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Nick is still sitting on the step with Anne asleep in his arms when the ambulance pulls up. Burton is sat next to him. He had followed Grainger after overhearing the conversation but had been kept at a distance until given the all clear. A Paramedic and a police officer approach them. It is the same paramedic who treated Nick earlier and has been brought up to speed with the developments. He looks to Nick:

"Sir I need to look your daughter over and make sure she is okay and we will take her to the hospital for a more thorough examination. If you could bring her to the ambulance please."

Nick carefully stands up and carries her to the waiting vehicle. He gently lays her on the stretcher inside the ambulance keeping a hold of her hand and stroking her face. She begins to fuss when the paramedic touches her but Nick's soft words calm her.

The Paramedic finishes his exam and smiles at Nick,

"She seem perfectly fine. The doctor at the hospital will need to check her over as well but there doesn't seem to be any problems. I'm glad she has been found safe."

Nick nods his thanks. The paramedic spots blood on Nick sleeve,

"Looks like you need looking at some more."

Nick glances at his arm and shrugs.

The doors to the ambulance close as the paramedic attends to Nick and soon they are heading for the hospital.

After Anne has been given the all clear and stitches added to Nick's arm despite his protestations, Nick finds his dad in the waiting room and they bundle her into the car and take her home to Lulu's house. Burton has already called ahead and as soon as the car is in front of the house Lulu is out the door running towards them. Nick removes Anne from the car seat and reluctantly hands her over they all enter the house. Nick prepares Anne a bottle and she is soon back to sleep in her mother's arms. As Lulu puts her in her crib, exhaustion sweeps over Nick. Burton pats him on the knee and suggests that he takes him home.

"If it's alright with Lulu I think I will stay here. The things I brought over are still here and my home is a crime scene, and I would like to stay near Anne. But thank you Dad."

Lulu agrees and finally Nick falls asleep after a very long day.

The next morning he is at the station giving a statement of the evenings events. Grainger hands him the typed report to sign.

"Has Harmen given a reason as to why he targeted me?"

"He took part in your arrest the first time and has always resented that you never went to jail but allowed to continue with your life making money, having a daughter, being respected. As the same time his life was falling a part. His daughter developed cancer, her treatment put him in to debt, he lost his house, his wife and four months ago his daughter succumbed to the disease. He then met Lulu and you came in to his radar again."

They both stand and shake hands.

"No hard feelings Fallin?"

"How can there be, you saved my life and my daughter."

Nick sits down at his desk in his office. The board quickly re- instated him and Emily, just as quickly, vacated his chair, pointing to a pile of paperwork for the annual review that was in two days. He looks at his watch, two hours before he needs to be in court. He takes a sip of his coffee and picks up the first file.