I lost my best friend that night.

His boat had wandered from the shore – the forgetful idiot having forgotten to tie it on the docks, so he had gone off to look for it.

He never came back.

We waited for about twenty minutes before me and Kairi got worried, the anxiety and what ifs making our feathers twitch in the moonlight.

"Let's go look for him, the idiot's probably fallen asleep somewhere." I said to her, helping her up even as her white wings flare to compensate.

"Okay…" She murmered quietly, and we set off, sand crunching underneath our feet as we follow Sora's large footsteps towards the docks when suddenly the footprints multiply and Sora's tracks veer off towards our secret cave.

Disturbances in the sand disturbingly resemble the aftermath of whenever Sora and I would compete to see who had mastered their spell work and blade skills the most after our lessons, scorched sand turning into small piles of glass from high intensity spells.

It made my blood grow cold just thinking about it.

But why hadn't he called for help? We would have heard him, we weren't that far… so why…

I don't know and it's a question I ask myself every day, and will keep asking myself until I find him.

"C'mon!" I call to Kairi and we start running to the place that held so many memories here, on this island.

As our eyes adjust to the darkness within the hidden sanctuary, I feel the feathers belonging to y black wings flaring in anger and my caged Inner Darkness stirs with a furious mutter before I force it back into control with a jolt of Light from my Moon magic.

"R-Riku…." Kairi breathes out horrified, her angelic wings spread ramrod straight in her shock.

I kneel down and pick up the pieces of the lucky charm Kairi had given Sora – the gift Sora had treasured and would have never willingly let it fall and break – from it's resting place amongst a pool of blood, cradling it to my chest despite the blood coating my hands. Sora…

"Can you see what's happened to him, Riku?" she whispered tearfully. I nod, closing my eyes, concentrating on the remnants of Sora's Sun Magic lingering on the broken shell bracelet.

Warm laughter – a smile from Kairi – saying goodbye as the hunt for the boat ensued – black figures that wore masks emulating the faces of death – shadowy darkness oozing out of the in waves of wrong.

The Keyblade appeared at the sense of it's master's need and distress at the approaching darkness, it's weilder getting into a battle ready stance before starting to run, dodging and blocking their bolts of magic with the Keyblade.

"What do you want from me!"

"The Dark Lord requires the knowledge you have of the power of the Worlds' Hearts."

Stillness before fury. "I'll never tell you or your 'Dark Lord'!" The normally gentle boy snarled, white wings puffing out in agitation as he dodged another barrage of spells.

A lurch of ground and a sickening spin and suddenly they are fighting in the cave and Sora is on the ground, gasping in pain, blood plip-plip-ing onto stone sickeningly.

"Give up boy."

"No. I'll never give up! I'll never give you what you want!"

A stick pointed at his throat meanacingly.

"I'd watch what you say boy." A trickle of blood ran down the point the stick was touching Sora's neck, a small cut appearing causing him to flinch.

But Sora's eyes were in that familiar determined glint. "Do what you want, you'll never get it – CONFUTO!"

The bracelet shatters.

Everything went black.

"Riku!" Kairi shook me, bringing me back to the present. I grip her wrist as she made to let go.

"Kairi, we need to contact King Mickey!"

"Riku? What? Why…?"

I groan slightly, the use of my powers to glimpse into the past taking a bigger toll than expected, my vison swimming. "They…" I shake my head trying to clear it. "They took… Sora… They want…. Knowledge…. Sora knows…" My head aches, a pounding begins in my ears as my mouth dries up. I swallow heavily, staggering, clinging to her small frame, both sets of our wings held aloft for added balance.

I begin again, despite the fuzziness of my head. "That idiot… They took him because… because he knows… about the Hearts…" I groan again, and sink to my knees as I let go of her, vertigo causing my vision to swim.

"Riku!" I hear her voice over drums and rushing water, but it's faint.

"Kairi…. Get the king… okay? We need to find… him…"

And I fall into unconscious darkness.

AN: Okay, so I know that a ton of you are wondering what the heck is going on! This is a sort of continuation of Sapphire Wing's Magic of the Heart. I've asked several times of PM if I could continue MotH, but Sapphire Wings has never replied, so don't go off saying I coppied it off of her. I kinda did, but I asked and she never really replied to me. *shrug* so what can you do but give credit where inspiration is due! The differences of the Kingdom Hearts world (mainly just in Destiny Islands is changed) will be becoming more and more clear, as will the culture of Destiny Islands. Please review! I love to hear back from people.

- SM