Yes, I posted this on Tumblr too, but I enjoyed it enough to post it here as well. I'm pretty sure I ship these two after the last episode.

"This may never start.
We could fall apart.
And I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear.
Feelings insincere.
Can I be your memory?"

~Sugarcult - Memory

"Still not up for a deal?"

Crowley spun on his heel, facing Naomi, who was clearly agitated by the cockiness of the King of Hell. With a rebellious angel on the loose with a sacred tablet, and the Winchesters still in her hair, Naomi gave little attention to Crowley's speech.

"No, I have no intention of working with the likes of you."

Crowley pulled an overly dramatic and hurt face. "You rather have a deranged lunatic of an Angel to play with instead of me?" He moved closer to her, making Naomi flinch back. "Don't you remember the fun times we had? Do I really need to bring back the memories of you pouring Hershey's Chocolate Syrup all over my-"

"Enough." Naomi's voice cut into the demon's rambling, but the pink on her face gave it away; there would always be history between the two of them, and unfortunately, history could not be rewritten.

"Fine, fine. It's quite alright. One can't ever really rely on an Angel." Crowley took a step back, whistling to himself. "But I need to askā€¦"


"You were training Castiel to kill Dean Winchester. You were eager for Castiel to kill. And of course, if you were as half as cunning and persuasive as I am, it would have been done. But," Crowley paused. He gave her a wicked smile. "You didn't let him kill the whore. You let him keep her, even after they had reached their destination."

Naomi swallowed.

"It's alright, I enjoyed killing the whore myself." Crowley, who was clearly enjoying his train of thought, continued. "Now, I'm no liberal, but I think you know demons are a lot less than humans." He looked at her with devilish eyes. "You pitied the Angel and Meg."

Naomi threw her hands up in exasperation. "You're being ridiculous. Dean Winchester's death was the mission."

"Was it, Naomi?" She felt just a bit breathless when he said her name. "See, I think you knew Castiel adored Meg Masters. I happen to know they care for each other deeply." Suddenly, Naomi felt Crowley at her side. "Did they remind you of another angel and demon pair?"

Naomi's brain crashed. "I-"

"Did you look at them," Crowley whispered as he trailed a finger down her neck. "And think of us?" When Naomi made no movement to stop him, the demon took her chin. "Did you really think they could have what we couldn't?"

There was bitterness, even resentment in his voice, and Naomi felt the flashes of heat on her body where Crowley had touched her so long ago. She closed her eyes for a brief second, remembering the rapid movements, the toying, the teasing, and the quiet, miserable aftermath. Yes, she had thought of herself and Crowley when she saw Castiel's pleading eyes when he said Meg's name. However, she certainly wasn't going to admit that to her former lover. What they had was foolish and impulsive.

But when Naomi opened her eyes, Crowley was gone, and all that was left was the memory of what was, and the idea of what could have been.

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