A/N Set approximately two years before Kuroshitsuji officially started (So probably around 3 years before Weston College is actually in Kuroshitsuji), as too around when Ciel returned from having disappeared. The prefects are all 15-16 and in their 4th year. The prefect's fags are in their 2nd or 3rd year depending on who (Example Maurice Cole is 3rd but Edward Midford is 2nd). It's obviously AU, and it may stray it shipping territory, I'm not entirely sure but it is looking like it. ~Anonymous Anime Fan

College Days

"What are you doing on the lawn? You are aware of the rules, are you not?" I said looking at the peculiar styled younger student before me on the lawn in the center of the campus. He looked up at me from his notebook. He immediately ignored me and went back to what he was doing.

"Are you aware who I am? You were the cloak, so you should be aware." I spoke to him again.

"You the fucking prefect, I know already; now leave me alone, I'm writing a new song." He said giving me a glare.

"Having trouble controlling your own, Violet?" I heard a familiar voice pipe up from behind me.

"Not usually, but this new face here seems to dislike authority, Redmond." I said turning back to the regal blonde prefect of the Scarlet Fox dormitory. He chuckled.

"I won't lie; I've faced ones like this before." Redmond said, looking at the Violet Wolf student sitting on the ground trying his hardest to avoid us. "Although with the qualities Purple House students normally have, I'm surprised you don't have these problems more often."

"I don't normally have these problems, the students of purple house… despite their eccentricities are normally rather well behaved." I said. I looked at the student before me. "It seems there is a black sheep even among black sheep."

He looks at me. "You aren't very much one to talk, you're one of the most recognizable people I've ever met."

"Is that the best this rebellious spawn can think of as an insult? Now please remove yourself from the lawn, once you are off it I don't care what you do." I said. He glared at me but gathered his things and stood. He walked to the edge of the law and sat again, no longer on the grass.

Redmond and I then left the lawn.

"We should get to the Gazebo now then." Redmond said. "We shouldn't be late now."

"So who was this misbehaver you encountered then, Violet?" Lawrence Bluer asked me. I shrugged as I mixed my drinks about.

"I did not ask his name, although I'm sure I'll have to deal with him again, so I could simply ask then. Or I could ask the warden." I said. "It doesn't concern me too much, I'm sure he's a 1st or 2nd year though, he's a relatively new face to me."

"Students don't normally appear halfway through their education so I suppose that assumption is correct." Bluer said. I sipped from my mysterious drink after blowing through the straw to create bubbles.

"Have you chosen your fag yet, Redmond?" I spoke up looking at Redmond as I sketched the gazebo of charcoal. I couldn't quite get the student from before out of my head. It did spice up a rather boring day of mine, although I'd rather not have confrontations to do so. I noticed he also wore makeup.

"I was thinking about that boy from the Cole family, he's one of the younger children though; too bad for him though, he probably isn't in line to inherit much of anything." Redmond chattered on.

"You mean Maurice Cole? He doesn't have much potential in sports." Herman Greenhill nearly shouted. That man is obsessed with sounding loud and proud.

"That's why he's in the Red House and not the Green House." Redmond said laughing.

"It's been difficult to choose a fag." Bluer spoke up from his book. "Most of the underclassmen are rather obsessed with the reappearance of that noble boy."

"They were obsessed when the accident happened as well; it's all they seemed to talk about. That was about a year ago now." I said. "The arson attack on the Phantomhive Manor."

"Yeah, the child returned with this mysterious man's help, the city is rather crazed about it." Redmond said.

"Yes, I was speaking with an underclassman, the one I'm thinking of making my fag, and he said his family was rather excited about the Phantomhive Heirs return. It seems the Midford family is related to the Phantomhives." Greenhill said.

"It must have been horrible having an entire branch of your family vanish. At least the child returned so the bloodline can continue." Bluer said.

"If I remember correctly, wasn't the recently deceased Earl Phantomhive responsible for the Blue Miracle many years ago?" Redmond said. "Maybe you could pull it off again if his son enrolls!" Redmond joked while Bluer glared at him.

Redmond waved his hand defensively at Bluer. "Calm down Lawrence it was a joke! Just a gag at your expense."

"Not very gentlemanly." Greenhill comments.

"It is against the rules to refer to one another by the first name, how many times must I remind you?" Bluer stated.

"We are in the gazebo; we're the only ones that come here! You can lighten up." Redmond says. "Isn't that right, Gregory, Herman?"

I stopped sketching the flowers the moment my name was announced.

"It is… peculiar hearing my given name. Please do not do it again." I said and I continued sketching.

"We are not close enough friends for you to do such a thing, please return to the way the rules state. Maybe once we are graduated, I assume this is a lasting friendship." Greenhill said.

"We have been in each other's company constantly since we were all prefect's fags." Redmond said. I stopped sketching and sighed.

"I should really choose a fag soon…" I mumbled.

"Who have tasks overwhelming you now?" Greenhill asked.

"I have menial chores piling up on me…" I grumbled. "The new dormitory warden isn't particularly helpful either; he goes missing after he's done teaching so a lot of students are coming to me for study help."

"The new warden has put me in the same situation in the Red House too; perhaps they are off drinking together? Our dormitory warden always seems rather tired returning to the dorm in the late night. However, he's rather perky throughout the day." Redmond said.

"It's rather peculiar for two dormitory wardens to vanish. Haven't students been doing the same?" Bluer asks. I felt his gaze burn into me.

"Most were from the Purple House, so most people just assumed that those students were dropping out. But lately, I've been informed that everyone loses contact with them. It's gotten some of my students rather panicked and rumors have gone flying." Lawrence said.

"I have noticed as well." Greenhill says sipping his tea. "Most of the students to have vanished are from the Red and Purple Houses, yet you two are the most calm about the matter."

I looked up and saw the strain in Redmond's eyes.

"The two of you have failed to read into this conversation, haven't you? Neither of you question how Redmond is aware that the new dormitory warden, returns home every night late in a tired and possibly drunken stupor. You've been searching around for the cause haven't you? Edgar." I said. Redmond looked at me with wide eyes and sighed.

"I have, you've caught me red handed Gregory." He said. "I have been searching the school and the Red House for anything suspicious. It can't be a mere coincidence that a student decides to drop out and then simply vanishes."

"I hadn't thought of doing much investigation due to how busy I've been, but I've kept ears open to the rumors and noted who has disappeared and the dates when their friends had stopped seeing them. Friends of the vanished also seem to recall the student behaving peculiarly before finally vanishing." I said. I gave Bluer a look.

"As Bluer said, due to how often Purple House students drop out, I hadn't given the events much thought until I heard of it happening in Red House too." I said before returning to my art.

"Despite your complaints you are a rather devoted prefect after all, Violet." Redmond said, smiling at me.

"Dedication is a strong point in a man." Greenhill commented.

"This organized, attentive behavior isn't something I expected of you Violet. You're always in your own world it seemed." Bluer commented.

I left my classes to attend my afternoon break before the required cricket game; a dreaded period of time for the rather antisocial Purple House, and often the non-sporty Blue House as well. I looked over and spotted several purple house students gathered in a circle, all suspiciously quiet. I immediately changed direction and moved straight for the crowd. I looked over shoulders of underclassmen at the sight they all gathered around.

It was that boy again, playing a violin beautifully with a smile on his face. I didn't see him as the type. I truthfully thought I'd have to break up a fight. He stopped his beautiful playing gave a gentle bow. Such a dramatic appearance on someone so graceful, the crowd burst it applause. I felt the need to applaud him as well.

"That was wonderful. It seems we had gotten off on the wrong foot the last time we met." I said walking up to the Mohawk-toting underclassman. The students around me murmured, as my reputation and popularity unfortunately precedes me. The underclassmen often get excited and star struck in the presence of the P4.

"Oh you, oh glorious purple prefect." The boy said sarcastically.

"There had to have been a reason for you to be in the purple house after all, other than to disobey the rules." I retorted. He looked at me after returning his violin to the case.

"You're the only person to easily approach me." He said.

"Hmm? What exactly does that mean?" I asked curiously.

"Even though I have these gifts of music, my over competitive side seems to scare people away. Once I stop playing, everyone scatters away like their running away from me." He says.

"Well, your choice of appearance may have an effect on that, a white Mohawk with nearly shaved side; piercings and make-up make people judge you before they know you." I said, smirking. He sighs and stares off straight ahead.

"We have yet to introduce ourselves." I said breaking the silence. He looks at me flushed, frantically apologizing for staring off into space.

"As you are already aware I am the prefect of Violet Wolf, Gregory Violet." I said.

"Violet? You were born to be prefect of purple house." He said. I nodded.

"My father was also prefect of Violet Wolf. Your name?"

"Oh sorry, Cheslock." He said.

"You do not have a surname?" I asked. He shook his head.

"My father's ashamed of me and won't let me use it anymore. He doesn't want to have what he calls a sinful rebellious son." Cheslock said looking up at the sky. "So he legally took the surname away, and I don't have one anymore. My mother's family doesn't want me either."

"That is tragic. You'll be able to make one for yourself then." I said matter-of-factly. He looked at me with a confused look. I looked back at him.

"Why don't you just make yourself a new surname then?" I said. He shook his head.

"It's nice just being Cheslock." He said. "People judge you on that surname you've been stuck with, so why be the family when you can just be you?"

"Sometimes it's nice to be a part of a family. You always have to remember you're better off than others out there." I said, looking at the sky with him.

"I was abandoned by my family, what could be worse than that?" Cheslock said, nearly shouting with emotion in his voice.

"There's that Phantomhive boy." I said. "The one the school is erupting with gossip about."

"I've never heard of him." Cheslock said, crossing his arms.

"There was that fire that killed a noble family; you probably know them for the Funtom Corporation that sells toys and confections." I said. "He was miraculously rescued by a man, who brought him to the hospital, but he lost his parents and home and now he's the earl of a family at 10 years old."

"I guess… then you're right." Cheslock says. "There are people worse off; I could always make amends with my family, although I doubt it could ever happen."

"You never know, well you must have somewhere you'd like to go then? It is the afternoon break." I said with something of a smile. It feels peculiar to smile, I don't do it often.

"Not really." He said rubbing the back of his head.

"Then accompany me to the Swan Gazebo, as my fag." I said. He looked at me with wide eyes.

"I didn't think anyone would choose me as their fag, let alone the prefect." He said surprised.

"You're a likeable person, and you keep everything interesting when you're around. I do need help with my tasks, and you seem capable enough as well. Why wouldn't anyone want a diamond in the rough anyway?" I said. He looked at me with a slight tint of red in his face before nodding vigorously.

"I-I accept! I'll be your fag…" He said. I pulled the fake purple dahlia from my cloak sleeve and offered it for him to wear in his cloak pocket above the Violet Wolf crest. He humbly took it and wore it.

"Now you will be accompanying me to the Swan Gazebo, unless you'd rather wait until next time?" I said, giving him what I assumed to be a reassuring smile. He looked at me and shook his head.

"I'm going with you."

"I wouldn't have taken you seriously if you'd said no anyway."