on their way, until they got to the center of the labyrinth… the entire centre looked like a mixture of a classroom and library.

"Let's do this!" called out Angelina running to battle.

Dianna followed to make sure she wouldn't get hurt.

"Why won't you shout Leeroy Jenkins?" asked Gobey.

Lenora rolled her eyes.

The witch finally noticed Angelina, the witch a creature made up of books and papers and was worm shaped.

"Oh I get a book worm." Laughed Angelina.

The "book worm" tried to tackle.

However it hit a barrier that protected her.

Angelina sighed as Lenora jumped next to her.

"Remember you can't always jump in, you never know when I wont' be there to bail you out." Said Lenora.

"I have a plan!" called out Diana, "You two distract while I gather enough water."

"Okay!" said Angelina.

"Remember, you can't concentrate on gathering water if you sitting down." Pointed out Lenora.

Lenora created many daggers, which she coated in her shield. She threw them at the witch.

While Angelina jumped high into the air and began to scream, which sent out shock waves that began to tear apart the witch.

Diana on the other hand was reaching for water all though out the labyrinth, it took about a minute, but eventually she gathered enough water.

She launched the water at the witch, and since the witch was made of paper and books, the witch stopped moving.

Lenora created daggers all around the moistened witch and drove them into the witch and this was the thing that killed it…

Diana wad breathing heavily however she had a Grief Seed on her so she was able to clean her Soul Gem once she transformed back.

"All right we win again!" cheered Angelina giving the v is for victory.

"Does either one need a new one or do should we just send it to Sabrina?" asked Lenora.

Diana looked at her Greif Seed, which was completely blackened.

"I need a new one!" responded Diana.

Lenora tossed her the grief seed, while Diana gave the used up on to Gobey who promptly ate it.

"I have a coin!" said Angelina.

They slipped it was heads.

They had a system, if it was heads, then they would find the next witch as a group, if it was tails then they would go their separate ways for the day.

"So which way do you want to go?" asked Angelina.

"That way…" answered Lenora pointing towards City College.

As they headed towards City College they passed by an ambulance with a person covered in sheet being loaded into it.

"I wonder happened…" whispered Angelina.

'No doubt the witch." Responded Gobey.

Angelina sighed, after all she was still new to being a magical girl.

Later that night, after finding and fighting 4 more witches, they decided to part ways for the night.

Diana put all of the grief seeds into a little bag and tied it around Gobey's neck.

"See you tomorrow." Said Gobey.

"We're meeting at Aquatic Park, right?" asked Angelina.

"That's right." Said Diana.

Lenora said nothing as she went home, the tow two shrugged and went their separate ways as well.

Gobey smirked, not one watching.

Sometime later, Sabrina was getting a glasses of milk, listening to the news her dad was watching.

The top story, was that the show Survivor had its first death… and was in talks of whether or not to continue the season.

"Wow… so what did the guy of?" asked Sabrina.

"They don't know, he went to get fired wood and he just keeled over." Said her dad.

"Was it some island in the pacific?" asked Sabrina.

"Yeah…" answered her dad.

Both of them sniffed the air.

"Is that booze?" asked her dad, "Where is it coming from?"

"You have got to be kidding…" thought Sabrina.

Sabrina found Gobey who was drunk off his add at the window.


"I'm so glad you're invisible to everyone else…" thought Sabrina.

Sabrina grabbed the drunken mascot into her room and put him on a pillow that was his best, she took out the bag and examined the Greif Seeds. She had a special box, and pending on the clarity of them she put in a specific compartment.

She went to her bed, looked at the ceiling and sighed.

She made her choice a long time ago, that until the time was right she would become a magical girl…

She looked at Gobey who had passed out.

Which also meant that until that time it was her job so taking care of a drunken Gobey and act a neutral party with the Greif Seeds… Someone had to have that job… and she was just the girl to do it…

Next Time: One Saturday they search for witches in Fisherman's Warf while bonding a little... also how did Diana become a magical girl? Find out next time!