Ch.1 Naruto

(Story takes place while Naruto is still in the academy)

So here's Naruto, age thirteen, bright blond hair, and a height of 4'9. He was what most would call, a noisy and loud-mouthed idiot. Well those who were his friends would call him that. But others had a different name for him. You see, for reasons Naruto couldn't understand, the villagers seemed to always be angry with him. Due to this fact, his life was filled with nothing but hardship. They had always yelled 'demon' or 'monster' when he was seen. He didn't know what this meant or what it had to do with him. On some occasions, he would randomly get beaten, always crying for help and for them to stop, but the villagers were relentless. They would keep on beating with rage and hate in their eyes.

When the villagers were done, they would just walk away and continue their daily routine, leaving a bloodied and bruised Naruto behind. This was almost an everyday occurrence, but the number of times that Naruto had gotten beaten had slowly decreased. This was because of the fifth Hokage himself, the leader of the village of Konohagakure. The Hokage had a heart for the poor boy. He had seen what he had gone through and tried to put an end to it many times. But his agents would rather sit and watch the beatings go on instead of stopping them.

If Naruto was anything, it is that he is human. One-hundred percent human. It's just the thing he contains inside him that lacks every inch of humanity. What lies inside Naruto, is a monster, a demon, a creature who's only sole purpose on the Earth is to cause destruction and mayhem. The one and only Kyuubi no Kitsune.

This humongous beast had gotten sealed in Naruto when he was just baby. It attacked the village one night and destroyed many of the buildings and killed many of the villagers. Seeing no other way to defeat this beast, the fourth Hokage, was forced to seal the creature into and infant. His own son, Naruto. He had hoped one day that they would see him as a hero. That they would praise him for containing the beast. Well, just the opposite.

Naruto had just awakened from a somewhat odd dream. He met someone, no, someTHING. A giant fox to be exact, inside a cage located in a large sewer. It was yelling countless insults and curses. Yep, a pretty weird dream, but Naruto shook it off. He had more important things to get ready for. Today was the day he was going to be assigned to a team!

He leapt out of his old bed and landed quickly onto the decaying floor boards of his run down apartment. He rushed to his drawer and pulled out his usual outfit, a black t-shirt, orange jacket, and orange pants. He then made his way into the kitchen for breakfast.

Sighing he opened up his fridge.

"Expired milk."

As much as he hated it, he needed something in his stomach for this important day. He poured himself a bowl of stale cereal and spoiled milk.

As he began eating, he glanced back behind him at the scroll he had leaning against the wall. He remembered the day he had been tricked by Mizuki to steal it.


When he had found out it was a trap, it had already been too late. Mizuku had already attacked his sensei by piercing his back with a giant shuriken. Naruto, having seen what had happened to his sensei, was stricken with fear.


His sensei couldn't defeati Mizuki! Thinking quickly he preformed a set of hand signs before yelling "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" Three hundred clones suddenly poofed into existence and surrounded Mizuki.

"There's no way I'm gonna let you kill my sensei and I!" yelled Naruto before attacking the traitor.

An hour later the battle was over and a completely disoriented Mizuki could be seen laying against a tree.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Iruka were talking while waiting for the ANBU (Specialized agents) to arrive.

"That's a forbidden jutsu Naruto, where did you learn that!" asked Iruka.

"Well, that scroll Mizuki told me to steal, I kinda read it." answered Naruto sheepishly.

Iruka was speechless. He honestly didn't know what to think of Naruto. During the exams he couldn't perform a simple Shadow Clone jutsu. But yet he pulled off a KAGE Bunshin jutsu! Which he only learned in forty minutes!

–Flashback end—

The scroll he was staring at, however, wasn't the Kage Bunshin jutsu. That was the part he didn't tell Iruka about. That night of the attack, Naruto had actually stolen two scrolls. This scroll he had in his apartment, he couldn't figure out. There seemed to be some kind of lock on it.

Finishing his bowl of cereal, he dashed out the door leaping from rooftop to rooftop smiling widely.

'Today was gonna be good day,' he thought.