Author's Note-Here we are. This is the end. No throwing things, okay? This is how it ended in my head. There may or may not be a sequel If there is, it won't be out for a while as I have my op on Wednesday and a vast array of other stories I need to concentrate on. If you liked this, I would be honoured if you put me on alert for the future. Also, feel free to check out my other stuff on here or give me a prompt on tumblr or Twitter (same name on both as on here). It has been a brilliant ride and I hope to see you all soon. Thank you, NYLF xx

Castle looked up at Kate, a slightly awkward smile on his face.

"Uhh, this isn't how I imagined I'd be in your bed the first time." He offered quietly. Kate smiled. "You okay?" He asked when she continued to stare at him. She nodded.

"It was a good story." She murmured. She stood and gently scooped Charlie up and kissed his forehead before carefully laying him in his travel cot. She watched the toddler breathe for a moment before turning back to Castle.

She jumped when she found him right behind her, a small content smile on his face as he watched her son sleep. Kate smiled to herself softly before leaning in and resting her weary head on his chest.

"Thank you." She muttered softly. Castle smiled and gently wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"You're more than welcome Kate." He whispered. He held her close before placing a soft kiss to her crown. "I'm just so grateful you're okay." He murmured thickly.

Kate pulled back just a little before staring at him for a moment. she drew her lower lip between her teeth as she debated before slowly closing the gap between them and kissing him in the most tender connexion she could.

"Me too." She smiled as she watched the besotted grin develop on his face before he drew her back in.