College Days

4 – Dark Figures

"The dorm advisors are changing again?" a student asked.

"…The principal decided on it, there is nothing that can be done," I responded, just like I had done to what felt like the entirety of the Purple House students. The dorm advisor was changing; Mr. Knox was being moved to the Green House while Mr. Sutcliff was leaving, alongside the other two dorm advisors for Sapphire Owl and Green Lion. The new wardens would be sworn in at the traditional ceremony this afternoon before afternoon break. It's just another event I have to attend; being a prefect is so much work.

I looked around and saw that Cheslock had begun to be favored by the others in Purple House; had begun to make friends. Being a prefect's fag must have showed him to the others in a positive light. His rebellious appearance doesn't make it easy to socialize, I guess.

"I have to attend the swearing in ceremony with you, don't I?" Cheslock asked, giving me a look as if he hoped I'd say no.

"Normally you wouldn't but this ceremony is special for a specific reason," I replied. "You aren't attending for the wardens, but for your own ceremony."

He stared at me for a second before the information processed, after which his face lit up. He jumped excitedly on me.

"It'll finally be official! Maybe the others will take me more seriously afterwards," he said cheerily. I gave a slight smile back and he pulled away.

"You know you are bigger than me, being jumped on isn't exactly easy on my back…" I grumbled.

"You'd be as tall as Greenhill if you stood up straight." Cheslock retorted.

"It's a habit I don't see overcoming anytime soon," I stated with finality as we walked towards the Gazebo.

"It's wonderful to finally make this official," Redmond said, happily relaxing in his seat in the gazebo. "Isn't that right, Maurice?"

"It's great Edgar," Maurice said, covering his giggle with a hand like a woman. Sometimes I have to admit I can't tell noblemen apart from noblewomen, flamboyance is fashionable lately…. I'm not exempt from it either.

"It's rather unconventional for the prefect's fags to have to endure a ceremony while other students simply request it and its official," Redmond whined.

"It's tradition," Bluer said.

"Although something not seen in tradition will be occurring today, I've never known for the dormitory warden of one house being moved to another," I mumbled.

"That is rather peculiar," Bluer said, closing his book and handing it to his fag.

Greenhill wondered. "It is unusual; the principal doesn't usually do something so untraditional."

"While we aren't to question the principal, I really do believe that we should keep a close eye on the new dormitory wardens. I have a feeling they have hidden information from us about the recent disappearances," Redmond pondered. "I will miss Mr. Sutcliff; he was a relatable man who brought Scarlet Fox pride."

"I wonder what the new wardens will be like…" I mumbled.

"So, what is this Mr. Knox like, since he will be in Green Lion now?" Greenhill asked me. I looked up from my sketchbook, where 3 dark figures were drawn in black charcoal alongside Knox and Sutcliff.

"He's very young, he must have been prodigious to have reached the place he's at now at the age he is," I said. "I've overheard him mentioning others, so he probably leaves the campus nightly to go to parties and gatherings, and I'd agree with the principal that he's probably more sporty than artistic."

"If he's fond of the athletics then he should fit in fine in Green Lion. Perhaps he requested to be moved after noticing his interests lay somewhere else?" Greenhill asked.

"I don't know. I overheard him and Mr. Sutcliff talking once, though. It was rather interesting…" I replied softly. I looked at Cheslock, who had been listening intently. I had not told him about what I had heard.

"The two apparently belong to some cult." I said. The other prefects looked at me with wide and surprised eyes.

"A cult? I thought the school checked the staff to prevent such people from working here?" Redmond asked.

"They could have lied to the principal," Bluer said. "What sort of cult?"

"I'd assume a dark arts cult, since they mentioned that they call themselves 'Grim Reapers'," I said. "They seem to think something supernatural is involved at the college and with those Jack the Ripper murders that started a few months ago."

"I would have never placed those two into something as controversial as a supernatural cult; do you think they're Satanists?" Redmond asks.

"Possibly, they didn't say much more about it. It seems they know the people who will be the new wardens," I replied.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" Cheslock whispered from behind me.

"It is something that concerns all the prefects and their fags; we will focus on purple house specific information together." I muttered back. He grinded his teeth and stepped back.

"That's awfully suspicious," Redmond said. "Maurice, after today's ceremonies, can you do a little incognito investigation into our new dormitory warden?"

"Yes sir!" Maurice said with a smile on his face.

"Can you manage the same thing Clayton?" Bluer asked and his fag nodded back to him.

"I'll ask the same of you Midford," Greenhill said. His fag saluted him and announced his willingness to follow the order.

"You can manage this can you?" I asked Cheslock. He nodded.

"Don't let them show you up now." I said, grinning before turning back in my chair.

The prefects of Weston College will unravel the mystery of these disappearances.

I left the ceremonial chamber after the prefect's fags were made official and met Cheslock outside. He was adoring the flower he was recently given.

"So it's official now," I said approaching him from behind. He looked at me, beaming.

"Now we have to attend the rest of the ceremony; it will begin shortly," I sighed. He grabbed my arm excitedly and ran ahead, pulling me along.

Such an emotional person, how can I survive this?

"Calm down a little, you're getting overly excited," I raised my voice. Cheslock stopped and I nearly ran into him. He rubbed the back of his head, an embarrassed flush on his face.


"It's fine," I said. "Let's just walk; it's against the rules to run in these halls unless it's an emergency. The floors are waxed too; you don't want to end up like Mr. Agares do you?"

Cheslock chuckled, probably remembering Agares fall down the stairs when he came down to collect the four's signatures as prefect's fags.

"He's a stupidly clumsy man," Cheslock said in his laughter. I smiled and nodded.

"Let's go, we mustn't be late," I said. He grabbed my arm just as I meant to continue walking. I turned and looked at him.

"Wait, I haven't gotten my present for finally being your official fag now!" Cheslock said with a smirk. He jumped on me and stole a kiss before rushing ahead.

"Cheslock stop!" I shouted. He immediately stopped and turned sheepishly.

"S-sorry... if that was to far I-"

"You have some of my lipstick on you now…" I said exasperated. I wiped it off with my handkerchief.

"Oh…. Uh…." Cheslock said flushed.

"You're speechless for once? It's new but not preferable over how you normally are. Now," I said. "You will be cleaning this for me later tonight, alright?" I asked, holding the lipstick smeared cloth in front of him. He nodded.

"Before we go to the ceremony I have to fix my make-up," I said, turning to return to the dormitory.

"Would it be hard to believe if that's not the first time I've heard that from a guy?" Cheslock asked.