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College Days

6: Mysterious Secrets

"Hehehe, yes, that is me. Could you please escort me there; I'd rather not get lost~" The Undertaker said, chuckling.

My eyes widened. This was not the way to hide our horrible actions. We had to kill Derek Arden and the 4 others… they were committing crimes that went against everything we and the school stood for! But they said that the Undertaker can fix what we did. I have no choice.

"I'll take him, you stay here with Midford," I said to Cheslock.

"Wait, what's going on Gregory?" Cheslock asked, grabbing my shoulder as I turned to walk away. I pushed his hand off and continued on towards the Undertaker. He grabbed my wrist instead.

"Gregory, what is going on?!" he shouted at me. I pulled my hand away and glared at him over my shoulder.

"Nothing, just wait here with Midford," I ordered. He swallowed audibly and stepped back, nodding. I looked at Midford, who seemed to recognize the Undertaker.

I gave him a look telling him to keep his mouth shut and turned away.

"Please follow me, Undertaker," I said, walking past the Undertaker.

"As you wish, little prefect," the long-haired man said, laughing quietly as he followed me. "That was quite the show~" I swept through the hallways that lead to Agares' office. I looked around quickly before I closed the door; it seems that no one has followed us.

I turned around after closing the elaborate door and saw the other prefects waiting inside; Edgar, Herman, and Lawrence.

"You could have told me he was coming today," I complained as I walked over beside them.

"I'm very sorry, but we weren't aware of his arrival either until Edgar told us not too long ago." Lawrence said, glaring lightly at Edgar. Edgar put his hands up defensively.

"It is hard to keep arranging everything with my few connections at the moment," he sighed. "My uncle was just arrested for his black market work, so I had to manage a way of direct contact with the society."

"They thought he was Jack the Ripper, didn't they? I can see how they would come to that conclusion," Herman remarked dryly. Edgar merely sighed again. I decided to give the strange man before me my attention again- I don't really trust him, even if he is working for us…

"The replacement for Agares is working fine, it's like it's the same person," I said to him, gaining his attention. "He's just as clumsy as before."

Undertaker laughed in that weird way again. "I'm happy to see its working~ Although I am still tinkering with the resuscitation of the others, I have brought one of the students that assisted Derek Arden along with me for you to see~" He pulled a boy out of his long cloak surprising us all. He had a large wound along his forehead and the back of his neck, but both had been sewn up neatly. His skin was much paler- almost sickly- than what it had been when he was alive. It now had the look of unglazed porcelain.

"He couldn't possibly be passed for a normal student with those wounds," Edgar remarked, his eyes wide.

"Unfortunately, the students are a bit more damaged than Agares," Undertaker said. "This was the best I could do."

"Well, if the Scotland Yard does try to interfere and look for the students, we can stay they're whole and mobile, at least," Greenhill grumbled.

"Scotland Yard wouldn't bother trying to investigate Weston; we're a self-governing body. They can't even get in," Edgar said, looking over at the taller prefect.

"For now let's just get them all back before we decide anything more." I said. They all nodded in agreement.

"Continue what you're doing," Lawrence ordered. The Undertaker merely smiled and nodded, leaving the boy behind as he walked off.

"I'll return with the rest soon enough~" He said over his shoulder as he opened the door.

"Will you require an escort to show you the way out?" Edgar asked politely.

"No, I'll be fine, don't worry about me~" The Undertaker chuckled. He closed the door softly behind him.

"Should we hide him in the garden?" Lawrence asked.

"No, we shall hide him in Agares' office. No one except us comes in here, anyway," Edgar said, grabbing the dazed zombie and pulling him away into an adjourning room. I looked over at the remaining two.

"Where are your fags?" I asked.

"I asked Clayton to return to the dormitory; I told him that I would be attending the gazebo on my own today. I believe Redmond asked the same of Cole," Lawrence replied. I looked at Herman who looked like he just remembered something important.

"You forgot to tell Midford to go somewhere, didn't you?" I asked dryly. Herman nodded sheepishly.

"He was pacing at the gazebo when I arrived there. I left Cheslock with him; let's get back before they kill one another," I said. Redmond returned alone, wiping his hands off. I gave him a questioning look.

"All to protect our tradition," He said. We nodded simultaneously. I turned back to Herman.

"We should return before our fags get even more suspicious- because of the Undertaker's unannounced arrival I had to leave the two of them behind with no explanation, as well as a rather authoritarian order to stay there and not follow," I said, walking to the door.

"I must apologize to Midford for my rashness," Herman mumbled to himself, following me.

"We'll call off the meeting for today then, see you tomorrow," Edgar called, waving slightly. I waved back.

"Be a bit more organized next time, please. That was very close, and we could have been caught," I said to him. Herman walked past me and opened the door.

"So this is where you all were!" An obnoxious, annoyed voice proclaimed. We all stared at the door startled.

"Oh, Cheslock, I was just on my way back," I said. Cheslock pushed past Greenhill.

"What the hell was that about?!" he shouted angrily, grabbing my cloak.

"Respect your superiors," Lawrence reminded him from somewhere behind me. Cheslock sent him a glare but sighed and let go of me.

"Do excuse my rashness, but it was an emergency," I said as I adjusted my cloak and tie. In front of me, Herman bowed to Midford, who was still standing in the hallway.

"Please accept my sincere apology, in the urgent situation I forgot to inform you of my whereabouts," He apologized to Midford. Midford looked taken aback but gracefully accepted the apology.

"We should return before we cause too much ruckus for Mr. Agares," Edgar warned, walking past us and out into the hall.

"See you all again tomorrow," he said, waving again as he walked away.

"Goodnight," Lawrence said, adjusting his glasses as he brushed past us and went down the hall.

"Come on Cheslock we should retire as well," I said. Cheslock nodded absently and we made our way past the two Green Lion's and down the hall towards Purple House.

"What was that all about, and why won't you tell me?" Cheslock asked in a heartbroken tone.

"It isn't a concern of yours," I said, avoiding eye contact. I noticed a figure turn the corner and walk down the hall towards us.

"Oh, hello Prof. Slingby," I said. He smiled and gave us a nod of acknowledgment as we walked past.

"I wonder what he's doing out at this hour..." I muttered, looking back as he walked away.

"One would have said the same about you and the other prefects," Cheslock grumbled, crossing his arms.

"Are you going to hold a grudge about this?" I asked. "Mr. Agares told us not to tell anyone or even discuss it among each other unless we were in his office."

"Ugh..." Cheslock groaned. He suddenly grabbed me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I came to the realization that he was taller than me, something I hadn't noticed before. I had just assumed my slouch made me seem shorter.

"I hate it when you hide stuff from me," He said, his voice muffled by my hood. "I guess I'm just the jealous type."

"Well, I apologize for shouting and ordering you around so harshly, but it was an urgent situation," I said, grabbing his hands. "But we must get to bed, early rise as usual for the Prefect and his fag."

Cheslock let go and rushed ahead of me, sending me his trademark grin.

"Alright then, see you tomorrow!" He called as he made his way to his room in our dormitory. I sighed and looked at my dorm.

"All for the traditional Weston College…"

"What for the traditional Weston College?"

I jumped in surprise and turned to see Ronald Knox of the Green House looking at me.

"Oh, Prof. Knox, what brings you back to Purple House?" I asked, putting on a small, wary smile.

"I had forgotten a few things when I was moving to my new office," he said, holding a bag up as proof. "What have you done for the college, eh?" He asked again, grinning. He threw an arm over my shoulder.

"I may be a teacher, but I'm still close to your age, y'know. You may feel more comfortable talking to me than another," Knox said. I pushed his arm off.

"It no longer concerns you," I said in a sternly. I hung my lantern on the gate of the manor, closing the doors with Knox outside.

"Good night to you, Professor, I wish you good fortune with your new position. If you happen to run into Prof. Slingby, let him know the gate has been left unlocked for him," I said, turning and walking away, wiping sweat away from my hidden brow. Why must everyone be so nosey?!

"Kids sure are getting scarier these days," I heard Knox grumble as he walked away. I looked back as the lantern light blew out in the breeze. The night was always so much more suited for those of Purple House, but with such pesky new dorm wardens it's difficult to enjoy.

"Something must be done about this," I muttered as I pulled the heavy doors shut.