A/N: As part of the welcometothewhedonverserp over on Tumblr we were encouraged to write flashbacks of our characters. So, I decided to use my OC over there, Sky Halie Washburne from before she actually joins the plot. So here's a series of drabbles of Sky as she grows up on Serenity.

Disclaimer: I don't own Firefly. However, Sky is my OC and I ask that you please not use her.

Sky skipped her way through the narrow corridors of Serenity, at ten she was still small enough to run around without any trouble and usually took full advantage of that fact. Uncle Mal yelled at her all the time for rushing around and 'causing a ruckus', but he wasn't there so nobody was going to say anything. Uncle Mal and Uncle Jayne were off on 'business' with friends. Mommy was with him and so was Auntie River. So only Uncle Simon and Auntie Kaylee were around to watch her. 'Nara- she insisted she was not Auntie 'Nara- was back at her home for a visit, so playing in the shuttle was a no-no, which left the bridge as the perfect play place.

She peeked around the open doorway to make sure nobody was around to interrupt her playtime before scurrying through and climbing into the vacant pilot chair. She pulled herself up to look at the lights and screens. If the lights were on she was not to touch anything. They were. With a pout Sky decided that playtime plans had to change. She stood on the chair and giggled as it spun under her feet, then reached out to snatch as many of the plastic dinosaurs as she could reach, which was only three. The dash was full of them, almost every time Serenity landed somewhere Mommy let her pick a new one. Prize in hand, Sky clambered back off the chair and sprinted down the hall to the cargo room.

The door was open to let in a strong breeze that brought with it all sorts of wonderful food smells. Auntie Kaylee was working on something on the bottom level so Sky made a beeline for her. "Kay! Kay! Look I got the dinos!" She held her prizes out and puffed up her chest with childish pride, "Can I have a story? We can even play it with them!" She smiled when Auntie Kaylee put down the piece of something she was messing with to grin and take one of the dinos out of her hand to start walking him across the floor. "Alright, what do you want to hear about this time?"