Nick is finally finished for the day. It has been a long one. He quickly gathers up his things, he is late meeting his dad at the incline for dinner. It has become a regular Wednesday feature of his life which he tries not to cancel if he can. He scans the room when he enters and spots his dad at one of the tables at the back of the room, he is looking at his watch. Nick makes his way towards him. Burton looks up as he slides into the booth.

"You're late."

"Yea, sorry, busy day at work. If you carried a cell I could have let you know."

"Awful contraptions, not good for you."

Nick is grateful that the waitress appears to take their order so he doesn't have to listen to the 'Cell phone' lecture again, and mentally kicks himself for opening the door. After giving their order he quickly changes the subject.

"How did your appointment with the doctor go?"

"Good. My eyes seem to be doing well, no deterioration."

"That's great."

"How was breakfast with Anne this morning?"

"She is under the weather, so we cuddled for a few minutes, she was very fretful. Lulu took her to the doctor and she has a cold and an ear ache, she gave her some medication to take. I am stopping by on my way home to see how she is doing."

"She gets that from you, your mom was always taking you to the doctor with ear ache. You would scream the place down."

"Well this is her first so hopefully she won't get anymore."

Their food arrives and they eat in companionable silence. Nick is dabbing his mouth with his napkin at the end of his meal.

"Sorry to have to rush off but it is getting late and I need to get to Lulu's and I have some work to do before I go to bed."

"Okay Son, give Anne a kiss for me, I hope she is feeling better."

"I will. See you later."

Lulu let's him in. Anne is sleeping soundly in her bed. When he touches her hair he can tell that her temperature has gone down. He watches for a few minutes and then kisses his hand and places it on her head. He finds Lulu in the living room.

"She looks a lot better."

"Yes, she ate some of her dinner and played a little before going to bed. Nick can you have Anne Friday night?"

"Sure, you have a hot date with that detective."

Nick sees Lulu blush a little.

"None of your business."

Nick smiles at her discomfort. Nick has met the new boyfriend a couple of times with work and has not been very impressed with him and secretly hopes that this relationship doesn't last very long. He has learned though to keep his thoughts about Lulu's boyfriends to himself.

"What time?"

"Is 6 alright?"

"Great. See you then."

Nick is happy, as he gets into his car, at the prospect of having Anne staying over an extra night.

Sometimes his house feels so empty, Nick ponders, as he puts his keys on the tray in the hallway and all around him is silence. He has always been more comfortable with only himself for company but the times when he wishes that he had someone in his life are becoming more frequent. Maybe it's a sign that he is finally over Lulu. He needs to get away from one night stands and start looking for something more. He remembers when things were good between him and Lulu and how happy he had been about the prospect of having a family. The many things that had gone wrong between them had knocked his confidence but the more time he spent with Anne, the more certain he is that he wants the whole family thing. His smiles to himself ruefully

'Not sure I know where to start.'

Nick settles at the table with a cup of coffee and files spread over the surface. Maybe this is one place he could start, by stopping bringing work home and getting out more. At 10:30 he stretches and is contemplating leaving the rest until the next day. He is startled when there is a loud, forceful knock at the door. he opens it and is surprised to see Detective Grainger stood in front of him. Looking passed him Nick can see other uniformed policemen.

"What can I do for you Detective? It's very late."

The detective waves a piece of paper Nick hadn't notice he was holding:

"I have a search warrant for your house and car."

Nick is visibly stunned.

"What for?"

"I'm not obliged to tell you that Sir."

Nick is looking over the document and looks up startled at the venom in the detective's voice.

"Let us in Mr. Fallin"

Nick sees that it is in order, hands it back to the detective, he gets his car keys off the tray and hands them to Grainger. The detective gives them to someone outside and orders one of the policemen to stay with Nick. Cops swarm into Nick's house. Nick bewildered at this turn of events sits on the stairs, his mind is full of questions, as to what they could possibly be looking for, and how on earth Grainger was able to get a search warrant in the first place. Nick can hear his drawers being opened and closed and then there is a shout. Nick jumps up at the noise. His instinct is to go and see what has happened but his guard stops him.

"Just wait here Mr. Fallin."

Soon Detective Grainger appears on the landing and walks down the stairs towards Nick carrying a clear plastic bag in his hand. Nick recognises it straight away having had many in his hands in the past. Panic courses through his body.

"Where did you find that? It's not mine."

"I haven't heard that before. Funny how it was found in your bedroom."

"It is not mine."

Nick feels his legs turning to jelly, he is almost thankful for his guard taking a firm hold of his arm but he knows it is not to stop him from falling to the floor.

"I want to call my lawyer."

"At the station. Nick Fallin. I am arresting you for the possession and selling of illegal drugs."

Nick's guard moves his hand further down his arm and takes his wrist and locks his hands together with handcuffs.