College Days

5: Trust and Distrust

I applauded Cheslock after he was officially announced as a prefect's fag. I stared blankly forward, having to endure the next few ceremonies now, which I frankly didn't care for at this point in time. I was more focused on these strange happenings as of late; that serial murderer appears in London and a cult involving the dormitory wardens surfaces too... If only I wasn't a prefect I wouldn't have to worry myself with this.

As the last ceremony for Greenhill's fag was held, the new wardens began to line up. Ronald Knox of the Purple House was being reassigned to the Green House. A new, more eccentric man presented himself to me, towering over me.

"I am Eric Slingby; you are the Purple House Prefect, Gregory Violet, yeah?" He asked me. His voice wasn't exactly what you'd expect from someone of his appearance, but I suppose I'm not entirely in the position to judge. He is very casual for a professor though. I acknowledged him quickly and immediately withdrew to draw, imagining Mr. Slingby with the March Hare of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He seems like the type of man to easily get overwhelmed by emotion.

I looked over, noticing the new warden for the Blue House approaching Bluer. He was smaller than Slingby, but still tall, and the professional looking type, what'd you expect of a person meant to represent the blues. He wouldn't take his eyes away from a peculiar file book as his introduced himself in a monotone, business voice.

"I am William T. Spears; I will be overseeing you as of now." That is all his said, he didn't even what for Bluer's response before he slunk back into the school.

"I am Alan Humphries, I will be the dormitory warden and representative of the Scarlet Fox Dormitory from this point on, I am honored to make your acquaintance, Edgar Redmond." The new Red House warden introduced himself politely and Redmond began to blather about how Humphries is just the type of man who belongs in the Red House. I sighed and began to draw pictures of them all, drawing the rude Blue House warden sitting alone alongside the ugly Duchess, while Humphries enjoyed himself calmly sitting besides the Dormouse and Knox went wild with the Mad Hatter. They all can easily be compared to a character of that insane man's creation, how fitting.

"Gregory, it's time to go to the Gazebo." Cheslock said, nudging me from my side. I looked up and gave him a small smile and nodded. I folded up my sketchpad and started walking to the gazebo with Cheslock.

"Mr. Slingby seems to have taken a liking to how eccentric everyone in the Purple House is," Cheslock said chuckling. "He even complimented me on my make up."

I looked at Cheslock. "He did?"

"Yup," Cheslock said, smiling. "I don't use as much as you, though; I don't have as a pretty a face."

I couldn't help but snicker softly, glancing at the wardens as they all met up to walk down a different hallway.

"Are you giving Mr. Slingby a look? Are you jealous that he complimented me?" Cheslock asked snickering. I sighed.

"I'm not particularly the jealous type; I just don't trust any of them," I said. "If he really is dangerous than I'd rather you not be around him."

"That would be hard since he is the dormitory warden," Cheslock says. It was quiet for a short period of time as we kept walking at a leisurely pace towards the gazebo. I suddenly remembered a question I had long forgotten to ask Cheslock in all the over thinking I'd done about the missing students.

"Cheslock, you mentioned that you didn't have a very stable relationship with your family. Are those scars on your face more than just makeup?" I asked. He froze and hesitated.

"They're just makeup, part of the look I'm going for," Cheslock said, laughing awkwardly.

"You're a horrible liar Cheslock," I responded. "But you don't have to explain if you don't want to." I looked up and saw the garden and Greenhill's new fag, standing on the path alone anxiously. We both approached him.

"Edward Midford, right?" Cheslock asked before I could. The boy nodded.

"No one else is here yet," He said anxiously, looking around.

"Oh really?" I was surprised. Greenhill and Bluer are usually very punctual, I can understand Redmond being a little slow though, like Cheslock and I were.

"I didn't see them on the way here; perhaps they took a different hall to get here?" I said. "Cheslock, let's go wait for them in the gazebo."

"Alright," Cheslock said, "I have something for you too."

I sat comfortably before noticing the unusualness of that sentence. "You have something for me?"

"Yeah, I made you some cakes to go with tea," Cheslock said. "I tried to make something more, but all I could imagine tea wise was Earl Grey."

"That's fine," I said. I looked at the strawberry tarts he made.

"When did you make these?" I asked him, taking a small bite out of one of them.

"Well, before the ceremony I put them together but I had some other students take them out of the oven and finish the presentation. I had to try a lot to get it right, but Redmond agreed to taste test, since he let me have the recipe," he quickly explained.

"It turned out well, thank you." I took another bite and sip of tea. I looked over at Midford who was pacing back and forth.

"I can't relax at all with him like that," I grumbled. "Cheslock, please bring him over here."

Cheslock rushed over and dragged him to the gazebo without a word, although he seemed to enjoy forcing the boy to come over here.

"Relax Midford," I said, still sipping tea. "Sit, or stand, I don't care, just stop pacing and grumbling, it ruins the atmosphere of this garden." Midford sighed and nodded.

"I'm sure they must have had an issue to tend to if they are this late." I said. "They are not the type of people to skip out of responsibilities, even Redmond." Cheslock poured me some more tea.

"You can sit down if you'd like Cheslock, you don't have to act like my butler you know." I said, looking at Cheslock over my shoulder. He flushed and nodded, sitting next to me on the long purple couch.

"Ah… heheh, you three there, could you please help me locate the man I was employed by, a Mr. Johan Agares." A creepy voice asked as a man, a noble judging by the high heeled footsteps I heard approaching us.

"Ah well…" Cheslock began. "Uh…. Gregory where would Mr. Agares be around this time?" I noticed that upon looking at the man, Midford stiffened up.

"I don't know, probably his office," I said. I stood up and turned to see the man and froze for a moment.

"Could you please tell me why he hired you?" I asked the man, feigning innocence. I was completely aware why he was here and who he was, facts I had not told Cheslock.

"What's wrong, Gregory?" Cheslock asked, grabbing my hand.

"…This man, if I'm not mistaken, is the Undertaker." I said, introducing the tall, silver-haired nobleman to Cheslock.