A/N This is a story I thought of while drawing a pic of a fairy with black wings. Then later that same week I drew a pic of a fairy with white wings and BANG! Story idea. Yeah I have another story called Behind Hidden Glass so check that out too. This story mat seen racist but I had no intention of that, but I did put it in to show discrimination between groups. So this chapter is going to give you the history of why this came to be. And introduce you too most of the characters. The main girl's name is Kesara. So here is chapter one.

Kesara POV.

Chapter one

As fairies you may think of cute little people with wings that fly around and joke around. Who spend most of their days messing around with humans? Well your wrong. Yes we are little and yes we have power over the elements. But do we ever mess around and play games? No. Everything we do is for our people. To survive and make the world a better place but the White Wings mess everything up.

The White Wings? You may ask. I'm guessing you think they are the good fairies. The ones who bring joy to the world, the ones you see in what you call movies. Well your wrong. They off center the balance of nature. They cause earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes; you name it they make it. And Us, The Black Wings, are the good fairies. We bring flowers in spring, rainbows after rain, the beautiful things in nature. The Black Wings and the White Wings are at war with each other.

Once many, many years ago we where at peace with The White Wings. No war. No hatred. We were all at peace then one of the White Wings got selfish and tried to kill the Black Wing ruler. He wanted power. His name is Talcomas. He is now the leader of the White Wings. He harbors the power of the moon. And our Ruler Aticaoa is growing old and losing her power of the stars. With out a Ruler we will lose the war and fall in to an age of Utana; which was foretold thousands of years ago.

I am Kesara. I hold the power of water. My Father and Grandfather are fighting in the war. My best Friend's, "boyfriend" as you call it but here we call them Matches or mat for short, is about to reach the age of fighting. He will be sent out to fighting for five years with a high chance of death. My Mat, Luka, is about six months away from his age of fighting. My mother died protecting me from Talcomas when I was a baby. Oh yeah, one more thing. My father and I are the last surviving airs of Dancia, The god of our land. I am the only female air left. Which makes me the Swifter.