I see you…Do you see me?

Sam has always had a secret crush on Freddie for as long as she can remember. Can she get him to notice her? Or will they end up staying the way they are…good friends; with Sam still secretly loving him?

In this story. OMG never happened. "Seddie Multi-chap."

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=Chapter One= **The mystery girl**

Sam was sitting in her room avoiding her mom. Her mom had come home in one of her moods; rambling on and on about something Sam could care less about. And instead of getting into an all-night fight. She figured laying low in her room would save her a lot of headaches. While Sam was lying on her bed looking over at the picture that was sitting on her dresser of them in Japan hugging each other after winning best in comedy at the web show competition. She had been thinking of him; that is until her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID. "Ughh…Carly." She said to herself; really not in the mood for talking to her today. Sam reluctantly answered it.

"Hey Carl's…what's up?" She asked trying to sound calm and cool.

"Did you forget that we were supposed to meet at the Groovy Smoothie tonight? Freddie and I are sitting here waiting for you." She said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"Sorry Carl's…my mom's in one of her moods; and I was just sitting here waiting for her to calm down from her ranting and raving. I'll sneak out of my window and be there in five." She said hanging up her phone, and quickly slipping her shoes on.

After slipping out of her bedroom window, she quickly made her way over to the Groovy Smoothie. When she got there; she pulled her hair back and straightened her penny tee; and went in. She saw them sitting at a table that was barely big enough for two. Carly was picking at some fries, and Freddie was slurping on a smoothie. Sam put on her game face and walked over to them.

"Wut Up Carl's…Fred Bag?" She asked; strutting up to the table and pulling a stool from another table; setting it next to Freddie.

Freddie just rolled his eyes, and then adjusted himself to make room for Sam.

"So…have you been thinking on what we want to do on the next web show?" Carly asked.

"Yeah…how about we tie Freddie to a chair and cover him with honey, and then let loose a bunch of bees? Sam said with a sly smile forming on her face; knowing it was going to irritate him.

"Sam!" Freddie yelled.

"What? Can't take a few bees Nub?" She asked.

"Sam…can't you be serious once in a while?" Carly asked.

"I can be serious…just don't want to…" She said while looking at Freddie.

Just then, Freddie pulled out his phone and read the text he just got. Freddie was holding the phone in such a way, that neither Sam nor Carly could see the screen and know who was texting him. Freddie tapped out a quick text to whoever it was; then placed the phone back into his pocket. "Who was that Fred Geek?" Sam asked while stealing one of Carly's fries.

Freddie seemed nervous and tried to change the subject.

"I have an idea…how about we do another Lewbert prank; the viewers love those bits?" He asked with a strange look on his face.

"You didn't answer the question Nub." Sam said now intrigued about who it was. Even carly looked curious at his lack of wanting to say anything.

"It was just a friend…that's all…happy?" He asked a little annoyed.

"Whatever. Let's get back to discussing the show." Sam said as she turned away from Freddie and went back to discussing possibilities with Carly.

After they were finished brainstorming for the show; they headed back to the Bushwell Plaza. After getting to the eighth floor, and exiting the elevator; Freddie hurried up ahead of Sam and Carly; reaching his apartment before Sam and Carly were anywhere near. Freddie's phone rang just before Sam and Carly got to Carly's apartment. Sam was walking a little farther ahead of Carly; and heard Freddie talking to someone; someone that he sounded happy to hear from.

"Hi. Yeah…I can talk. Where? Tomorrow? I'll be there…bye." He said quickly hanging up his phone.

Just then, Sam and Carly rounded the corner to Carly's apartment. Freddie was about to walk into his apartment, when Sam walked up behind him. Freddie turned around and saw Sam standing there along with Carly. Freddie looked surprised to see them, and had a nervous grin on his face.

"Oh! Hey guys." Freddie said as he quickly closed his door.

"What's the matter Nub? Needed to have your mom wash your face up after drinking your smoothie?" Sam asked jokingly.

"Don't you have a parole officer meeting your late for?" Freddie snapped back.

Carly stood there rolling her eyes, and not in the mood to stand there watching the two of them get into a long drawn out fight.

"You two can have your little love spat if you want…but I'm going in." Carly said turning around and opening her do to go in.

"What? Are kidding? I'd rather eat nails!" Freddie said taken back by her comment.

Sam stood there with a scowl on her face, just looking at Freddie with a death glare. But the whole time; deep inside of her, she wanted what Carly said to be true. She wanted more than anything for Freddie Benson to love her. The scowl on her face was just a cover for how she really felt inside.

"Am I that obvious? Does Carly really think I love him?" Sam thought to herself.

After standing there for a few seconds; Sam turned around and went into Carly's apartment; followed by Freddie. Sam went over to the couch and plopped herself down; stretching her legs out and resting her feet on the coffee table. Freddie followed her over to the couch and sat down next to her; as if there hadn't been an argument a few seconds ago. Carly never really understood them. She just chalked it up to Sam and Freddie being their normal selves.

Freddie looked at his watch; and decided he needed to go.

"Carly, I'm actually going to go home. I have homework I need to finish, and editing for iCarly to do." He said getting up.

Catch you later Sam." He said looking back at her before walking over to the door.

"See you later Nub" Sam replied not looking up; but excited he acknowledged her.

After Freddie left the apartment; Sam sat there in silence, pondering who it was that Freddie was talking to just as she was rounding the corner.

"Was it someone I know? If so…why was he being so secretive?" Carly interrupted Sam's thoughts.

"Hey Sam…what's up, you've been staring at nothing for about a minute?" She asked.

"Huh? Oh…nothing, just thinking that's all." She said; looking as if she had been caught doing something.

"Is there something you're not telling me; cause you kinda have the look. Carly asked.

Sam wasn't about to talk to Carly about it; at least not now. She didn't know for sure about Freddie, and if she said anything to Carly, then Freddie would find out for sure. It wasn't something she was willing to deal with at that moment.

"What do you mean the look; I don't have a look?" She asked more nervous than she already was.

"You know what I mean; the look. You always seem to get it when you're thinking about a guy. So who is it?" Carly asked starting to smile at Sam's annoyance.

"Look Shay! There's no guy, just thinking, that's all; like I told you"

"Okay…but remember…no secrets." She said with a small amount of seriousness to her voice.

Sam tried hard for the rest of the night to keep herself from thinking about Freddie; because it seemed that her friend was catching on. And the last thing she needed was Carly meddling into her private loveless life.

After spending a good part of the night at Carly's; Sam decided to go back home, and clear her head of all the events of the day. Normally she would just stay the night at her house. But with Carly pushing for answers from her, she decided to just go home. She figured she could use a little alone time anyway; especially after overhearing Freddie on the phone earlier that night.

The next day at school; Sam met Carly at her locker. Carly was pulling something out of her locker; while Sam opened hers.

"What's up Sam?" She asked not really looking at her. Instead she just kept her attention to what she was doing in her locker.

"Had a long night with my mom." She said yawning as she was saying the words.

"What's up with your mom?" Carly asked curious; but concerned at the same time.

"Remember when I told you that my mom came home ranting and raving? Well apparently, she wasn't finished; and we got into a long drawn out fight." She said as if it was no big deal.

"Anyway; everything's cool. She slammed the door as she went into her room; and so did I. So I managed to forget about it all and get some sleep." She said closing her locker. That's when Freddie walked up to them.

"Hello Chicas." He said walking up from behind them. Sam's heart started pounding; every time she heard his voice, it drove her crazy. She took a moment to compose herself; then turned to face him.

"What's up Fred weird?" She asked holding one of her books in front of her.

"Just thought I would let you know that I finished editing the iCarly web site. That's all." He said while standing there with his book bag slung over his shoulder. Just then the bell rang and Sam, Freddie and Carly made their way to class; starting their day. During lunch period Carly and Sam were sitting eating their lunch; well…Carly was eating her lunch; Sam was picking at Carly's. While Carly was complaining about Sam eating her lunch; Freddie and a girl neither of them knew, walked in together. Sam's insides turned into a knot. She had always figured she would eventually be the one he would take notice of.

Freddie and Jennifer walked over to one of the empty tables, and had a seat. Freddie looked happy; but a little nervous about finally showing up with his new girlfriend.

"So what do you think of Ridgeway?" Freddie asked trying hard not to look over at Carly and Sam.

"Not too bad...so far. All the kids seem to be fairly nice around here." She said scooting over a little closer to him.

"You want to go do something after school; per se…the Groovy Smoothie?" He asked hoping she would say yes.

"Actually, I can't. I have to go to my dance practice today. But maybe another day…okay?" She asked with a small smile on her face.

Freddie's smile faded, and he felt rejected. Whenever he did things with Sam and Carly; he never heard that they couldn't go do things; they always seemed to have the time or; at least tried to make the time. Not that he was upset about it; but he liked her, and wanted to go and do things with her. Freddie took a quick glance over to where Sam and Carly were sitting; only to find that they were walking over to them.

"Great! This isn't going to go well…especially with Sam." He thought to himself. He didn't know why. But he just knew that Sam wasn't going to care for her; and was expecting some fireworks.

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