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Chapter 12: Then I'm Entrusting You to Keep an Eye on Her

Half around the world, a girl with enormous potential for becoming a magical girl made her wish, a wish to defeat every witch before they are born in the past, present and figure. Why she would make such a wish and why she had such enormous potential is another story… however it still ties into this one.

Upon finding out about Lenora's wish she wanted to talk to her… so in a place that no one liven would ever see the two girls talked.

"Why would you even make a wish?" asked Madoka.

"I could say the same to you." Countered Lenora.

"All other Magical Girls wanted to help people with their wishes!" said Madoka.

"Please! There are a lot of selfish magical girl." Said Lenora.

"But none of them killed people on purpose!" Said Madoka.

"I didn't do it on purpose." Said Lenora with a smile, "They were all collateral damage."

"You knew what you were doing but you didn't stop!" cried Madoka.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah… whatever." Said Lenora.

"At least your never be able to make your wish now." Madoka stated firmly.

Lenora snorted, "I might not be able to wish to become a witch but do you honestly think I won't be able to still cause suffering in some way?"

Madoka remained silent.

"Your wish just elevated witches! Not the evils of the world." Said Lenora, "What evil magical girl fights I'll just wish to be a part of it in some way!"

"Why would you do that?" asked Madoka.

"Do I need a reason?" asked Lenora.

Lenora vanished Madoka didn't know how to react.

"Don't mind her…" said a voice.

Madoka turned around and saw Sabrina.

"Besides with witches gone I'll probably end up becoming a magical girl sooner than I did before." Said Sabrina.

Madoka smiled, "Then I'm entrusting you to keep an eye on her."

"Don't worry, it was my job in the old world and it's my job in the new one." Said Sabina.

"Thank you." Said Madoka.

And with that the new order was set up…

And with a new world needs a new introduction…

San Francisco, the Wraiths' Keep. The reason it was because of the fact that city had the most wraith attacks in the world.

There were rumors why it was that way and many magical girls outside of the San Francisco Bay area didn't belie it.

However the girls whip protected San Francisco knew the truth.

This group consisted of five girls who were currently sitting on top of 555 California Street. The five of them were taking a rest to clean their soul gems.

The first was Rosemary Ventura, the magical girl who was there the longest. When she was younger she wishes to find an undiscovered star. This wasn't the first magical girl team she had been a part of. However her old team members were taken by the Law of Cycles, one of them because it was her time while the other because of the reason of the Wraith's Keep. She vowed to herself to stop the cause even if it costs her life.

She had long blonde hair that was put in two braids, her costume was a light yellow dress with very short selves, she wore a white hat with a light yellow band at the edge, around her neck was a white ribbon, she also had one on her lower back, she had some white trimming on her skirt and white knee high socks and simple light yellow shoes. Her soul gem which was a star shape was on her wrist.

"I hate leaving in the city sometimes, you can't see the star." Muttered Rosemary.

The second was Sabrina Holmes, who became a magical girl the same day as the Wraith's Keep papered. Her wish was protect all magical girls from the Wraith's Keep, after witnessing it taking Rosemary's late partner.

She was a girl with wavy sea green hair, her magical girl costume was a pain, short sleeve spring green dress, cyan pantyhose and plain black shoes, on her head was a cyan beret, her Soul Gem was on the nape of her neck, but since she had taken it of to clean it could be that it was the in the shape of a shield.

"You say that every night." Said Sabrina.

The third was Diana Irving, her wish was for a beach house in Hawaii, she was very rich but also extremely lazy. However thanks to her laziness nothing ever brought her down. She would just brush it aside and relax.

She had short blue hair and her costume consisted of a somewhat flowing sleeveless dark blue shirt, with a sky blue collar that had a sort of star shape, a short sky blue skirt that also flowed, knee high dark blue socks and flat shoes, in her hair was a dark blue head band and her soul gem which took the form of a drop of water was in her hair.

"I honestly don't care either if we see the stars." Added Diana.

The fourth member was Angelina Morris. An anime fan who loved the magical girl genre. Because of that when she found out about magical girls she jumped at the chance of becoming one with a wish to learn Japanese.

She had long pink hair that was tied into pig tails her costume was a pink shirt with puffy sleeves, a hot pink sailor collar with matching hot pink skirt which had a light pink lace underneath, a dark pink ribbon was at the base of the collar and on her lower back, light pink sock that went to above her knee as well as a light pink gloves that went to her elbows and hot pink shoes that had ballerina straps, her pig tails were now tied with large light pink ribbons and her soul gem too the shape of a cherry blossom petal on her forehead.

"It's still a beautiful view." Said Angelina.

The last girl was Maya Wilcox, she was the newts member (though she was a magical girl for slightly longer than Angelina). She had just moved to San Francisco after her parents died on her second honeymoon. Her wish was for parents to talk things out due to their divorce, it was all because of a misunderstanding. She moved into with her aunt and she thankfully found the San Francisco girls before anything happened.

She was African American with short dark red hair, her costume was sleeve-less red dress with a magenta lace trim, with a magenta ribbon in the back and her soul gem was a red heart on her chest.

"I don't care either… Angelina's right it is a befoul view." Said Maya.

"The view is so pretty! And I think I see a bar." Said Gobey.

Gobey was well… San Francisco's version of Kyubey. He went insane after the Wraith's Keep was formed. In order to cope with his insanity he took up drinking.

"There's a lot of bars downtown…" muttered Sabrina.

She tossed a grief cube at him, which he managed to catch.

"I wonder when this so called Wraith Queen is going to show up." Said Maya throwing a few Grief Cubes at Gobey, "I keep hearing about her but I haven't seen her yet."

"She likes to keep to herself." Said Sabrina, "Trust me on that…"

"I heard you talk talking about me new girl…" came a voice.

That was when many Wraiths appeared in flash of a Red-Violet light.

They turned where the voice came form and saw a girl…

This was girl was Lenora Butcher AKA the Wraith Queen. A figure that many thought was just a rumor. Her wish was to create and control Wraiths as much as she pleased. Many of those outside the Bay Area didn't think she existed after all what kind of magical girl would have that kind of power.

She had long red-violet hair, and her costume consisted of a red-violet shirt with long sleeves that were slightly puffy at the top, her collar and cuffs were black as was her skirt, which was knee length, she also had red-violet pantyhose and knee high black boots, her soul gem was at her throat, which was a square. She also added a black cape, it wasn't part of her actual costume, she bought it at a costume shop because she felt the title of "Wraith Queen" needed one.

She tossed a large amount of Grief Cubes at Gobey who gladly took them.

"What! Don't dodge me!" yelled Gobey.

"So you're a new girl." Said Lenora, "I guess I should give you the gift I give to all new girls and Tourists to their fair city."

She lifted her hand and a mass of black energy formed. She aimed it at Maya's Soul Gem witch was still being cleaned.

Thankfully Sabrina's Soul Gem was fully cleaned. She grabbed it, put it back in it's place then created a shield around Maya stopped the black energy.

Lenora looked at Sabrina.

"You know not to give that gift when I'm around." Mocked Sabrina.

Lenora glared at Sabrina.

Rosemary fished cleaning her Soul Gem, put it back in its place and summoned many pistols.

"Are you going to try that again or do I have to avenge Erika right now?" asked Rosemary.

Lenora said nothing, instead she created more Wraiths and jump off the building. Using her magic to slow down her decent.

"What did she just try to do?" asked Maya.

"One of her abilities is create despair from nothing and use to cause a Magical Girl to succumb to the Law of Cycles sooner than she's meant to be…" said Gobey.

"It's a good thing we found you before she did." Said Sabrina.

"Don't worry, you'll get the hang of this soon and anytime she shows up you get mange to stop it before Sabrina has to bring out her shield." Said Diana.

"All right!" said Maya.

Maya, Diana and Angelina all finished cleaning their Soul Gems.

Sabrina summoned her crossbow, Diana summoned her trident, Angelina summoned her katanas and Maya summoned her bow.

"Is everyone ready?" asked Rosemary.

"Right!" said the other four as they began to kill all of the Wraiths on the rooftop of the second tallest building in San Francisco.

Because in the this world without Witches, Lenora wished for to create and control wraiths, because of this her body count was much smaller than the world.

Because in this world without Witches, Sabrina didn't run away from becoming a magical girl and knew right away that Leonora would create chaos and stopped it immediately.

Because in this world without Witches, Rosemary's friends just disappeared, leaving no bodies, her mother didn't move thinking as long as Rosemary had hope for of finding them she wouldn't need a change of scenery.

Because in this world without Witches, Diana joined just because he wanted that beach house and not that Sabrina wanted her to look after Lenora for her.

Because in this world without Witches, when Angelina found about Magical Girl she begged to become a magical girl, Gobey gave in after several hours of her begging without prodding from Lenora.

Because in this world without Witches, Lenora stuck to the shadows, because of that Maya was found by the who protect the city.

And because in this world without Witches, Lenora wished to create and control Wraiths, which meant she had the ability to manipulate despair instead other ability to protect her wish with barriers and Sabrina wishes to protect those from Lenora which meant she had the power to protect with barriers instead of shatter things due to her wish was for her Soul Gem to shatter instead of becoming a witch.

Many things changed in San Francisco… all because of a wish from halfway around the world… Well that's the magical girl system for you…

The End.

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