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Word Count: 5,063

Summary: (Alternate Universe) What if, The night before Oscar Diggs was to leave the Emerald Palace to go after the 'Wicked Witch' Glinda, he had a change of heart about leaving without saying anything to Theodora and pays her a late night visit? (Oscar & Theodora)

Chains of Fire
Chapter 3: Fool Me Once...
By: Sakura Lisel

"Have I seen the Wizard today, Theodora? He left the palace early this morning while you were catching up on your rest. As you can see for yourself through the crystal ball," Evanora said as she watched her younger sisters' actions, as Theodora made her way closer and laid eyes on the crystal ball, as a small smile appeared on Evanora's features as she saw the shocked look on Theodora's face when she spots Oscar with Glinda, "that he's with Glinda! I told you before that you couldn't trust that man! He's working together with her!"

"I don't know what you're talking about Evanora. Oscar hasn't betrayed us." Theodora said, while ignoring her sisters words for the moment, as Theodora focused solely on the images playing out on the crystal ball, she frowned a bit while clutching her purse tightly in her hands, as she watched Oscar and Finley with Glinda before shaking her head in denial as she turned her attention back on Evanora with a wide smile on her lips, "He's fulfilling the prophecy just like he promised. He'll bring Glinda's darkness as the Wicked Witch into the light and peace will return to the land again just like the prophecy said he would."

'I can't believe she can have so much faith in that man after just a few days. I can't let her keep this up,' Evanora thought silently to herself, as she cursed to herself as she saw how naïve her sister seemed to be about what was really going on around her, as Evanora thought about what her next move was going to be as she glowered a bit down at the crystal ball with a thoughtful look appeared on her face, before a small smile crept to her lips as an idea came to her mind, 'If things are going to go as I planned, I can't have her loyalties to me in question as long as she trusts that blasted wizard so much...'

Glancing over at Theodora once more to see that the younger woman was preoccupied with the crystal ball, Evanora turned around and made her way over to her dresser, and picked up one of her jewelry boxes, and cast a spell on it, transforming it into a perfect replica of the music box she had seen Oscar give Theodora through the crystal ball, and after winding up the key on the music box, she opened the lid and the soft music of the box started to fill the room, as Evanora made her way back over to Theodora while holding the music box in her hands.

While Evanora was busy creating the fake music box while Theodora was distracted by the crystal ball, Theodora herself was going through a conflict of emotions as she tried to make sense about what she was seeing happening on the Crystal ball, as it looked like Oscar wasn't even trying to defeat Glinda, but was instead talking with her as if they were old friends. The way Oscar even looked at Glinda made Theodora's suspicious, especially after hearing Evanora accuse Oscar of working together with Glinda, but a small part of Theodora refused to believe what she was seeing or hearing, as she momentarily forgot about the main reason why she was in Evanora's room as she watched the crystal ball.

'I won't listen to Evanora. Oscar's not betraying us. I know he can't be. Not after what he said and did last night.' Theodora thought silently to herself as she continued to watch the crystal ball, as small bit of doubt and jealousy filled her as she watched him interact with Glinda, but bit it down as her hand brushed against her purse, and she could feel the hard surface of Oscar's pocket watch inside the purse and forced herself to relax for a moment, 'He seemed so sincere about what he said last night. He wouldn't cheat on me with another woman, let alone Glinda, barely twelve hours after he...'

Just then Theodora's whole body stiffened a bit in shock when she heard the familiar musical notes of her music box coming from within the room, as she finally turned her gaze away from the crystal ball to follow the sound of the music, to see Evanora holding a music box that looked just like the one Oscar had given her in Evanora's hands, as confusion and shock filled her when she saw it.

"Where... Where did you get that music box?" Theodora demanded as her eyes widen in shock at the music box for a moment, before they narrowed suspiciously after a few seconds as she glanced from the music box to Evanora's face.

"Oh this? It was a gift from him. Right after I gave him a tour of the palace and city, he came to my bedchambers last night and oh, how we danced for what seemed like hours," Evanora said, sounding innocent as she cradled the music box lovingly in her hands as she glanced down at it, and completely missed the disbelieving angered look on Theodora's face at her words, as she let out a small sigh of contentment as if remembering what happened the previous night, "You were so right about him Theodora. He is the great Wizard. He truly must be, to make me feel the way I did when we were together. The way he touched me as our bodies pressed together as we danced..."

As Evanora glanced back up and looked at Theodora once more to see how her sister was reacting to the lies she was giving her about her precious Wizard, a small smile crept to Evanora's lips as she saw her sisters reaction as she could see tears starting to well up in Theodora's eyes because of what she was saying, and she assumed that the look on Theodora's face was because Theodora was believing what she was saying. Though a small part of Evanora did feel a bit guilty to do this to Theodora, she felt that it was the only way to get things to continue going the way she wanted to, then she felt that a few hurt feelings were a good enough sacrifice.

'There's no way... He couldn't have been with her last night! Not after what he said and did last night! He said he wasn't interested in Evanora in that way, but why does she have a exact duplicate of my music box? He said that she wasn't his type. And the way he reacted when I hinted the very same thing that she's implying that he did with her...' Theodora thought frantically to herself as she continued to stare in shock at Evanora as the familiar musical notes of the music box continued to fill her ears, as she frantically tried to think about what was going on as Evanora described in great detail what had happened between her and Oscar the other night, before Theodora gave herself a mental shake as some of what Evanora said about how long she and Oscar had been together ran through Theodora's mind, as her hand tightened around her purse as she feels the pocket watch dig into her skin through the cloth as she remembered Oscar had said as she felt tears starting to well up in her eyes as she stares at Evanora with a shocked and disbelieving look on betrayal on her face as she stared at Evanora as if she was just now seeing her for the first time in her life, 'I don't believe this. Oscar was right. I know that she has to be lying. Oscar was with me most of last night. It wasn't that late when he came to my door, yet she's making it sound like he was with her all night...'

"Oh no! Don't tell me he got to you too with his sweet talk and antics?" Evanora exclaimed, looking shocked and feigning distress as if she had just realized why Theodora was being so quiet during her speech, as she stepped forward to glance back at the crystal ball once more as she ran a hand over the smooth crystal surface as another image of Oscar and Glinda appeared on the sphere, showing them talking about something, but the two witches couldn't hear whatever they were talking about, "He's really quite the charmer wouldn't you agree? First he seduces you, then me, and now it seems he's moving onto Glinda instead of defeating her like he promised us he would and..."

"Evanora shut up, and stop lying to me already." Theodora said, in a voice that was so low that Evanora almost didn't hear it, but the tone in Theodora's voice caused Evanora to stop short in her explanations about what she and the Wizard had been doing the other night.

"Pardon me? I don't think I heard you correctly, Theodora." Evanora said in a scolding voice, as the older woman turned her full attention on her sister with a surprise look on her face as she saw the angry glare Theodora was now directing right at her, as Evanora started to also notice the temperature in her bed chamber starting to rise as she warily looked around the room and could practically see the heat waves rising in the air around Theodora, "What did you just say to me? Theodora calm yourself down! You're going to cause a fire and..."

"I said shut up! Just shut up! Your lying to me, I know you are, so just stop it! I don't know what you're trying to pull, Evanora, and I also don't know where you got that music box from," Theodora cried out, as her face turned almost as red as her gown in her anger as she felt angry tears starting to well up in her eyes as she glared at Evanora, causing the older woman to stop what she was saying as she stared at Theodora in shock for a moment, as Theodora's clenched tightly into fists, "but I do know that you have to be lying about everything else you just told me. I know for a fact, that Oscar couldn't have done what you just described, so just stop making up lies about him!"

"Theodora what has come over you? What makes you assume I'm lying about something as important like this. I assure you that what I just said is the absolute truth," Evanora said sounding a bit defensive as she eyed her sister, her eyes narrowed a bit in her own anger as she stared at Theodora as she saw the look that Theodora was now directing at her, only to step back a moment in surprise and a bit of fear when she saw the pure anger in her sisters eyes, as the temperature in the room rose some more, "Exactly what has brought this on all of a sudden that you are calling me a liar, and looking at me that way?"

"You want to know why I say you're lying to me? Here's a clue. Why do you think I'm getting up so late this morning? I assure you it wasn't completely because I was still tired from my travels. You falsely claim that Oscar was with you last night, when in reality he spent the night with me most of last night. Oh don't look at me like that. We didn't do anything at all last night except talk for hours," Theodora said scathingly, as she inhale sharply to try and calm herself down a bit, while ignoring the scandalized look that suddenly appeared on her sisters face at her words, as Theodora shook her head for a moment as she glared angrily at Evanora, as tears started to run down Theodora's face as she reached up to wipe them away with the back of her hand, as a small smirk appeared on Theodora's face as she saw Evanora pale a bit at the news as sadness also started to fill her, "before we finally went to bed in our separate rooms, nothing more. Plus it pains me to say this, but he told me himself that he doesn't like you at all, especially not enough to do what you just described he did with you. Sister or not, at this point I don't like you very much either after the blatant lies you just told me."

'Of all of the idiotic things! That fool Wizard disobeyed me and went to talk to Theodora after all?! He's ruined everything!' Evanora thought angrily to herself as she listened to Theodora's explanation about what had happened to her the other night, as Evanora mentally imagined all of the painful things she was going to Oscar Diggs the next time she saw the man as she turned a placating smile on Theodora, though inwardly she was frowning a bit as the last of what Theodora said reached her ears, about Oscar not being interested in her, 'Just what did he say exactly to her to get this kind of reaction from Theodora that she immediately knew I was lying to her? I'll have to try and salvage things if I still can...'

"Theodora, I don't know what Oscar told you last night, or what time it was that he came to you, but it had to be right after he left me. How else would I have gotten the music box if he hadn't given it to me? You claim that he said he doesn't like me? Did you even ask him something that brought on that declaration specifically," Evanora said, shaking her head sadly for a moment as if she couldn't believe how childish Theodora was being, as she moved to step closer to Theodora as she started to reach out towards Theodora as if she's was about to touch the younger woman, "or did he tell for no reason at all. You don't even know the man barely a few days, and you're turning on me because of him, just like I always feared that Glinda one day would, but it would seem that the Wizard is the one who succeeded in doing it instead."

"He's not the one turning me against you. You're doing it all by yourself, Eva. I almost believed you for a moment, in your lying about what Oscar and you did, until you brought up how long you were together last night. I saw his reaction to just the idea of you and him doing what you described, and makes me know he couldn't have done what you said he did." Theodora snapped back angrily, as her face flushed a bit more in anger, as she watched her sister approach her warily for a moment as she took a step back from Evanora's approaching figure, as her glare deepened a bit when Evanora came to a stop bare inches away from her, "You just proved everything he said about you was right. I can't believe it. I even defended you to him, saying you wouldn't hurt me, but here you are doing exactly what he warned me about. You've been against him since the moment I brought him home, and now you're pulling this on me?"

"You know perfectly well I wouldn't make things up, especially if it would hurt you. We are at war, and you don't need any distractions from that man," Evanora said, as she glared at Theodora angrily as she stood face to face with the younger woman, as neither one back down as they glared at each other, "It's for your own good that you hear this now before he has the chance to hurt you when you find out about it later and..."


Whatever Evanora was about to say next was abruptly cut off, as her head is jerked to the side from the force to the blow to her face, as a red handprint started to form on her cheek where Theodora had slapped her, as she slowly raised a hand to her now stinging cheek as she turned her head back around to stare incredulously at Theodora who was now lowering her hand. The slap had been unexpected, since Evanora hadn't really thought the usually timid and carefree Theodora would really resort to violence, especially against her!

"That's enough, Eva! You're not even in the least bit sorry for what you just tried to do," Theodora exclaimed, as she took a moment to stare down at her stinging hand that she had used to slap her sister in shock, like she couldn't believe what she had just done, before turning her full attention on Evanora once more, "Just stop it already! I won't listen to any more of your lies."

"I can't believe you actually hit me, Theodora!" Evanora exclaimed angrily as she felt her own anger starting to build up as she lightly touched her still stinging cheek as she stared at Theodora was.

"You deserved it," Theodora snapped, as she turned on her heel and started storming away towards the double doors leading back out of the bedroom.

"Theodora come back here! Where do you think your going?" Evanora demanded as she started to follow her sister, only to stop when Theodora reached the doors and flung them open, "We're not done talking about this."

"Yes we are, Evanora, and the way I'm feeling right now, its getting too hot in here, so I'm going to leave before I do something else I regret." Theodora said, as she barely glanced over her shoulder at Evanora with a withering look in her eyes before she stepped through the doors and slammed them behind her as she left.

A few minutes later found Theodora storming back into her own bedchambers where she tossed her purse onto her bed before flinging herself onto the mattress face first as she kicked off her shoes, as fresh tears started pouring down her face, as a fireball started to form in her hand in her anger as she tossed it away, sending it flying out her balcony window.

'I can't believe her! She's so... She's such a...' Theodora thought angrily to herself, as the tears continued to flow freely down her cheeks as she buried her face in her pillow, as her mind was unable to think of a good curse name to describe Evanora right at that moment as she thought back on her conversation with her sister a few minutes ago, 'She knows how I feel about Oscar, so why would she lie about something she knew would hurt me involving him? She's not acting the same anymore...'

As she moved a bit on the bed, she flinched in pain as her body came in contact with her purse, as the hard metal surface of Oscar's pocket watch dug into her body through the purse, as she reluctantly sat up in bed and picked up the purse from underneath her, as she opened the purse and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe at her face with one hand, while pulling out the pocket watch with the other as she laid back down on the mattress on her back.

'I won't apologize for hitting her, no matter what. I know I'm not wrong on this matter.' Theodora thought silently to herself, as some more tears ran down her cheeks as she looks the watch over for a moment, as she saw a pair of wings were etched into the front of the pocket watch, 'Evanora is the one in wrong here not me. She just kept on lying to my face even when I called her out on it...'

Flipping the watch open, her eyes widen a bit when she saw an inscription had been carved into the inside cover of the watch, and she smiled a bit when she read what the words said after a few seconds.

To Max Diggs, From your loving wife Laura Diggs

'So at least he wasn't lying about the watch being his fathers at least. I can trust him on that one at least.' Theodora thought silently to herself, as she used a finger to trace the inscription inside the watch, before clicking it shut once more, as she moves over to set the watch on her nightstand next to her music box once more, before curling up on the bed once more as wariness filled her, 'I have to wait until he comes back to find out what he was doing with Glinda and why wasn't he beating her...'

Meanwhile elsewhere in the Emerald Palace, Evanora was storming through the palace in a righteous fury as she ordered the commander of the Winkie palace guards to gather the soldiers and head to the cemetery to aphrehend the Wizard and Glinda along with their companions, giving the guards leeway to do whatever they wanted to the group if they resisted arrest, as long as they were brought back alive, before making her way up to the rookery tower where the flying baboon's lived.

'That blasted wizard shall pay for this. Its his fault all my hard work isn't going as planned. Now Theodora has turned against me because of him...' Evanora thought angrily to herself as her hand reached up to touch her still tender cheek for a moment as she made her way up to the rookery to find the baboons were all resting up for the day, "Wake up, you lazy monkeys! You have a job to do!"

At the sound of their mistress's angry voice, the baboons all immediately jumped to attention as they waited expectantly for her to give them their orders, as a few of them flapped their wings restlessly.

"I want all of you monkeys to help the Winkie guards apprehend the Wizard and Glinda, and their friends. You have full reign to do whatever you want to them if they resist," Evanora yelled angrily as she faced each of the winged baboons as they continued to watch her intently, as she pushed a button that opened the glassless windows for the monkeys to fly through "but bring all of them back here alive! I want to see them suffer in person at my own hands before they meet their demise! So fly my pretties! Fly!"

As soon as they had received the command, every flying baboon in the rookery started shrieking loudly as they started charging out the every open entrance they could get to, and soon the afternoon sky was swarmed with what seemed like hundreds of flying baboon's as they filled the sky as they followed after a large group of Winkie guards as they left made their way over the hill away from the Emerald City.

'This will teach those fools to mess with me.' Evanora thought silently to herself, smirking a bit triumphantly as she watched her two armies disappear from sight through the open window of the rookery, before finally turning away to start making her way back downstairs, 'Now hopefully I still have time to try and win Theodora back to my side if I can, before Glinda and the Wizard are brought back.'

To be continued...

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