"There he is! Get him! Get the demon!" called a random villager from a crowd of angry people. A little blonde boy turned around at the voice and started running. Running for his life. "Hurry up! Get him!" Another villager called, making the boy run faster. "We'll kill you demon!" cries kept being thrown from the mob of villagers, directed at the scared young blonde. He ran into an alley and hid behind a trash can, waching as the crowd ran passed the alley looking for him. He breathed a sigh of relief when no one saw him.

"Why do they hate me so much? Why do they say demon?" The boy thought, walking down to the end of the alley. He crouched down in a dark corner and curled up into a ball, beginning to sob uncontrolably. His cries were interupted however when he heard a laugh to his left. Two village men were walking towards him, cracking their knuckles and grinning evily.

"Well look what the cat dragged in Buicho, a demon, ripe for the picking!" Said the man on the right, reaching down and picking the boy up by his collar. "Heheh I get first hit Bayuki!" said Buicho, raising his fist for a punch. He brought it down, quickly and painfully hitting the boy's gut. The young blonde grit his teeth and bit his cheek to keep himself from screaming. He knew if he screamed, then more would come. It wasn't the first time something like that happened.

Bayuki dropped the boy, but before he could hit the ground, delivered a kick to his side that sent him into a nearby wall. The boy went down on all fours, coughing painfully. A few coughs was all he got before the men were on him again, delivering kicks to his stomache and face. "Alright Buicho, we better get out of here before one of the ANBU show up." Bayuki said, delivering one final kick to knock the boy out. "Fine. Damn that was fun! I can't remember the last time I did that!" Bayuki said, stretching his arms across his chest and behind his head.

The two men walked away, leaving the boy to fall in unconciousness. "Why..." thought the boy, fresh tears rolling out of his eyes and hitting the ground where his cheek lay. The suddenly became dark around him as he slipped away into his inghtmares about what would happen to him while he was unconcious.


Meanwhile in the Hokage Tower, The third Hokage Sarutobi sat at his desk filing through papers. A puff of smoke protruded from his left, and from it emerged a worried looking ANBU. "What is it?" Sarutobi asked, pushing aside his papers so they were no longer in front of him. "Hokage-sama, I bear troubling news. We just recieved a letter from Whirlpool Country saying they know of Naruto's exsitance, and are sending a platoon of five-hundred samurai and their best ninja to retrieve him." Said the ANBU.

"What!? How did they find out!? When will they be here!?" Sarutobi yelled, slaming his hand on his desk and standing. "We don't know how they found out Hokage-sama, but they will arrive in a little over an hour." The ANBU said, taking half a step back. "Damnit... get every member of the council! We need to decide what to do about this." Sarutobi said. Not waiting for a reply, he left the office in a hurry, heading towards the meeting room.


A man about six foot seven walked on the path towards Kanoha, a bregade of samurai following behind him in an orderly fashon. He had burnt red hair that stopped down passed his ears, parted to cover one eye and reveal another sky blue one. His features were hardened, his face slender and masculine. He had a medium build but was well muscularly toned. He was dressed in black hakama pants, and a dark orange hakama shirt. His shirt wasn't fasened and parted to reveal a chest with two scars on it, each perpendicular to the other.

"Excuse me, Hideo-sama?" Said a samurai to Hideo's left. "What is it?" Hideo said, not looking at the samurai or slowing his pace at all. "What will we do to find young Naruto-sama? We can't expect them to just give him to us." The samurai said, falling in-step with Hideo. "Hmmm, that's a good point. Once we get to the Leaf, you and one other man will look for my nephew, while I speak with the damned village's council." Hideo said, clenching his fist at mentioning the council. He knew it was their idea to keep Naruto, their idea to tell them he was dead.

"And if they don't yield, we go to war with Kanoha." Hideo said, a look on his face that told the samurai he was serious. The samurai nodded and fell back into his position behind Hideo. He nudged the samurai to his left and told him they were going to look for Naruto while their leader spoke with the council. They both nodded and continued walking. "Come one! We're picking up our pace!" Hideo called back to his men as he ran ahead. Everyone quickly followed and they were now running towards the Village Hidden in the Leaves.


The council in front of Sarutobi was all but happy at the news they were presented with. A group of five-hundred samurai was headed towards them, intending to take away Naruto. Sarutobi rubbed his temples to prevent a migrain from coming on. The room was as noisy as it was the day the Fourth Hokage died fighting the demon fox. Sarutobi slammed his hand down on the table, silencing the room. "Good, now please, one-at-a-time how do you think we should go about this?" He said, looking over the council elders with appraising eyes.

"What does it matter? I say give them the demon and throw a party being rid of it!" Said one of the civilian council members. The man's outburst got a chores of cheers from other members who felt the same. "No! We must have the boy! He is a very promising asset to this village. Give him to me and I will train him and turrn him into a weapon that can be used on a whim." Said the war-crazed, power-hungry elder council member that was Danzou. "No Danzou, I have seen the initiates that come out of your agency. No emotions at all. They're like ghosts in a human body." Sarutobi said, remembering an incounter he had with a ROOT agent.

"Troublesome... why don't we give Naruto to them? They're his biological family and Whirlpool, the strongest village in history. They will go to war with us if we don't give him up, resulting in our destruction." Shikaku Nara of the shinobi council said. Shibi Aburame, Choza Akimichi, and Inoichi Yamanaka quickly agreed. "It would be illogical to go into a war we connot win." Shibi said, folding his arms aross his chest.

Sarutobi thought of this for a moment then sighed, clearly stressed about the situation. "And not to mention they have the strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins as their leader, Hideo Uzumaki." Kakashi Hatake said matter-of-factly. Sarutobi nodded and sighed again. Just then a ninja in a jounin vest walked in with a lit cigarette in his mouth.

"Father, he's here." He said, directing his words towards Sarutobi. "Thank you Asuma, please send him in." Sarutobi said. Asuma nodded and motioned for Hideo to enter the room. The second his foot cleared the doorway, everyone in the room was hit by the most powerful killer intent they had ever felt. Anyone on their feet was quickly forced to a sitting position as the pressure coursed through their bodies.

"Now, will you willingly give me my nephew, or must I take him by force?" Hideo said, looking over to the trembling council. A pink haired woman rose from her seat and pointed at Hideo. "Who the hell do you think you are!? You can't take our citizens at will!" She yelled in a pitch that could shatter glass. And it did to some of the smaller glasses of water on the table. Hideo wiggled a finger in his ear and winced. "God damn woman. Has anyone ever told you that you sound like a fuckin banshee?" He said, taking his finger away from his head.

Inoichi and Choza burst into laughter when the woman became flushed red with anger. "Hokage-sama! I demand him to be put to death!" She yelled, again making a few glasses shatter. "Not a chance miss Haruno." Sarutobi said, slightly snikering at the woman's expense. "Anyways, back to my nephew." Hideo said, getting shocked looks from around the room. "Nephew? Oh... of course.. Naruto's your nephew. Troubelsome..." Shikaku said, mentaly slapping himslef for not realizing it sooner. Hideo nodded and again turned his attention to the coucil. "So? Easy, or hard? Wich do you perfer?" He said, glaring at the elders in particular.


The two samurai that were assigned to find Naruto walked the streets of Kanoha, wishing they could kill them all for keeping the heir to Whirlpool hidden. They passed by an angry group of people and decided to ask them if they knew anything. "Excuse me, but have you by chance seen a young boy named Naruto anywhere?" one of the samurai said to the group. They all turned and their eyes went wide when they saw the Whirlpool symbol on their dark red armor. One of the villagers smirked. "They must have been sent to deal with that demon." He thought.

The villager stepped forward and said, "We're looking for him now. I can help you if you want." The samurai looked at eachother and nodded. "Alright, where does he usually reside?" the samurai on the left said to a shocked villager. The man started to laugh, as did the other people around him. "Probably in some alley by now!" He said, clutching his side from laughter.

Just then, Bayuki and Buicho walked up to them. "Damn right! We kicked his ass good and left him unconcious in some random alley!" Buicho said, earning a wave of cheers and claps from the group. The two samurai became furious at the two men and lunged at them. They pinned each man onto a nearby wall by their necks, holding them in the air. "Where is he!?" one samurai yelled, his masked face inches away from the frightened man. "I-In an... alley... next t-to.. I-Ichiraku's Ramen..." Bayuki said, pointing a shaky finger in the direction of the ramne stand.

The two samurai released the men and sprinted in the direction of Naruto, hoping he wasn't too badly injured. When they arrived they saw a small blonde boy curled up into a ball and sobbing, leaning up against a cold stone wall. Both samurai were furious and sad to see him in such a state. The one on the right aproached the boy and in a soft and gentle voice said, "Hello young man. Are you Naruto Uzumaki?"

Naruto looked up from his eyes and instantly became frightened. He scooted back franticaly, pressing his body against a far wall, trying to get away. "P-please.. please no more! Please! It hurts so much... it hurts..." He said, looking up at the samurai with terrified eyes. The samurai had to fight back tears as he walked towards Naruto. The other samurai punched a wall in anger, making a large hole in it and frightening Naruto. He realized this and said, "Forgive me..." He bowed his head to the ground, much to the suprise of Naruto.

The samurai closest to Naruto reached a hand out slowly to the boy. Naruto closed his eyes and began to sob, awaiting the inevitable punch that was coming his way. But it never came. Instead he felt a slight pressure on his shoulder. His eyes shot open in suprise as he looked at the masked man before him. "My name is Aiko." He said, taking off his mask to reveal his face. Aiko's face was slightly rounded at the bottom, but an obvious scar went across his forehead. The other samurai walked uo and removed his mask, revealing the face to ve that of a beautiful woman's. Her eyes were a dark brown and her face seemed to be molded perfectly. She was honestly the most beautiful women Naruto ever met.

"I am Hanako. It is a pleasure to meat you Naruto-sama." She said, letting her flowing brown hair fall as she removed her helmet and bowed. Naruto looked at the pair with shock and doubt. "Y-you won't h-hurt me?" He said, his voice and body slightly shaking. The two gave a sad but warm smile towards Naruto. "We would never do such a thing Naruto-sama. We are here to protect." Hanako said, kneeling down next to Naruto. Naruto's mood changed instantly and he tackled Hanako in a hug. "Yay! I have friends!" He called in a mixture of tears an laughter. Aiko samiled down at the laughing pair. "They're like brother and sister..." He thought as he rose to his feet.

"Naruto-sama, we must take you to your uncle now. I am sure he will be glad to see you." Aiko said, now standing next to Hanako. "I have an uncle? This is the best day of my life!" Naruto yelled, now clinging onto Aiko. Hanako smiled and extended her hand for Naruto to take, wich he excitedly did. Hanako and Naruto walked ahead hand-in hand out of the alley. "Can we eat at Ichiraku's please? Their ramen is awesome!" Naruto said, looking up at Hanako with hopefull eyes. Hanako giggled and nodded, much to Naruto's enjoyment.

When they entered they were greeted by an aroma that would forever be in their nostrils. "We have to get one of these places in Whirlpool." Aiko said, drooling excitedly at the smell. "Idiot." Hanako said, giving a whak on the head and making Naruto laugh. Aiko groaned and rubbed the back of his head, mumbling to himself about something unknown.

"Well hello Naruto!" Said an old man with a bowl in his hand. "Hi gramps Teuchi!" Naruto said, waving his head at the ramen vender. Teuchi smiled at him and placed down a fresh bowl of ramen. "This one's on the house." He said, placing a pair of chopsticks next to the bowl. Naruto excitedly ran over and jumped onto the stool, thanking Teuchi and digging into his ramen. "It's nice to see someone decent in this place." Aiko said to Teuchi.

"Oh you must mean how some people treat Naruto. It truly is disgraceful to themselves and their families." Teuchi said, placing down bowls of ramen on each side of Naruto for Aiko and Hanako. They thanked him and sat down, Aiko's sword drawn and laced between his legs just in case.

Just then, a swaying drunken man walked by. He had an empty bottle in hand, trying to get another drop out of it as if it were still full. The man heard Naruto's laughter and looked into the ramen stand. Upon seeing Naruto, he boiled with rage and drunken stupidity. "Ohhhh look it's the demon! I have a bottle with your head's name on it brat!" He thought, raising the bottle over his head and stumbling towards Naruto.

The sound of metal hitting glass was heard, startling Naruto and making him turn. His eyes widened at what he saw. A bottle was inches away from his head, stopped by a flat steel blade that didn't seem to move in the slightest. He followed the blade down to it's burnt orange hilt, then to the hand that held it. Aiko was holding the sword, protecting Naruto from harm. "Hurt Naruto-sama, and you die." Aiko said in a cold and scary calm voice. The man seemed to become sober imediately, he stumbled back a couple feet and started running for his life.

Naruto looked over at Aiko who was calmly drinking the broth of his ramen. "Thanks Aiko-nee-san!" Naruto said, smiling brightly at the samurai. Aiko almost choked at hearing Naruto call him 'brother'. He looked down at the boy with shocked eyes, then smiled and ruffled the boy's hair. "Come on Naruto-sama. We have to get you to your uncle now." Hanako said, getting off her stool. "Okay Hanako-nee-chan." Naruto said, again taking her hand. Hanako giggled and they started to walk off towards the Hokage Tower to face the bastard council.


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