After my last fanfic got very few but amazing reviews I've decided to write another Romantica fanfic. I started writing a oneshot that tells about their relationship years down the line and as I did I was giving some background and a scene in this story was explained. As I got further into it I thought "this needs to be a story of its own." So, here is the first chapter. Please enjoy and review.


Chapter One: Bothersome Brother


I sat on my bed and stared at the calendar in front of me. My college graduation was a mere three months away. Because of a lot of studying and my awesomeness (with a little help from a certain author) I was sure to graduate with a C average. It would truly be my greatest achievement! But why wasn't I as happy about it as I should have been? Let me explain.

I have lived the last four years with Usami Akihiko. One of Japan's most popular authors and a real genius. We became lovers almost right after I moved in and just before my first semester at M University. It hasn't been easy. Usagi-san was in love with my older brother, Takahiro. I love my brother very much but he is unbelievably simple minded and never noticed his best friend's feelings. I, however, knew almost immediately that Usagi-san's intentions were less than honorable.

My dislike for the man was almost nonexistent after a few weeks of him tutoring me. A respect for the man enveloped me and deeper emotions I wasn't willing to examine. When my brother announced he would be getting married I cried for Usagi-san and it was in that moment we fell in love. I would like to make it clear now, that I am not gay.

During my first year of college my brother's job relocated back home and my brother wanted me to move in with him. This caused a few misunderstanding between me and Usagi-san but we moved passed that. Usagi-san did some clever lying and talked my brother into allowing me to stay here, as neither of us can bear to tell my brother the relationship I share with his closest friend.

And now, we are having the same problem.

My brother is hell bent on my moving out on my own or back in with him so I will stop freeloading with Usagi-san. What my brother doesn't understand is, I don't want to move out and Usagi-san doesn't want me to go. Sure, I should probably live on my own for a while and stop letting Usagi-san do everything for me, but the thought of leaving him hurts me.

We haven't talked about it yet and I can't bring myself to bring it up. What if Usagi-san does want me out? What if we do need the space? Wouldn't it be better if I could stand on my own for a while and stop depending on everyone around me? Maybe Usagi-san is tired of taking care of me. Or maybe he hasn't brought it up yet because he doesn't want to hurt me by saying that it would be best if I got my own place?

Standing up, I began to pace. What am I going to do? How do I tell Usagi-san that being away from him would hurt me? That just thinking about not waking up and seeing his face and going to bed without saying goodnight makes me feel ill. Even if I could find the words to properly express how I feel… could I burden Usagi-san with these things?

A deep sigh was torn from my chest. "We need to talk." A glance at the clock had me realizing I was late for class. Our conversation would have to wait. After running a comb through my unruly mass of brown hair I bolted from my room and down the stairs. I stopped just in front of the door and began exchanging my slippers for shoes. "I'm going to class! Lunch is in the microwave just heat it up. All you have to do is hit the 'start' button!" I called all of this out while hopping on one foot while trying to cram my other into my sneaker. Should have untied the damned thing. After two more precarious hops I over balanced and began careening sideways.

Before I could even open my mouth to yell I was caught in two very strong arms. Leaning into the strength, I tilted my head up and was immediately caught in beautiful violet eyes. "Uh, I'm late," was all I could think to say.

"So you are." Usagi-san stood me back up and turned me around in his arms, pressing the front of my body against his own. My hands automatically fell to my sides. "I will see you when you get back. I'll miss you."

"I-idiot. I'll only be gone for a couple of hours."

"I love you, Misaki."

I could feel a blush darkening my cheeks and a suspicious burning sensation behind my eyes. I needed to get out of that house. Straightening up, I pushed Usagi-san off of me. Stooping, I grabbed my bag and grabbed the doorknob. I stopped and with my back to my lover I said, "I love you too," and dashed out of the door and into the hallway.


When I arrived back at the apartment it was to find Usagi-san standing by the phone with a stupid grin on his face. A grin that could only mean my brother was on the other end of the line. "Oh? When did that start?" Usagi-san asked before chuckling.

I waved a greeting before heading to the living area and starting my homework. Usagi-san's conversation soon fell away as I got absorbed in the problems in front of me. This was my fourth year of English at M University and frankly, I'm surprised I passed it every other year. Why do we have to learn English anyway? How many American's and Europeans can speak Japanese? As far as I'm concerned knowing how to insult someone in a foreign language doesn't count.

Just as I made the last mark on the paper I felt someone next to me. Dragging my eyes from the paper I looked up and saw a look on Usagi-san's face that I had seen one other time. It was the saddest expression I'd ever seen and it was only after he'd talked to my brother and they'd discussed my moving back in with him. I wanted to seriously injure my brother for putting that look in Usagi-san's eyes. Standing up I hesitated before asking, "What did my brother have to say?"

Usagi-san didn't answer me at first and for a moment I didn't think he was going too. "He wants to know if you have enough money set aside for when you move out."

I was speechless. Move out? Does he have to bring that up every time he calls? Does he think of nothing else to say? Feeling unbelievably upset I turned angry eyes away from Usagi-san. "I-I'm not sure how much I have saved." And every damn yin was supposed to have gone into a birthday present for Usagi-san. If I moved out I'd have to start saving all over again and he'd end up with a cheap bouquet of flowers like last year. And I knew exactly how much I had in my savings account but no one was going to touch that money until I knew I had enough to get Usagi-san something really good.

"Misaki…." Usagi-san said nothing else while I stood there and looked up at him. Before I could blink he and I were pressed together and our mouths were melded into a desperate kiss. It was as if we couldn't get close enough. I felt as if I could imprint my body to his and by doing this, I'd never have to leave him. We could stay by each other's sides forever. Usagi-san began to walk me backwards towards the couch.

The world tipped around me as I was lowered onto the plush cushions. Usagi-san lay over me, pressing me further into the furniture. His body was big and warm, pressing into me but his hands were soft and cool as they cupped my face. My heart was jumping in my throat and my breath was caught in my lungs. Only Usagi-san had ever been able to do this. No man or woman could touch me and make me feel the way he does.

I jerked in surprise when the phone rang. It seemed over loud and shrill. "Usagi…san. The… the phone."

"Leave it," was his curt reply. He continued to slide those big hands over me. They reached the hem of my t-shirt and slowly began to slide it up while his hands began to roam over my torso. The phone rang and rang before the answering machine picked it up. "Usami Akihiko! Why can't you meet your fucking deadlines? I'm going to kill you!"

Usagi-san stopped moving above me. When he looked at me I could see him waiting for my response. Using all of my strength I pushed Usagi-san up enough to slide out from underneath him and hit the floor. Jumping up quickly I fixed my disheveled appearance the best I could. "Usagi-san you idiot! One of these days you're going to give that woman a stroke or a heart attack. Why can't you meet your deadlines? Do you enjoy it when she strangles you? Finish your work!" With that I stomped off, leaving Usagi-san to stare after me.

He'd make me pay for that later. Any time I stopped him from finishing what he started I pay for it with my body. I felt my penis twitch at the thought.