Flashback Challenge 4/4 Planetside Part 2

"This one?" Sky twirled around and smiled as the hem of her dress swished across her legs. Instead of her normal shades of browns, greens, or the occasional blue, this dress was a bright purple with small flowers splashed across her waist. She stopped spinning when dizziness began to set in and turned to look at her mom. Zoe sat on a straight-backed chair against the back wall of the tiny shop, she smiled indulgently, a small pile of dresses in various rainbow shades stacked next to her. "You look adorable." She said. "You can't have all of them though."

At the reminder, Sky pouted but quickly ran over to the clothes pile to pick and choose and narrow down her choices. She didn't like the yellow one with huge clouds on it, so that dress was deposited on the floor. She already had lots of green clothes, black was boring, red was too...no. Red made mommy upset so that one joined the others in the new pile as well. Eventually she narrowed it down to three: the purple one she was wearing, a blue one that matched her eyes, or a soft pink. She held the other two up at arm's length a look of intense thoughtfulness on her tiny face. This was an importance decision. "I like the purple." She eventually declared.

"Good," Mom said "I like it too." She stood up from the chair, scooped up the dresses from the ground and deposited them in the waiting arms of the clerk. After that she dropped a couple small coins on top of the pile. "Come on sweetie, we have to go back soon." Sky nodded and stuffed the clothes she had been wearing into a battered bag that she then slung over a shoulder. The old coat wouldn't fit in the bag but that was ok because it was still cold and she wanted to wear it anyway.

Back out on the crowded street her uncles and aunts were waiting for her and Mom. Uncle Simon said that there was a restaurant nearby that he heard had good food. Auntie Kaylee said she looked so cute in the new dress. Auntie River said something that sounded like it might have been an agreement...but Sky wasn't sure. So she positioned herself between Mommy and Uncle Mal and took both their hands to follow Uncle Simon to the cafe for lunch. It felt good to have her whole family nearby. A breeze, warm unlike the wind that was constantly blowing, ruffled the dress around her legs carrying a whisper to her ear and the same fresh air smell to her nose that always clung to the coat. Sky bounced a step. She let go of Uncle Mal's hand, instead she put that hand in the pocket of the coat where her new friend for the Stegosaurus rested.