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Naruto - Seme

Sasuke - Uke (It's in his name so we shouldn't really be surprised. ***guffawing***)



One should always expect the worst during start of classes. Noisy students bustling in and out of the hallways, mountains of stuff owned by kids who were moving to their dorms, scared looking parents invading the school territories as if they had the right to be there.


Sasuke Uchiha swung his bulky backpack on his shoulder, walking stiffly. He held a tiny stub on his hand. Room 105. That was where his room was.

Deftly, he avoided even the slightest chance of any human touch as he maneuvered the hallways jam-packed with excited college freshmen. A lot of boxes were being hauled in to their rooms as the kids prattled on about how fascinating it was to be in their own dorm rooms and start college.

Freedom. No parents.

Hey, a kid couldn't get any happier than that.

Sasuke continued walking, not minding the noise. He needed to see his room, get the specifics so he could order his stuff delivered to him. Stuff that would fit.

Of course, he could not forget that he had to share the room with somebody. Yeah, that was rich, considering that he was the most introverted guy in the whole world a fish might be even more talkative than him.

Room 105.

Sasuke tucked his long bangs behind his ear so he could look up at the number plastered on the wall. His room. For the next four years of college. Until he finally drove his parents crazy that they would disown him and stop paying for his schooling. Now, that wasn't a very bad idea, considering that all he really wanted was to be out in the street anyway, playing his music until he lost track of time.


He didn't even have his guitar now.

He wished he could have gone home first, instead of going directly to his dorm room in Konoha U, but he just didn't want to see his parents. Once Sasuke was able to tell how much of his things fit his side of the dorm room, he would have one of their man servants deliver his stuff. Man servants, eeew. Who would even say such outdated language at this time?

Definitely what my father calls the help.

He reached for the door knob, twisted it slowly, until a massive force yanked it forward, taking him with it.


"Ow, man. Sorry!" a low voice said hoarsely.

Sasuke fell against a hard broad chest. He grunted, startled at the impact. A large hand splayed on his back, steadying him. "Are you okay?" asked the voice again. "I'm sorry I didn't know you were outside."

Sasuke's black hair, almost shoulder length, covered most of his face so he didn't see who the other guy was at first. He felt the hand on his back. On instinct, he recoiled in trepidation and stepped away from the embrace of the other young man. He was still looking at the floor, clutching his backpack.

"Hey, you okay, man?"

Finally Sasuke looked up.

To a face of a blue eyed angel, whose mouth was so full, his lips looked sinfully enticing. His cheeks were ruddy, full of warmth and color, his nose a perfect regal shape. And he had the type of body that athletes took a long time to build, ripped muscle, broad chest, tight abs.

The sexy asshole was parading himself in an almost see through white Hanes shirt that Sasuke could make out the lovely pecs from under the fabric.

Sasuke had to clutch his bag painfully.

Of all the possible candidates to be his roommate he had to be stuck with a jock type, homophobic kind of guy who would probably hate his guts and feed them to the dogs once he found out what Sasuke really was.

Fucking shit!

Sasuke was not a person who usually started hating things or people onset because of appearances. He was the aloof kind of guy anyway. Most of the time he didn't care about his surroundings.

But this new guy, probably his new roommate, he suddenly hated with a passion. With a capital P.

"I'm fine," Sasuke growled, nose flaring.

The other boy ran a hand through his hair, smiling, oblivious to the deathly aura oozing from the new comer. He held the door open wider, to give them more space. Outside the screeching noises of excited kids were becoming unbearable.

The yellow haired guy chuckled. "Brats, hehehe. Hey, man, I'm Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki. I was on my way out to buy some food. I just moved my stuff in here so things are a little messy. Hey which bed do you prefer? The left one or the right one? I haven't really chosen since I was hoping you'd come first and we could decide-"

There was a loud banging from the outside, then crashing sounds as boxes probably fell to the floor, breaking things.

"Mind if I close the door? We can't talk with all the noise outside," Naruto told Sasuke, gesturing to the hallway.

All at once claustrophobic fear assailed Sasuke. This would be the first time that he would be alone in one room with a person, and a man at that.

He probably looked like a spooked kid, and Sasuke knew if he didn't get a grip on his growing anxiety this guy Naruto would probably think he was a nut case. So he did his best to straighten his posture, his knuckles white from gripping his backpack. His long bangs covered most of his face as his eyes were glued to the floor. He cleared his dry throat. "I don't mind which bed is mine," he said, surprisingly clearly, his voice sounding calm.

Naruto shrugged, still seemingly unaffected by his new roommate's expression. "Oh. If that's the case I'll take the one beside the window, if you don't mind. I like star watching sometimes." Then he grinned that heart stopping grin of his, full with teeth, his eyes crinkling in delight.

Sasuke, regardless of what he constantly vowed to himself and to the dead memory of his past, he couldn't help but be mesmerized by that smile. His new roommate was like a breath of fresh air. All cheerful and childlike. Lovable. Adorable.


Sasuke looked away in annoyance.

Naruto, for the first time, given the silence he got from the newcomer, was able to really study him. Where Naruto's blond hair was gelled up in lofty spikes, this other guy preferred his long, almost girly looking hair, falling down, surrounding most of his face.

Naruto took a closer look at his face. He really was a pale one, compared to Naruto's tan, from working under the sun too long. Now this new guy, not only did his color look unhealthy, Naruto thought he was too slender to be a sporty type. Naruto found his eyes wandering from his head to his toes. Yeah, skinny. His wrists were too thin, almost delicate looking. The black haired boy was wearing a button up shirt which might have looked good on him if only he would stand up straighter and not cower by the wall as if he was facing Judgment day.

Which brought Naruto to a startle.

"Uhhh… Are you sure you're okay, man?"

Sasuke glanced briefly at him, his other hand going to the pocket of his jeans. "Y-yeah. Sorry. I'm just not used to sharing a room with anybody."

"Oh. Well, don't you worry about me, 'kay? Coz I lived with a bunch of guys from the orphanage so I know how to deal with cramped space. And this room we have here, it's not even cramped at all. It's actually pretty neat. We're only two guys sharing a bathroom! How cool is that?!"

Naruto looked bouncing on his feet, as he eyed their plain, freshly painted room. The two beds were several feet away from each other, separated by a medium sized night stand, large enough for both of their use.

Something from what he said caught Sasuke's interest. "Orphanage?"

Naruto's head bobbed up and down. "Yeah, got no folks. I was raised in the orphanage since I was a bare assed baby. Then my old man, Jiraiya, he adopted me when I was about ten. I call him my old man, 'coz he's like a dad to me. You know how many kids would fit this room and on those two beds? Maybe six to eight. Sleeping was always a ruckus to see who gets to be evicted off the bed." His eyes held a faraway look for a second as he relived the memory. He chuckled easily.

Sasuke didn't know what to say. How could this Naruto air out his past like that to a stranger without fearing what the other would think about him? Sure, being an orphan was something that one could not help being, but it was still sensitive of a topic to just casually share to anyone.

"And you? You haven't told me your name."

Sasuke shifted from one foot to another. "Uchiha."

Naruto raised one eyebrow, suddenly deep in thought. He was sure he heard that name somewhere. Aha. "Hey, is Uchiha your last name?"

"Yeah." Duh?

"Are you related to that business tycoon Uchiha from the Fire City?"

Sasuke cringed at the question although he did his best not to show too much emotion on his face. The last thing he wanted to think about was his connection to that family name. "Yeah."

"Oh" was the only thing that came out of Naruto's mouth. He looked at the other boy one more time, finally realizing why his roommate looked like he had never worked a day in his life: all slender, pale but very smooth skin, an elegance around him that seemed like second skin, no matter how he cowered by the wall.

Naruto wished he could really see all of his face. He could only make out his jawline, so narrow that it looked almost feminine. He was only able to see glimpses of Uchiha's eyes, and they were as black as pitch, the color making them stand out on his pale complexion.

Naruto's eyes wandered down to Sasuke's mouth. He had never been attracted at all to other guys' lips in the past, and he was as sure as he was standing there that he was NOT beginning to, but everything about Sasuke was delicate looking. Even his freaking mouth. Sometime Naruto wondered how it was to be too beautiful for a guy. He had a feeling girls fell all over Sasuke because of his movie star looks. Because he was that. A pretty face.

Naruto suddenly sighed. He hoped Sasuke wouldn't bring girls all that much to their room for quickies since Naruto had part time work and he had no other place to go to rest. It would be a bother to keep on cock blocking his new roommate just so Naruto could get some sleep at night.

Sasuke finally came out of his shell by the wall and moved to the bed, inspecting the mattress. Low class. The material was already bunched up inside. Some of the springs were loose. This had to go.

Naruto watched him, fascinated with how graceful he moved when he was not being shy. And even as Sasuke moved around the room, he found the expression on his face changing. Sasuke looked all hard now, as if a military officer inspecting a room of wayward novices, expecting to find the worst.

Naruto unconsciously ran his tongue on his lower lip.

When Sasuke looked all business like that, he appeared to be… Yeah. Sexy.

Naruto coughed into his hand. Whoa. That was rich. He felt like laughing.

Sasuke's gaze turned to him, quizzically.

Naruto waved a hand. "I'm getting something from the convenience store. Some take out. What would you want to have?"

Eeeew. Cheap take out. Sasuke wanted to curl his lip in disgust.

"No thanks. I'll be leaving anyway. I just wanted to know how big my room - uh, I mean - this room is. So I can calculate how much of my stuff can be delivered to me."

Naruto frowned in thought. "Where do you live anyway? I'm from the country side and this is my first day here."

"From Fire City," Sasuke answered, not bothering to explain further.

"You have a ride? Are you driving three hours back home then if you're not staying here?"

Sasuke shook his head. "I'll be staying in a hotel in the meantime."

Naruto whistled under his breath. "Wow. Hotel eh?''

Sasuke knew he sounded like a rich pampered school girl, but he couldn't help it. If he had his own money, he would like to stay in a hotel all his college life and forget about rooming in with anyone. But the sad thing was, even though, yeah, his family was among the wealthiest in the city, Sasuke's allowance was only enough to get him by on a daily basis, with a little extra for extracurricular activities i.e. parties. It was definitely bigger than a regular college student's paltry stipend, but it was not adequate to let him live in a hotel all his school life.

Sasuke nodded stiffly to Naruto then moved towards the door. "My stuff will be here tomorrow." He sounded upset by that, as if it was the last thing he wanted.

Naruto sighed. "Okay. See you, then."

"Hai." And Sasuke hurried out of the door, not once looking back.

Naruto walked back to his narrow bed and sat down, his elbows on his knees. And he thought he was going to have a good time in college, be best friends with his new roommate. But the one he got was as skittish as a coal.

And pretty as hell.

What the fuck?

Naruto laughed darkly, suddenly feeling the tight confinement of his pants. He looked down at his groin, where his wood was all hard and restless.

Well, hell, how did that happen?

Naruto fell back on the bed with a loud thump, his shoulder shaking in laughter. Yeah, this would be one heck of a ride.


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