College Days

3 – Prefect Society

I adjusted my legs so I could use them as an easel more comfortably. I sketched lightly in red charcoal, the figure of Mr. Sutcliff, who seems the most suspicious.

"Is that Mr. Sutcliff? Why would you draw the Scarlet Fox Dormitory Warden?" Redmond asked, peering over his shoulder. I looked up from the charcoaled page.

"I have reasons to not trust him. He's suspicious. He appears and suddenly students are missing from the dorm he is given watch over." I grumbled a reply. I scanned the swan gazebo. Bluer was sitting to my left reading a book and Greenhill to my right lifting weights, while Redmond had just sat down across from me and was reading through a script.

"Where are they?" Greenhill muttered angrily as he lifted. "Today is the day we decided to make it official and they are all late."

"I sent Cheslock to fetch me an easel from the 3rd art room." I said, looking over.

"Maurice is preparing me strawberry tarts with chocolate today; he must be in the kitchen now." Redmond said.

"I acquired that Clayton organize my bookshelf." Bluer said, adjusting his glasses and then flipping the page.

"So it seems Midford is the only one without an excuse." Greenhill sighed.

"You're losing your edge Herman, how are you supposed to beat us at this year's Cricket Tourney with such unorganized supporters?" Redmond teased. Greenhill sent him a challenging glare.

"Green Lion never loses that tournament!" He shouted proudly.

"I couldn't care less." I mumbled.

"I've become rather accustomed to being the underdog that never wins." Bluer remarked without looking away from his book.

I looked back at the sketch as Greenhill and Redmond began an emotional debate about the Annual Cricket Tourney.

"I'm sorry!" A shout came over the gazebo. I looked over and saw a rather unkempt blond Green House student rushing towards us. Greenhill stood angrily, dropping his weights onto the seat in front of him.

"You're late!" He shouted.

"Unnecessary shouting…" Both I and Bluer grumbled, while Redmond seemed completely oblivious.

"I'm sorry sir!" Midford shouted, saluting Greenhil as if he were some American military officer.

"I had a certain issue…" Midford sighed. I looked over as I saw crowds of students and unfamiliar clothes crowding the school.

"Oh yes, I had forgotten today's occasion." Bluer said, closing his book and clearing his throat.

"I'm sure you're all aware of today's tradition of allowing the families of upcoming students to tour the campus." Bluer said.

"It's been chaotic every year."I mumbled.

"Well it seems they'd arrived early. It's only Fag Time; I thought that they weren't arriving until the afternoon." Redmond said.

"The Principal must have changed the schedule." Bluer said.

"It's always so crowded. Some parents take advantage of the situation to pay their sons a visit even." I grumbled.

"That is what my problem was, I apologize Greenhill!" Midford saluted again.

"My my, my son ran off to here?" Why most so many people speak before they can be seen when approaching the gazebo? It's incredibly rude and annoying.

"Father!" Midford was surprised. I saw a regal woman and strong man approach the gazebo, accompanying them was a small girl.

"It's a proud day to see my son follow in my footsteps." The man, "father", said proudly laughing.

"Calm down dear, we are in the presence of important officials of this school, even if they are still students." The woman scolded her husband.

"If I'm not mistaken the Midford family are among the British Knights, it's a pleasure to meet you." Redmond always flatters the guests before introducing himself. It's the predictable routine of the host-like red house. "I am Edgar Redmond, the prefect of Weston College's Scarlet Fox Dormitory."

"I dislike flashy men…" The woman grumbled and I almost let out a laugh.

"How do you do? The Redmond family, aren't they actors?" The man asked gleefully. "I am Alexis Leon Midford, Marquis of Midford and leader of the British Knights. It's a pleasure to meet the current prefects of the esteemed Weston College."

The cheerful type rather irritates me, they're always too chatty. I noticed the wide eyed stare of the girl looking at me. She seemed to be rather startled by my appearance. Another spoiled rich girl judging everything she sees from her small world.

Soft steps sounded behind us. "Redmond, here are the tarts you asked me to prepare."

That reminds me. Cheslock shouldn't be taking this long with a build like his; he should be able to easily lift things like a green house would. Something must be delaying him. I'm not sure what year he is; maybe this is the first time he's dealt with crowds like this.

"You must excuse me Marquis, Marchioness, young lady; I have preparation to take care of for the event today." I said bowing to the high ranking family before me and turning to leave. Where was Cheslock?

I rushed through the crowds but suddenly stopped as I heard a familiar voice around an empty corner.

"It's absolutely dreadful Ronald! I've been trying to go off and have fun with a lady friend of mine but it's hard to when I have work here too!" A flamboyant voice complained.

"Is that were you've been vanishing to at night while I look around, leaving me to work myself to the bone." Ronald complained. Both of the dormitory wardens were having a rather scandalous conversation.

"Hardly, I only manage to spend a few hours at best with her, then William has me looking around for that Jack the Ripper that's out and about killing people." Mr. Sutcliff said, complaining about a man named William.

"Could they killers be the same person?" Ronald asked.

"The handy work is different, the one taking students from this school leaves no trace to anyone but us reapers to see while the Jack the Ripper leaves a wonderful scene of the greatest crimson reds to the world to view." Mr. Sutcliff said, cheer rising in his voice as he talked about Jack the Ripper.

"You almost sound like you like that killer, Grell-Sempai." Ronald said.

"Well, I'll admit I like his style, and targeting lowly prostitutes who no one would normally miss isn't a bad idea either." Grell said. There was a period of silence until Ronald sighed.

"This is too much for just two of us to handle." He complained.

"I received a letter yesterday actually. I'm being taken off this case and put specifically on the Ripper case. We probably won't see each other for a while." Grell said in a mellow dramatic tone.

"Are you sure you aren't the killer Grell-Sempai, you seem to be awfully interesting in the case." Ronald said.

"Of course I'm not!" That shout sounded like a blatant lie to me, although I'll admit Mr. Sutcliff is a surprisingly good actor; I suppose he could have been purple house's warden.

"I'll be here all alone!" Ronald complained.

"On the contrary I think that the reapers manipulated the wardens and principal of this school and the wardens are being shifted around. You're probably going to get 2 reapers to help you." Grell said. The two started walking away and I sighed. I knew they were suspicious, apparently they're part of some vigilante detective organization that's investigating crimes, and they call themselves reapers. It's awfully egotistic of them to compare themselves to grim reapers.

I kept walking and found the 3rd art room surrounded by students.

"I don't trust you! You're trying to steal that easel aren't you?!" A shout came out. I walked towards and as students noticed me they moved out of my way.

"What is going on here?" I asked in a monotone, uninterested voice. I saw three students surrounding Cheslock, who looked like he just wanted to leave. They all were of Green Lion dormitory.

"Oh, Violet!" The three propped up saluting me. What it is with Green Lions that make them salute to everyone?

"This guy form your house was trying to take the easel from the art room without permission." The accuser pointed at Cheslock.

"I told you I had permission! This is for Gregory." Cheslock said. I sighed.

"This wouldn't have happened if you had remembered to wear the flower Cheslock." I said. I looked at his cloak and sighed.

"I thought I was wearing it!" He shouted; a slight blush in his face.

"Wait, he's your fag?" The green lions said in a confused unison.

"Yes, we were going to do the ceremony today but I have to attend to the tour event today. All of you go back to wherever you should be and I won't tell Greenhill of this." I said. The three did a fearful salute to me and rushed off.

"Thanks Violet." Cheslock said. I shook my head.

"I liked it better when you called me by my first name. And you can leave the easel here, the scheduling was moved up so we have to make preparations for giving a tour of the dorm to students interested in the arts." I said. Cheslock nodded with his mouth agape and set the easel down.

"Follow me, and wear this." I said, pulling a flower out of my sleeve and sticking it on his cloak. I turned and he followed me without a word.

"We have a lot to do. First the halls with be crowded in chaos, and we'll have to manage that. Then the potential students are offered lunch and afternoon tea in the dining hall and I need to organize a menu with the chefs, I thought I'd only have to organize the afternoon tea." I said. "Then many students will want to split up according to their arts, I'm counting on you to give the musically talented students tours of the music rooms and theaters, the theaters will also have red house students so don't pick a fight."

"That's the most I've heard you talk… Gregory." Cheslock said. I looked back and nodded.

"Ah Violet." I turned my head and saw Mr. Agares rushing towards me from an intersecting hall.

"You are preparing for the touring event correct? The principal moved the time up but word didn't reach anyone so they're chaos." He said frantically.

"I already noticed and have begun preparing, although I'd like it better if the families of current students would be kept from sneaking in to visit, it's rather disruptive." I said. Agares nodded.

"We've already done work with that, the guards from red house are assisting." He said.

"I also heard that the principal as decided to change the dormitory wardens around and hire new ones, is that true?" I asked. Agares sighed.

"I don't know how you know that but yes, half of the dormitory wardens are being replaced and the other two are being moved to another dorm more fitting of their skills." Agares said. "It will be happening tomorrow, I've got no more time to chat."

Mr. Agares rushed off down the hall to fall down some stairs. I turned and continued my rush to the violet wolf dormitory. There was already a crowd of potential students waiting there for us.

The tour I gave to the students interested in the visual arts went off without a hitch and went ahead of schedule. I left the guests with several purple house students while I went to check on Cheslock's group for the students interested in musical arts. If they don't hurry we may have to start lunch procedures without them.

I walked into the auditorium to find it in chaos as the competition between the red house and purple house turned into fighting. I started at the mess from the doorway, watching as Cole and Cheslock failed to keep it under control. I sighed and sat in a chair near the back.

I sat for a moment, looking for ways this could be settled without being attacked myself, and I noticed a student hiding in the chairs nearby.

"Hello, what are you doing back here?" I asked, the student jumped up in surprise and I noticed his tailcoat didn't have a crest.

"Oh, you're a potential student then. Same question." I said.

"I'm hiding as not to get involved in the fight." The fragile looking blond student said.

"What is your name?" I asked.

"Joanne Harcourt." He said.

"So you want to enter Red House then, your surname is rather famous for literature." I said. HE nodded.

"Alright then, I suppose I did stop this so you don't have to waste anymore time hiding among chairs." I said. I walked forward.

"Everyone calm down! What's going on here?!" I shouted. Both Cole and Cheslock looked up in relief, before they both looked like they'd completely given up trying to control the students.

"Violet!" Cole shouted rushing to hide behind me. His actions befit his girlish appearance. Cheslock stood beside me and apologized.

"I should apologize, and Redmond to Cole as well, we should have realized that students wouldn't listen to a Prefect's Fag as much as they would the actual Prefect." I said. I shouted orders and threatened to inform staff members and have family members informed of this chaos. I ordered they return anything they moved to its original place and sent the Red House members with directions to listen to what Cole tells them.

"Follow me." I said. This experience is absolutely exasperating. I hate talking this much. I hate being out in the light this much. Why must this tradition be followed….?

The day went off without any more trouble. The students and families left and the campus returned to its usual calm and quiet. Mr. Sutcliff vanished just as I overheard him say he would. So peculiar….

"Something's been bothering you all day." Cheslock said, sneaking up behind me. I looked over my shoulder at him.

"You rarely stick around after classes. You usually go to the Gazebo or back to the dorm." He said. I looked forward again, I had been drawing something but I had smeared it with my sleeve beyond recognition when I was absorbed by thoughts. I sighed. Cheslock grabbed my arm and started wiping the charcoal off.

"Looks like you needed me more than I ever thought you would." Cheslock said chuckling and I smiled.

"I've had a lot on my mind as a prefect, you know."

"I know. And I'm here to help you, even though we still haven't had time for it all to become official." He said. "You gave me the flower and that's official enough for me."

"The school thinks otherwise." I said. "Although you've been a great fag."

"Even though I can't make you chef quality snacks like Cole can for Redmond," Cheslock murmured.

"Is that insecurity I sense?" I asked in a teasing voice.

"Is that emotion I sense? It's out of character for you." Cheslock retorted.

"It happens occasionally." I commented. Cheslock stopped wiping the sleeve away and shook the charcoal pieces off the cloth.

"I'll need to wash this soon." I mumbled.

"Have you thought about the disappearances lately?" I asked out of the blue. Cheslock looked at me and nodded slowly.

"I can't think of anyone who would do it." Cheslock said. "Anyone who could practically hypnotize those guys into doing what they want and then making them go who knows where."

"It's a difficult problem." I murmured, thinking about it deeply.

There was a long silence as Cheslock and I sat in the first art room together. I stared to my side out the window, completely puzzled about how to solve the issue. If it continues purple house may be investigated by the principal, and even shut down. The queen might even disregard the no government intervention rule if too many students vanish; she could shut the whole school down.

Then I wouldn't be able to see Cheslock as easily…

Suddenly I felt a weight on my lap and looked over and saw Cheslock sitting on me. My face flushed slightly, but it couldn't have been noticed through my makeup.

"Uh… um…." I muttered out, not sure how to react.

"You should really calm down a little." He said, grabbing my shoulders. "Too much stress isn't good for you."

"I know… but it's my responsibility as Prefect." I replied.

"And as the prefect's fag I'm here to help, you seem to forget that and only ask for my help with simple chores and tasks. I'm competent enough to help you with this big issue too you know." Cheslock said assertively.

"Alright… alright." I said giving in.

"You sure know how to get your way."I grumbled. Cheslock smirked.

"Of course, rebels have to have their way. Things aren't just handed to eccentrics." He retorted.

"It is true." I grumbled.

Before I could even comprehend the situation I felt Cheslock arms draped over my shoulders and his lips against mine. I stiffened up in surprise, not sure how to react. He pulled away smirking and I couldn't help but stare as my whole face flushed.

"I have way of getting what I want." He said.

"T-that… was…" my body started relaxing from the initial shock of what just happened. "A… pleasant surprise…"

Cheslock's smile grew big and he jumped on me, knocking me onto my back on the bench we were on.

"You're an awfully passionate person…." I mumbled.

"And your skin is so soft, is great."

"Oh god what have I gotten myself into with this emotional eccentric….?"