Jigoku = hell

Chapter 25 Reclaim

Naruto hugged his pillow tight that night, and for the first time since Sasuke left he felt something else rather than deep sadness because he was away from his partner: he was seriously pissed.

Pissed at Itachi for hitting on him as if he was some bitch Itachi picked up from the street.

What was with that random kissing in the dark anyway? For all that Naruto knew about Itachi, it was that Itachi had always been in love with his otouto, who was Naruto's own boyfriend.

And now Itachi was making passes at him. He even kissed Naruto fully on the mouth! Grrrrr! What right did that bastard have to do that? All of his body belonged to Sasuke and no one else.

But suppose…

Itachi did look so much like Sasuke anyway…

Waaaaahhhh! What the hell am I thinking?!

Naruto buried his face on the pillow, not sure if he would get a wink of sleep.

Sometime during the night he did fall asleep and from somewhere he could hear a breathless voice whispering on his ear.

Open up for me…

Naruto bit his lower lip, twitching. There was a sudden throbbing on his loins screaming to be appeased. Naruto groaned in his sleep, rubbing the front of his groin on the sheets. It felt very good, rubbing it like that. He wanted more. He moaned against the pillow.

The voice in his head seemed to chuckle. Yeah, that's it. Open up a little wider.

Naruto moaned louder this time, his hand snaking under his pajamas to fondle his erection.

Naruto was still half asleep, and as he touched his stiff member, the first time he ever could after Sasuke left, an image appeared in his head. It was a seductively handsome face with clean shaven jaw, regal nose and eyes so black they looked like endless pits to the gates of Jigoku.

Naruto gripped his cock more tightly, pumping up and down with more force. The image in his head started to appear more clearly and he smiled in his sleep when he conjured the image of Sasuke. But then the face twisted and somehow elongated to look like an older version. A more mature version.

And Sasuke never had that wild look in his eyes like this. Then the face suddenly grew a body, complete with long muscled arms, and in his dream Naruto envisioned himself naked, getting pinned down, face buried on the sheets, butt high up in the air, his own hands tied down behind his back, while the black haired devil tormeneted his ass with slick thick fingers.

Yeah, Naruto… Open up your little asshole for me. I'm going to fuck you all night.

The handsome face in his dreams smirked in pure haughtiness.


Suddenly Naruto sat up, hand still wrapped on his cock and all. The fuckkk?

He looked around the room. Bright morning light was seeping inside from the windows. Naruto removed his hand from his throbbing hardness and groaned.

He felt nauseous. He just had a very vivid dream of Itachi actually topping him during sex!


Naruto shuddered in horror. This shit seriously could not be happening!


JIraiya fixed his yukata as he glanced at his sleepy looking son coming to the Living room. "Oi, I'll be a little late tonight, Naruto. I'm beating the deadline, y'see. I already cooked something that should last you until dinner so just heat it up, 'kay?"

Naruto yawned loudly into his hand, scratching his stomach from under his shirt. "Yeah."

"Are you sure you'll be fine here alone? Have you heard from Sasuke yet?"

Naruto shook his head, obviously dejected.

Jiraiya sighed heavily. "Well, I hope everything is okay with him and his family. You just can't interfere with stuff like that, you know?"

"Yeah, Dad, I know," the son grumbled.

"Alright. I'm off."

"Be safe, Dad."

"Ja ne!"

Naruto ate the breakfast that his father left for him in a mechanical way. He really did not have any appetite this day. Whether it was because of Sasuke being gone, or that horribly disgusting nightmare he just had, or probably both, Naruto was not sure. Ughh. He still had a month before he returned to school. And without Sasuke around life was really boring.

Before Naruto knew it, he was snoring in the middle of the room, spread eagle on the tatami floor, snoring thunderously.

He didn't know how long he was asleep, or if the front door was locked, because someone – a person - was definitely moving on top of him, nudging him to wakefulness.

The slick hot wet feel on top of his lips meant that it was an open mouth kissing him torridly. Naruto groaned into the kiss, instantly imagining his boyfriend. "Sasuke…" he gasped.

A rich low voice sounded above him. "Well, since we look so much like each other, I'll forgive you for thinking about him while I'm kissing you."

Naruto's eyes snapped wide open.

His arms automatically flew upwards to cover himself. He was looking straight up at Itachi's contacts covered eyes.

"Hello, Naruto. I came here to talk to you about our retrieval operation. But you were sleeping so cutely on the floor I just couldn't help myself."

"Damn it!" Naruto scrambled away from the black haired devil, once again wiping at his mouth with his hand. "How many times do I have to tell you, man? I don't do other guys, okay? You don't affect me at all. I only want Sasuke."

Itachi chuckled, an arrogant look on his face. "Oh, meaning Sasuke's been the only one you've tried so far?"

"You talk of him as if he's a piece of – of food."

"Naaah. We're all guys, anyway. It's in our nature to be physical. So. I'm a bit curious. If you've never done any other guy before, and you say you never get affected, do you wanna be trained?"

Naruto recoiled in horror. The word trained had an ugly ring to it. "What?"

"I can train you. I can tell you're a seme with how you react to my advances. But, I mean, being on top all the time is kinda boring. You don't know what you're missing when a good fuck scrapes your prostate raw you almost pass out from how good it feels." Itachi grinned at the terrified boy huddled in the corner. "Flip flopping feels amazing, you know?"

"F-flip flopping?"

Itachi sat on the floor, too, leaning his arms on his knees. He looked like a sexy statue there, all hard bones, and sleek lines. "Yeah. Switch. Flip flop. Versatile. Top and bottom. I'm both by the way, although I top most of the time. I only allow guys who beat me in a fight to ever top me, so as you can imagine, it's not often. But you – as a consolation – and since you're very cute, I'll let you be the Dom once in a while. So, wanna fuck?"

"Good Kami-sama!" Naruto muttered under his breath. This guy was just too crazy for words. "Okay, look, the only reason I ever agreed in meeting you is because you told me we will get Sasuke back. I am prepared to do anything, even speaking to your father. So please, let's just stick to that, okay?"

"But you remember our deal last night, right?" Itachi's eyes were twinkling with pure evil. He was clearly enjoying the conversation.

Naruto look appalled. "I didn't agree to anything! You kissed me, almost choking me before I could say anything to your stupid games!"

"So have you thought about it? I mean, I can give you and Sasuke a very good time, you know, being amateurs that you are. I'm sure you only know the basic positions."

At that Naruto's eyes filled with grim determination. He was clenching his fists. "Don't ever think you'll be touching Sasuke again, bastard. He's mine. I will never let you lay a finger on him!"

Itachi merely raised a brow, unperturbed by the child's passionate statements. "Aaaah, you're the jealous type eh?"

"I'm the normal type! You're just – sick!"

Itachi chuckled softly. "Alright, since you won't agree to the deal, if I am the one who convinces Sasuke to allow me to sleep with him, you shouldn't get mad, right? I mean, you're throwing away your chance. So don't hog Sasuke all to yourself. Frankly though, it would be even better if we three could all sleep together at the same time."

Naruto had had enough. He hated this arrogant jerk so much. Without thinking that Itachi was the only one who could help him in getting his lover back, Naruto threw all caution to the wind and hurled himself to the taller ANBU officer, hoping his fist would land on that pretty face.

Naruto threw a punch towards Itachi, that if it had the chance to land, would have broken Itachi's nose completely.

Itachi had to roll his eyes at the stupid move.

Swiftly, he raised a palm to catch Naruto's fist in mid-air, using the leverage so he himself could stand. In one quick move, which Naruto didn't see coming, Itachi used one of his legs to knock the shorter man down. Naruto found himself flat on his back two seconds tops, Itachi's hand still curled around his fist. His other arm was pinned down to the floor by Itachi's knee, and the Uchiha was kneeling above him, almost sitting on top of his stomach.

No matter how hard Naruto tried to move, he couldn't. Itachi's strength was unbelievable.

"Let me go! I won't allow you to make fun of my relationship with Sasuke! If this is a test to know if I'm serious about him, then you should know by now that I truly am! If I can marry him in all the church in the world I would! I love him can't you understand that?"

Itachi's coal black eyes bore down on him, intense and sharp. After a two short breaths, Itachi's wicked expression changed to something… softer. He smiled kindly at the poor boy underneath him. "And that's exactly why I want to be in, kid."

Naruto frowned up at him. "Huh?"

Itachi used his other free hand to reach down and touch Naruto's cheek. Ever so gently. Naruto tried again to struggle away. "Ssssshhh. Don't fight me. I only want to say that – you with my brother… Him with you. There is no other thing more beautiful in this world that I've ever seen. It shows in everything you do how deeply you value each other. Sasuke had never looked at me like that. Like he could sacrifice everything for me. And now, while he's back in our mansion, that's exactly what he's doing. He's sacrificing himself just to make sure our clan doesn't get back at you. The love you have for each other is perfect. That's why – That's why – Can't I have a bit of that with you both?"

Naruto felt all the fight in him leaving him when he heard Itachi's confession. Sure it was twisted, but the guy was just lonely. Yeah, figures.

Naruto stopped struggling and sighed. "Look, we can all start by being friends. I'm not promising anything since Sasuke and I are not into open relationships. We're both possessive of each other. But it doesn't hurt to have one more friend. So can you – uhhh – let go now?"

Itachi slid off him, but did not move away. Naruto massaged the aching wrist which had been pinned down by Itachi's knee. The guy was seriously mean, didn't even give Naruto much of a leeway to be able to fight.

"So, are we good now? Can we get closer?" Itachi asked, his face too close for comfort.

Naruto groaned, shoving him away. "Look, I said friends, okay?"

"There's all sorts of friends, Naruto! Sex friends, too!" Itachi replied, wagging his eye brows suggestively.

Naruto prayed for a little more patience.


"Bite down as hard as you can, okay? I'm making the shallowest cut that I can," Itachi instructed, as he started to make the cut on Naruto's skin.

Naruto closed his eyes and bit down on the gag on his mouth as hard as he could. He didn't know this – err – mission that they had included Itachi operating on him but what the heck. He said he was prepared to do anything.

Itachi promised it to be quick. He just had to insert a very small chip inside Naruto's arm. It was a chip uniformly used by ANBU and those people protected by ANBU. Sort of acted like a dog tag that this person was under ANBU protection and should not be messed with.

Naruto had been more than game with the minor surgery until this idiot Itachi mentioned that he did not bring anesthesia with him, frowning at the word as if he had never heard of it before.

Turned out that big mighty ANBU officers were so immune to pain that they never bothered with such a superficial thing as pain killers or anesthesia to numb the ache.

Naruto shuddered. These guys were just serious monsters.

Thankfully, Itachi was really skilled with a scalpel. It only took a minute for him to make a small cut on the skin and insert the chip inside. It was over and done before Naruto could cry out in pain. In another minute the small wound was being sanitized and bandaged.

"I made the cut so that it wouldn't draw out so much blood. But I still have some meds here to speed up the clotting and skin regeneration," Itachi advised the younger man as he carefully tucked away his tools.

Naruto was shocked. "Whoa. You have meds like that? Can people buy them in the market?"

Itachi winked at him again, placing a finger on his mouth. "Ssshhhhh… One of the many classified information you're not supposed to leak out. These are special meds that only ANBU use. You know we go around doing deadly missions all the time, so we need this. Don't let any of this get out, Naruto. You're too pretty for me to kill. Okay?"

And for the nth time that day, Naruto shivered in fear.


"Next stop. We need to buy you a suit."

Naruto looked up at Itachi who was rummaging through his drawers. "A – suit?"

"Yup. You're going to an engagement party anyway," Itachi said.

"Engagement party?" Naruto stupidly echoed.

"Uh huh. Look, this is the family obligation that Sasuke is supposed to go through. He's supposed to marry our bratty cousin Asuka in a month. And five days from now, they're having the engagement party in our mansion. So we have those five days to get you ready, your attire and your attitude. You can't face my dad with how – uhhh – how do I say this, innocent looking you appear to be most of the time. And it's not only my Dad. You have to tangle with Asuka's dad, too. He's the one behind all this."

Naruto almost fell to the floor upon hearing what it really was that Sasuke was being made to do back in Fire counry!

Marrying a girl?

It was crazy!

"Y-you say he's supposed to marry some girl? But why?"

"Like I said, it was supposed to be me on that position. I thought it really wouldn't have mattered since I'm already dead. I didn't think they would force Sasuke to take my place like this. But you see, Asuka's dad is not an Uchiha. He just got married into the family so naturally he can't take over things."

Itachi sat down on the futon, trying to get as relaxed as possible while Naruto was standing so agitated by the door.

"So he had always wanted to use me and Asuka so he could strengthen his hold on the clan. Kinda like power struggles. Family politics and shit."

"So is it the end, then? How can I break up a family tradition like that?"

Itachi lay back on the futon, a serene expression on his face. "Since Ren Oji-sama is black mailing my dad, then we have to fight fair and square. We're gonna blackmail him, too."

"In the engagement party?"

"You catch on quick, kid."

"S-so I'm going into the engagement party to – what – talk to your dad and Uncle Ren and blackmail them? How will that get Sasuke back?"

"Oh, trust me, it will. You know, while I'm thinking about it, I've really pulled in big big favors for this mission. Data gathering is one of the riskiest parts of operations you know? And you are telling me I can only be your friend. Tsk tsk tsk. Don't you think that's a little selfish?"

"Itachi, come on," Naruto whined. "Not now. Sasuke's getting married! I don't know what I – "

Itachi sat up. "So now you realize huh? Without me, there is no chance of you getting Sasuke back. I'm not even sure if dad will allow him to get back to school. This is a big thing. In case you didn't know, we Uchihas have our very own college. And once Sasuke gets married, Asuka's dad will never let him out of his sight."

Naruto finally sank down on the floor. He never thought Sasuke's sacrifice would be as colossal as this.

"All because the Uchihas will get back at me if Sasuke refuses to agree?" Naruto asked, although he already knew the answer.

That was why Sasuke had told him to trust him before he left.


"Oh, you don't know what they can do if they set their sights in destroying you Naruto. My family has always been manipulative like that. You might as well flee to another country. I'm pretty sure you won't even get a decent table bussing job here once they black list you in this country."

Naruto felt helplessly pathetic. It turned out that it was Sasuke who had been protecting him all along.

"So… if I fight them… what makes you think that they won't destroy me afterwards?" Naruto asked weakly.

Itachi stood from the futon, walking towards him and kneeling beside him. When Itachi caressed Naruto's face again the younger man didn't even think of struggling. He felt so powerless to do so.

When he turned his worried gaze to Itachi, he found the older man smiling, nary a care in the world. "Don't underestimate the power of the ANBU, kid. Especially mine."

"Thanks, man. I really owe you big time," Naruto whispered.

Itachi leaned closer, his lips ghosting on Naruto's face. Naruto knew what the guy wanted, and in the hopeless state that he was he just couldn't fight back.

Itachi finally kissed Naruto's cheek gently. "Hey, I'm doing a lot for you, you know. I'm helping you fight the strongest most influential clan in the country. Won't you really think about it, huh, Naruto?"

Naruto turned his face away, closing his eyes. "Think about what?"

"That threesome?"

Naruto almost choked. EEEEEEEEKKKKKK…


"Maybe just a one time thing. Convince Sasuke, too. Just once. I think that'll be enough when I get to have you both. You know that Sasuke and I have never done it, of course."

"Itachi, that's uhhh – "

"Just a one time thing, kid. After we clear all this problem I'll make sure they never come after you and Sasuke ever again. What's one hot night compared to that?"

Itachi tipped Naruto's chin up, staring intensely at him. Naruto gulped nervously. He had never been this tense around any other guy in his life. Itachi was simply a devil.

"Just one night," Itachi said.

Naruto knew it was the stupidest request any one could have ever asked of him. And if it had been any other guy then Naruto would have surely pummeled him to the ground. But Sasuke's older brother was simply frightening beyond words.

Naruto nodded slightly.

"Is that a yes? Nod harder, kid."

Closing his eyes, Naruto did. "I'll – talk to – Sasuke. Once he's – Once we get him back. You promise we will, huh?"

"Open your eyes now," Itachi softly ordered. Naruto obeyed grudgingly, staring hopelessly into those eyes again. "How are we going to have a threesome if Sasuke's not here? Of course we'll get him back."

"Okay," Naruto croaked.

"Good boy." Itachi dipped his head down and sealed their deal with a kiss.



I don't know why I keep on dragging the story. But I just love the helplessness of Naruto in Itachi's presence. I don't know. Hahahaha.

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