Arc 1: In the Shadows

Chapter Fifteen

You Are Not Alone

The entity of Light once known as the human Minamoto Kouji scowled sleepily at the light silver and dark purple marked Digiegg as if it were the one to ever so politely ask him to get out of his nice warm bed.

"This brat of yours better be worth our time, Tamago." He tiredly informed the Digiegg, which gave a quiver of excitement.

With a groan, Kouji slumped back on the Trailmon's soft plushy interior, closing his eyes and wishing his twin hadn't asked (ordered) him to leave before his element even showed signs of coming into full dominance.

He liked his sleep, Light guide him! or else he surely would murder his twin who was altogether too comfortable with going without sleep for days on end!

The silver egg in his arms bounced chidingly and Kouji grumbled but relented his mutterings about his brother's less than desirable sleeping habits.

The egg vibrated in a way that reminded the current embodiment of Light uncomfortably of a cat who had just caught a canary and scored a bowl of cream as well for its efforts.

Kouji opened an eye to glance down at his silver and purple charge, quirking an eyebrow as its vibrating turned from purr-pleased to questioning.

With another tired sigh he let his head fall back against the window as the dark scenery passed by at a blur.

"Almost, Tamago, almost." The immortal informed the still vibrating Digiegg. "And would you stop that?!"

The vibrating paused then with a mischievous tint started up again.

Kouji sat back up with a scowl. "You know, you'll hatch at this rate without your partner. And I'm sure you don't want to see me first thing after making your debut."

The vibrating stopped instantly.

Kouji let his head fall back with a thump. Blessed peace on high!

It didn't take long for the Warrior of Light to fall back to much needed sleep.

Riku ran like he had never run before. There was an urgency that jut would not be quelled until he reached it. Whatever it was.

He had passed through the cave some time ago and now was running pell-mell through a thinning forest.

Ahead, against the prelight of approaching dawn, loomed a castle.

Riku knew with the uttermost certainty that this castle was where he was needed.

Kouji yawned tiredly, quickly disembarking from the ancient Trailmon with a quiet word of thanks second before the old Digimon chugged out of the station to head towards the Final Station, for this Trailmon was the Last of their age, the last of his kind and had finally grown too old for transporting others. Kouji had been the last one to ride with his old friend.

"Sayonara, my friend." He murmered as his silver and purple charge vibrated in a sad goodbye.

Turning, Kouji glanced at his twin who leaned into the shadows of the gates.

"We're just relics of an age past, aren't we Nii-san?"

Kouichi sighed. "When did you become the philosopher, ne Kouji?" he teased quietly to dispel the sadness lingering in the air before gently taking the Digiegg from his twin, who rolled his eyes before smothering stray hairs back into his warrior's knot with a weary sigh.

"I'm tired Kouichi." He murmered to his fellow immortal hybrid. "Tired of living like this."

"…So am I." Kouichi admitted, meeting his twin's shocked gaze. "Humans were never meant to be gods, it's why we have such a short lifespan. We can be tired, Kouji. It's our right, our nature to be tired after eons of watching."

The silver Digiegg shivered mournfully and in response the Warrior of Darkness shifted to hug the Digiegg to his chest.

"This one will bring balance to the boy's heart, ne?" Kouichi murmered softly, like a soft spoken mother about to send her child into the dangerous world for the first time.

Kouji put his hand on his brother's shoulder who leaned into the touch gratefully. "Yes. The new age has begun."

Together, the two watched the sun rise over the forest like a gentle guardian, bringing with it the light and warmth of a friend.

In the distance, racing along the now abandoned and rusting train tracks towards the castle, was a boy with silver hair and a heavy burden.

Riku reached the castle just as the sun had reached its mid-morning stretch, sweat running down his neck and causing his clothes to stick to his skin.

Once he reached the tall towering gates, he bent over to catch his runaway breath, hands on his knees in an attempt to ease the burning in his lungs.

He'd made it! Now he had to search for the thing calling directly to his heart.

The chime of a child's laughter echoed in his ears like a delighted symphony.


The addressed boy could easily see the breathless grin by the way the child – for it was a child he was certain of it – had breathed his name, so full of joy and wonder and ohLighthe'sfinallyhere!

It was the awe of a child seeing someone they treasured return, like a worshiped older brother returning from a war, alive and relatively unscathed but still alive!

Riku's heart created a very big lump in his throat as he fought back ridiculous tears.

A child… was so happy… because of someone like him? Someone so scarred and tainted, someone who couldn't back his best friends u when fighting the minions of Darkness, someone who had plunged whole worlds into Darkness just for his own selfish desires?

A child so pure as the one whispering to his war torn heart, did not deserve someone so pathetic and unworthy as he was.


This time his name was spoken firmly, obviously this child would not budge on his decision.

Riku smirked despite himself. A stubborn brat, this one was it seemed.

This way Riku!

And so with muted self-doubts, Riku followed the child's voice into the castle.

In the arms of the Warrior of Darkness, the Digiegg gave an annoyed rumble then started to vibrate on the same frequency of a cat's purr.

Kouichi and Kouji traded amused glances. Whateve rthat had been about, the two of them hadn't been the cause of it.

"I think the boy had made it into the castle." Kouji pointed out the most obvious conclusion.

The Digiegg bibrated in agreement, causing Kouichi's arms to tingle and the older twin to laugh. "Stop it you, that tickles." He lightly scolded, gently tapping the top of the silver and purple egg with a long pale finger.

The vibrating increased teasingly before it stopped.

"Cheeky. Let's greet your partner, yes little one?" Kouichi murmered to the Digiegg as he started walking away. Kouji stared exasperatedly after him before throwing his hand up in the air.

"Fine! Let's not stay in one part of the castle! Great."

"It's so you don't fall asleep Otōto~!"

Kouji spluttered, just a step behind. "I wouldn't be dead on my feet it you hadn't woken me up before the crack of dawn!"

"Maa… touchy." Kouichi said with a straight face.

Kouji threw up his hands again with a muffled scream of annoyance. The elder twin fought back a chuckle, but knew that it had escaped due to the annoyed daggers being glared at his back.

Kouichi couldn't fight the amused smile on his face. His brother was so fun to tease when sleep deprived!

With the urgency lessened considerably now that he was inside the castle, Riku took the time necessary to gather whatever information on the inhabitants of the castle were left in their habitat by – well – snooping.

Despite the old and forbing appearance on the outside, the inside was rather welcoming and homey.

Tasteful rugs, comfortable looking furniture and beautiful tapestries were all in their own color schemes in different rooms that connected to the hall Riku was currently in.

In one it was all done in so many shades of red orange and yellow that it made the room look like it had been set ablaze and then someone had taken a picture and left it like that.

Another was like an ice palace, what with all the different shades of light blue mixed in with white.

One other room was obviously a girl's room with pink and lace all around with the rare accent of purple.

Riku exited out of that one faster than he could blink, the room burned into his retinas as his manly pride shrieked in horror at the veritable amount of pink in that torture chamber.

But in all his snooping he had come to one inevitable conclusion, whoever owned this castle was powerful, and had a very distinguished taste in décor.

As Riku continued onwards, he notice the beginnings of mural.

In it, Ten galliant Warrior creatures fought off a corrupted angel before becoming scattered and three celestial being took their place as rulers, the fallen angel sealed away in the core of the world. For a stretch the mural painted a peaceful paradise but all was not weel with the trinity as the Fallen Angel whispered thoughts into the giant bunny, creating a darker and more jealous ruler.

Riku flinched at the parallels he was drawing between himself just before the mistake and the fallen ruler.

Memories of how Kairi had urged Sora to go without him, how the two talking with that subject had seemed so harsh and like a blow on his confidence that the two cared for him, the words made worse by the whispering of Xehanort filled his mind before he banished them with a shake of his head, concentrating on the mural.

A war had raged, carving up the peace like a turkey to be eaten by the bloodthirsty.

The male angel had fallen into eternal sleep and the woman angel, captured by her fallen brother in reign.

Then the Ten Warriors from the beginning of the mural reappeared a humans being able to transform into the warriors.

But there was only Five of the Ten fighting against the corrupt and Five were simply reanimated and corrupt with no humans in sight. Then at last, one was purified and revealed to be the Light's twin brother, Dark who had been corrupted by the fallen ruler (just like me, Riku reflected).

Now there were Six instead of Five to fight off the corruption but they were unaware of the Fallen Angel residing the core and whispering evil thoughts to the Fallen Ruler.

They fought hard and eventually brought down the Fallen Ruler but then the Fallen Angel was revealed and Dark had to make a sacrifice that only he was capable of doing in the name of duty, paving the way for the others to defeat the Fallen Angel.

The sight of the devastated twin jerked at Riku's heart.

"My death was hard on them." A quiet voice said, causing Riku to jump and whirl around, blue eyes wide.

It was the twins Light and Dark from the mural! Riku felt his eyes threaten to pop out of his head. "You died!? How are you still…"

"Here? My heart had stopped but the doctors in the human world in combination with a miracle brought me back." The one with short hair said quietly, arms cradling a vibrating silver and purple egg, his twin standing just behind with a scowl.

Such strange personalities for Dark and Light, it was like they should have been flipped. Tall, dark and scowly should be darkness and the tall light and smiley should be light.

"Who are you two?" Riku asked bewildered.

"I was once known as Himura Kouichi." The softly spoken twin said with a small bow, "and this is my twin Minamoto Kouji. It's nice to meet you."

"Um… nice to meet you too? I'm … Hakumei Riku." Riku felt very out of his depth here.

Kouichi smiled. "Come Hakumei-kun. There's someone who'd like to meed you but here in the Hall of Records is not the time."

And so with much a confused shrug on Riku's part that he followed the twins who radiated blalance.

Soon, they were in a gently lit room that held very comfy plush chairs that Riku discovered molded to you in all the right places to be as comfortable as possible.

"Here, he's been waiting to meet you for a very long time." Kouichi said softly, handing over the silver and purple egg to Riku as soon as he was adjusted.

Brow creasing in even more confusion, Riku put the giant egg in his lap. "Um… hi?"


The child's voice was the egg!

Once that realization passed through Riku's mind, light suddenly filled his vision as the egg cracked apart to reveal a small purple dragon with fur instead of scales blinking cutely up at him with ruby red eyes. Make that, very small purple dragon. The little creature was small enough to curl up in the palm of Riku's hand!

The dragon's bunny like ears twitched as a happy purr escaped it's furry snout.

Riku stared down at it, astonished.

It stared back, still happily purring away.


Suddenly not content to simply lay on Riku's comfy lap, the purple dragon rose up on it's furry fins and floated up to be level with Riku's aqua blue eyes.

More staring ensued.


Then, the little dragon went and bopped him on the nose with it's snout.

"Gin! Gin! Gin ryo~!" it chirped.

Riku abruptly pulled himself together as an indescribable emotion filled his chest.

With shaking hands the teen reached up to cup the tiny dragon in his fingers. "Ginryō?" he whispered, the tears escaping his eyes as he curled up protectively around the cooing dragon, muttering promises that he'd never let the tiny dragon get hurt for his sake again while the purple dragon tried to lick the salty water off his friend's cheeks, chirping "Gin ryo! Gin!"'s at him in an attempt to comfort his human partner.

Kouji and Kouichi traded pleased glances at a reunion well done before Kouji yawned and excused himself to go catch some more sleep.

Kouichi quickly excused himself as well, not wishing to intrude even more than he already had on such a private reunion.

The two souls were finally back together, hopefully this time Ginryō would be able to keep Riku from getting into too much trouble. However unlikely that would be.

AN: Ha! Finished early, my muse was on a roll! If you wanna see a picture of Ginryō's Digiegg and his new reborn form, the links are on my profile. Hope you enjoyed the reunion as much as I enjoyed writing it! And if you're confused on how it's possible, don't worry. All will be explained.