Chapter one:

It was a late summer night. Marceline sat at the trunk of a tree near her cave. Even though it was dark enough for her to be out, she still wore her large sun hat which covered her face, almost completely. She held her axe bass across her lap, humming as she strummed a few chords. It was nights like these that made Marceline feel free. She loved the slight breeze that ruffled her hair, and allowed her to smell every scent that passed by her nose.

Marceline inhaled deeply, taking in the leafy scent of the tree she was resting on. She inhaled again, catching a scent that was quite familiar, not necessarily in a good way though.

"Boo!" said Marshall Lee as he crept around the tree, slightly hovering from the ground. Marceline didn't jump nor did she flinch. She had already smelled his presence anyways. He did cause her to pause in her strumming but she only rolled her eyes and continued to play her bass.

"Hey! I'm not easy to ignore, Marcy" He said as he snatched Marceline's hat right off the top of her head. This caught her attention.

"Hey! Would you fuck off?" she exclaimed. Marceline's reaction made him chuckle in laughter. Marshall few above the tree with Marceline's hat still in hand.

"And what if I don't? What are you gonna do, 'kill me'?" he teased. It was funny because he was already dead and there was no way of Marceline doing it. Marceline didn't find it very funny. Marceline flew up to where he hovered and hovered in front of him. He held her hat under his arm with a cheeky smirk on his face. He jumped in shock when Marceline pushed him, making him drop the hat from his grip. Marceline grinned at him teasingly and floated down to get her hat. Marshall Lee floated down after her, but paused when saw she was gone. He looked both ways. Marceline was nowhere to be found. Her scent still lingered though. You could tell that she wasn't there anymore but the lingering scent proved that she once sat at the trunk of the tree. Marshall Lee smiled. He wasn't sure what he was smiling at but he knew that Marceline made him feel nervous and happy at the same time. His stomach tied in nerve knots every time he was around her and every time he talked to her. He never let it show. Marshall sometimes felt that Marceline could see right through him though. He hated it.

Marceline on the other hand had just broken up with Ash. He was never necessarily a 'good' boyfriend but Marceline stayed with him because he always said she's good for the image. He was bipolar. He would feel calm one second then be pissed at the world the next. He was verbally abusive towards Marceline. He crossed the line the day he sold one of Marceline's greatest, most meaningful childhood memories, her stuffed bear. He had gone too far so she broke it off with him. She was quick to get over him because she never really had feelings for him in the first place. Ash wasn't quite ready to end the relationship. He still bothers her sometimes, by texting, or calling her.

Marceline wasn't very good at taking hints. Marshall Lee would flirt with her all the time but she never saw it as flirting. She always thought he was just trying to find different ways to annoy her which pissed her off daily. She spent most of her summer days in the Candy Kingdom. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum were best friends, and even though Marceline was very good with letting out her emotions, PB was the person she would talk to when she felt like sharing things. The Candy Kingdom was actually the place that Marceline disappeared off to when she left Marshall.

Marceline didn't bother announcing her presence in Bubble gum's kingdom. She simply flew in through a window and sat down a the nearest peace of furniture she could find which in this case was a brown rocking chair, probably made out of chocolate. She winced and, snarled.

"yeah, definitely chocolate.." she said to herself. She then, looked down and saw a strawberry lying on the floor. She picked it up and sucked the red coloring out of it. She flinched when she heard bubble gum's voice down the hall.

"Hello? Anyone there?" she called. Marceline assumed that she had heard her sucking the color from the red fruit.

"yes, Pinky. I'm in here."

"Oh Marceline, you startled me a great deal!"

Marceline raised an eyebrow as she flicked the grey shrub on the floor.

"sorry.." she said.

"so, what's going on in your exciting life?" Bubble gum asked as she sat down on a couch across from Marceline.

"ya know. Just killin', chillin', being a villain." Marceline still hadn't made direct contact eye with her pink friend. The smell of the chocolate chair behind her became too strong. She floated up and decided to hover for the rest of this conversation, which probably wasn't going to last very long. Marceline began to head for the window from which she came. PB had a nervous look in her eyes and began twiddling the tips of her hair. She looked as if she was searching for the right words to say. Suddenly her voice rang and echoed in Marceline's ears, not necessarily because PB had a high voice but because of the words she spoke.

"Uhm.. have you spoken with Marshall Lee lately?" asked the princess. Her words made Marceline flinch.

"No!" she snapped back. She really didn't mean to raise her voice but, PB had just caught her off guard.

"Pinky, sorry. I just-"

"its okay. I understand. I was just asking because he came to the kingdom yesterday. He came in regards to you. He was asking if I knew where you were."

"He was looking for me?"

"Yes, yes he was. I think he has become very fond of you, Marceline. He just has an unsure way of showing it."

"Marshall Lee? No he doesn't. Marshall?"

"Yes, Love?" Marshall said as he crept into the window. Princess bubble gum jumped in surprise. Marceline hissed in his direction. Marshall Lee invited himself in and lay across the couch.

"So, this is what you girls do all day? Talk about me when I'm not around?" He said, staring directly at Marceline with a smirk on his face.

"Marshall, its good to see you." said PB, reassuring herself.

"Sup, sweet thang" Marshall Lee still hadn't taken his eyes off of Marceline. Marceline definitely noticed. She tried not to make direct eye contact with him but she could just feel his eyes watching her. Princess bubble gum noticed the tension and made an excuse to leave the room.

"Oh! Peppermint butler needed some help with the thing. I almost forgot!" said Princess Bubblegum. Marceline knew that there wasn't really a thing. A straight face stretched across her lips. A grin stretched across Marshall's. Marceline thought up a plan.

"Oh yeah, the thing! I should probably come too." said Marceline as she quickly flew up behind PB.

"No, no, Marceline. I'm sure we'll be fine w-…." Princess Bubblegum trailed off in her sentence, shutting the door behind her. Marceline took a deep breath before turning around. When she turned, she saw Marshall, now on the ground with his arms crossed. He had one eye brow raised.

"Do you seriously hate me that much?" he said.

"What- what? I don't hate you..."

"Cheah right..." he said as he blew towards his hair that landed on his face.

"I don't hate you!" she repeated.

"You never want to talk to me or anything. I mean like, what the hell did I do to you?" Marceline didn't know how to respond. She just stood there, looking into his eyes.

"Is there something I can do to fix it?" he said as he began walking towards Marceline. He wasn't even two feet in front of her before she began backing up.

"Well, you can leave me the hell alone sometimes…" she said, her back hitting the door. There was no where else for her to go. He was still walking towards her. Marceline's dead heart began to hit her chest hard. Marshall Lee trapped her between him and the wall, placing his arms against the wall around her. He moved one of his hands and used it to twirl a strand of Marceline's hair in his fingers.

"Maybe I don't want to do that… Is there another way?" he asked as he placed his forehead against Marceline's. He smiled a seductive smile because he just knew that she wanted it. He knew she wanted him. He didn't go any further though. He only flew away from her and winked as he went out of the window, leaving Marceline speechless.

"Oh, where's Marshall?" PB said as she set a saucer of cookies down. She noticed Marceline's expression and, walked over to her with concern.

"Marceline? … is everything okay?"