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Chapter 5: This is Going to be Painful…

The trio continued through the labyrinth. Angelina was in a good mood, this was the first witch of the day and she killed most of the familiars.

However she never really noticed occasionally Lenora glaring at her.

"Boy you're sure in a good mood." Said Gobey.

"Yep, I realized that I am strong… no matter what anyone says." Said Angelina.

"Just drop it." Muttered Lenora.

Gobey looked at Lenora and had a smug look on its face.

"Shut up…" she thought.

"I'm not saying anything." Responded Gobey.

Lenora rolled her eyes.

That was when they encounter the witch, it was some weird mixture of a car and tree.

"What's this one?" asked Angelina.

"It looks like a car hitting a tree." Said Diana, "I don't get these themes sometimes…"

The three fought the witch and quickly dispatched it and returned to Downtown.

"Anyone need to clean to their soul gem?" asked Diana.

The other two shook their head no.

Diana put it in a small bag.

"I'll flip the coin this time." Said Angelina.

That was when there was a strong gust of wind that almost blew Gobey away.

"Wow…" said Angelina.

"You know how winds whip up around sky scrapers." Said Diana.

"I know… but still." Said Angelina.

However Lenora was already using her Soul Gem to find the next witch, in fact she found it.

"The next is nearby." Said Lenora.

"That was fast." Said Diana.

"Let go." Said Angelina.

They followed Lenora's Soul Gem, as they did they passed by a passed out homeless man.

Lenora looked at the man and shrugged.

They found the barrier less than a minute after that, they quickly went in and found a city that was surrounded by sandy dunes.

"The air's so dry here…" said Diana.

She lifted her finger and no water appeared.

"At least there's a lot of sand." Said Gobey.

The three of them transformed and they continued into the labyrinth, after a few minutes Angelina started complaining.

"It's so hot!" she whined.

"I know…" sighed Diana.

"You don't need to complain." Said Lenora.

"BUT ITS SO HOT!" yelled Angelina.

"I hope the Affairs show up soon." Muttered Lenora.

Thankfully several familiars which were crudely drawn tanks showed up.

"Tanks…" said Diana, "It's one of these Witches…"

"What do you mean?" asked Angelina.

"Looks like it is…" mumbled Lenora.

"What?" asked Angelina.

Before either one could answer the tank like Familiars began to shoot at them.

Diana managed to gather up the sand and clog their cannons, Then Lenora threw her daggers as half of them, while Angelina sliced off the cannons of the other half.

"Wow… it's a like a war." Said Angelina.

"You still haven't figured it out, have you?" asked Gobey.

"It's a witch who's theme is the Iraq war." Sighed Diana.

"You're serious?" asked Angelina.

"The last witch obviously had a car accident as the theme." Said Lenora, "Witches just have really messed up themes…"

"Seriously?" asked Angelina, "This is going to be painful…"

"Don't worry, I don't think it's going to be that bad." Said Diana.

"We're fighting a witch that 10 years too late with a really touchy subject!" said Angelina.

"You're still a newbie." Said Lenora, "This is the third Iraq War witch I ever encountered…"

"Second for me…" said Diana, "They're pretty rare."

"I think they come here on boats or something…" said Gobey.

Gobey shot a look at Lenora who just ignore the little creature.

"And you're fine with this?" asked Angelina.

"Like Lenora, Witches often have messed up themes…" said Diana.

"Most of the time." Said Gobey.

"Let's go…" said Lenora.

They continued on their way, Lenora managed to banish one of the of the familiars they went up absent, the other two weren't sure if they heard her say, "That one not getting far…"

They continued on their way, fighting of the familiars, until they got to the center of the labyrinth.

There they found a rather small witch that looked like a broken toy solder.

"That's clever…" muttered Lenora.

"Remember, even the small ones have some bite to them…" said Diana.

Angelina nodded…

The toy solider witch started shooting at them, however Lenora just put up a barrier.

"Okay, I have an idea!" said Angelina.

"This ought to be good." Mumbled Lenora.

Angelina began to explain it to her partners.

"Wow did you get that idea?" asked Diana.

"Let me guess, anime…" muttered Lenora.

"Yeah…" sighed Angelina.

"It will take a lot of magic, but I can do it." Said Diana, "All right you two distract it and I'll finish it off."

The two nodded and went in for the attack.

The toy solider began to fire on the two but Lenora blocked using her shield.

Lenora threw her daggers at the toy solider while Angelina used her sonic waves to disorient it.

"Now!" shouted Diana.

Both of them backed away from the witch as it was coated in sand. Diana lifted the witch into the air and crushed it, she then dropped it. That was when the labyrinth began to vanish.

Diana took a breath.

"You okay?" asked Angelina.

"Not used to using my sand powers." Said Diana as she de-transformed.

She took out her grief seed and used it on her Soul Gem.

Since the Grief Seed was now too dirty she gave it to Gobey who ate it.

An ambulance passed them, Lenora and Gobey looked it, Lenora just shrugged while Gobey seemed to flinch at the site.

"What's wrong?" asked Angelina.

"Nothing…" said Gobey.

"All right let's flip the coin." Said Diana.

That night none of them accompanied Gobey home… which meant he stole some booze and had some fun.

Sabrina was watching something her computer when Gobey finally came home.

"SABS~~~~~~~" said Gobey.

Sabrina sighed…

"Great… how much have you had?" muttered Sabrina pausing the show.

"I lost count!" said Gobey who tripped.

Sabrina picked it up and put it on her bed.

"I saw a body!" yelled Gobey, "And the absence!"

"Again…" sighed Sabrina.

"Of course again!" yelled Gobey.

However Gobey passed out and couldn't continue the conversation. She put a blanket over the little mascot and she sighed.

"I don't' which I hate more…" sighed Sabrina, "The fact you saw a body… or your reaction to it…"

Sabrina sighed… she hated being Gobey's caretaker sometimes… Mostly due to Gobey's drunken behavior… but also the root of Gobey's drunken behavior…

But she made that choice, after all it was better this way, she couldn't let Gobey accidently confess the truth to Angelina or Diana… and didn't want to know what Lenora would do if she took care of him…

She was just a girl caught in the wrong place at the wrong time…

Next Time: Survivor gets canceled, why? Well one of the contestants went insane and started killing the others... Or at least that what everyone thinks... A witch is involved... shame it's on the other side of the world... but why is Sabrina suddenly so angry at Lenora... does this Survivor witch have something to do with the cause of the Witch's Den? Who knows...