(sighs) such wonderful reviews! Thank you to everyone for your support, it means so much. So, I left you with a tiny cliffhanger in the last chapter so this one starts off from there. (I felt the need for a sex scene.) I wanted this fanfic to be a little different. Everyone is so convinced that there is nothing more to Usagi than sex and he's just a giant pervert. But I believe there are reasons behind all of this and would like to delve into them to explain to people why I think he is the way he is. As far as Misaki is concerned, this is really just his own stupidity mixed with the naivety and ignorance of youth. I was re-re-re-re-watching the anime and got to the scene where Misaki was holding Usagi while he cried and those honest thoughts were running through his mind and you see it so often in the anime so I wanted to really try and make is POV as honest as possible while staying true to Misaki's personality. So, let's continue. (wiggles eyebrows)


Chapter Four: Bed


Usagi's POV

I hadn't meant for this to happen, really. I'd just wanted to see him sleeping. The way his hair fell over his forehead, the way his breathing was soft and deep and the way he'd sigh out my name. I had thought he was certainly asleep by now. But as I held him in my arms I realized how wrong I was. He'd been coming to see me. That could be the only reason he'd opened the door and that would explain why he'd been fast enough to get to the damned thing before I did.

I'd stood outside of his bedroom for a long while unable to go inside. Knowing that I'd have the need to go inside and lay down next to him. It's gotten to where I can't sleep if he isn't next to me.

But he was next to me here, in this moment. And he was mine. His lips were soft and supple under mine and so easily maneuvered. It was all too easy to press my tongue to his lips and feel them part. I caught his sigh in my mouth and drowned out any other noise he might have made by running my tongue over and around his. His mouth was warm, almost hot and seemed to sear a fire through me down to my loins.

Here I am, a thirty two year old man who should have long since had control of his libido getting hard by simply kissing this young boy. But no, he wasn't a boy any longer, he was a grown man and a man who had absolute control over me. God, could he possibly know? When I pulled away from the kiss and watched his green eyes open, I realized that that was in no way possible. My poor little Misaki was totally clueless to what he did to me.

I rubbed our middles together and watched his eyes darken and saw his kiss swollen lips part in a silent gasp. If all of my blood wasn't pooled in my lap I probably could have thought enough to pull him to my bedroom, instead I dipped my head down again and kissed him again. This kiss was different, more insistent, as if I were trying to drink him up and fill myself with him.

It was perverted when I would come downstairs after having locked myself away for days at a time and immediately jumped my lover but it honestly felt as if I had run on empty. As if the only thing keeping me alive was Misaki and if I didn't get enough of him every day, I would run out and would have nothing to live for.

Suddenly it hit me how much like a stalker I sounded.

When I felt Misaki bump into the bed I stopped thinking of anything but Misaki's body and how to make it wriggle underneath me the most. Picking him up, I moved his body so it was perfectly melded to mine. My head tilted up to continue the kiss as this position made him taller than me. His arms came up and his hands fisted in the back of my hair, tugging just a little. A groan was torn from my throat when he wrapped his legs around my hips to keep his position. One hand cupped his ass while the other felt on the bed and I began to crawl, one handed, towards his pillows.

When I felt my hand hit the silky material it dawned on me that this was the first time I'd had him in his own bed. I'd had him everywhere else in this house, even one drunken Fourth of July on the balcony watching the fireworks. But here, it just hadn't ever happened. I wanted to make this night special. Every time with Misaki was different and unique but I wanted this night to stand above the rest.

When Misaki's back rested on the bed I leaned away from him with every part of my body but my lips. After several moments Misaki's body started moving up towards me. A small chuckle shook my chest as I placed both hands on his wrists and spread his legs apart with both of mine. Staring down at him a minute I wondered why we hadn't tried bondage before. "I don't want to rush tonight Misaki." Leaning down I ran my tongue over my lover's neck and moved up to playfully nip at his ear. His cry of pleasure shot a hot rod of lust through me that had me wanting to hear him more.

"I want to take my time with you." Misaki's breath hitched has his breathing grew thick with passion. Grasping both of his wrists in one hand I used my other to cup his face. His eyes were almost black with passion. So full of depth. I could see the doubt and the embarrassment rise into his eyes and cheeks. That familiar sadness began to creep in once more. Suddenly, I had had it. Misaki was going to know I loved him and everything about him. If this was the way I was going to show it without him denying it, this is what I was going to use to get my point across.

When I used words he shook them off, but it wouldn't be easy for him to shake off my body. I'd make him so weak with want that he wouldn't be able to. Starting tonight I was going to show Misaki how much I loved him every moment I got.

Planting my mouth on his, I began to kiss him in a way that made us both forget everything else. My free hand drifted over his bare chest, keeping the touch as light as possible. The need to go fast was kept at bay by my overwhelming need to have him mindless and boneless beneath me.

Using just my fingertips I caressed his skin sending goose bumps dancing across his chest, stomach and sides. His breath was ragged and his chest heaved with every breath. Sliding my tongue over his neck I drifted down to his shoulder where I placed a nip before soothing the ache with the pad of my tongue. His wrists jerked under my hand but my grip never loosened. His legs were squeezing mine as he tried to sooth the ache between his thighs by rubbing them together.

It was an action that ultimately made his arousal worse. God he was so hard his cock would be weeping soon. My free hand drifted over his chest once again and began to circle around a pink nipple without quite touching it. Misaki tightly shut his eyes and started arching his back off the bed, silently asking me to touch him there. With a shake of my head I continued my ministrations placing kisses across his collarbone to the other side of his neck.

There I left moist spots all up and down his skin. I wanted so badly to run kisses farther down his chest but I didn't want to let go of his wrists. Having him bound beneath me was more of a turn on than I thought it would be. At the same time I wanted so badly for his hands to rub up and down on me stroking me as I stroke him. Somewhere there was an ache of longing but the feeling was brushed off as I kissed Misaki's mouth again.

My hand ran up and down his arm and stroked his face. Once again I ran it over his torso and down to the waistband of his boxers. Ever so gently I ran my fingertips back and forth just above the waistline, making his hips twitch and rise of the bed. With just one finger I began to trace the same line just beneath the thin material. I was just one wrist movement away from the part of his anatomy that was tenting his boxers.

Sliding my finger back out I began to trace circles around his arousal almost touching him there but never quite doing so. His hips were rhythmically pushing off of the bed towards me as if we were already lost in the timeless rhythm together. Misaki turned his head breaking our kiss. "Usagi-san! Nn. Ah… ha…."

"I told you, I'm taking my time."

"Usagi-san… there… I… Ha!" He cried out as I ran my index finger up his cock in a straight line.

"Is this what you wanted?"

"N-no. T-touch me… there." My eyebrows shot up in shock. Misaki was actually being vocal about what he wanted? As mean as it was, I wanted to hear more.

I ran my finger in the same line as before. "Like this?" I asked oh-so-innocently. Misaki's head rocked back and forth on the pillow. "No? Like this then?" Pressing my palm on his penis I slid it up and back down, then up again. His cries echoed in my head. "Is this how you want me to touch you?"

"I-idiot." An anger blossomed in my chest seeming to stem from somewhere deep inside my soul.

"Not like this then?" Misaki's arms jerked under my hand again, more insistent than before. "Like this maybe?" Pinching the thin material between my fingers, I tugged until the waistband crested the head of his penis and pulled it down 'til it hugged the base before letting it go and rub roughly against him until it snapped back into place. His thighs jerked and his hips thrust towards me. "Nn. No… Usagi-san… your… please…." It was the please that did it. Sliding down those boxers I got them out of my way long enough to expose my lover to the cool air.

His panting grew heavier as I hungrily looked at him. Ever so lightly I began to rub my fingers from the tip to the base and up again. Slowly, I tightened my grasp until I had him fully in my hand. I began to pump him slowly as cum leaked from the tip. Scooping it up with the pad of my thumb I raised the hand to my lips and licked it away. When I looked into Misaki's eyes I didn't see embarrassment or doubt but the same hunger I felt inside of me was reflected there.

The tip of his tongue reached forward to lick his lips. With a groan I ducked my head again and kissed him deeply while moving my hand back onto him and started to pump. He was so hot beneath me it was a wonder he didn't combust. When I pulled my hand away he moaned a protest into my mouth. When I cupped his balls he moaned for a whole other reason. As I began to rub and tug and tease his voice got huskier and louder.

It was making me crazy.

But I never quickened my pace or eased my light touching. I would show him how much I loved him if it killed us both. At this point I wouldn't have minded dying in his arms but would instead die happier than anyone ever could have. Oh, the feel of his soft, young flesh beneath my skin. I moved my hand back up once more to tug on his cock. Within seconds he was coming on both our stomachs.

His body went limp under me as his voice quieted and his breathing slowed.

Still, I hadn't had my fill. Letting go of his wrists I pulled his boxers all the way off exposing him to my thirsty eyes. He lay there, open and messy from his orgasm and for once he didn't shy away from me. My heart leapt with joy. He was going to let me have him, honestly have him. My mouth drifted over his chest and finally I was able to take a perk, pink nipple into my mouth. Misaki didn't move, just moaned.

I traced patterns over the tip before grazing it with my teeth. Misaki writhed beneath me. My hand went up to tease and stroke the other one. After a moment I moved my lips over and gave the other nipple the same attention. Sliding down his abdomen I placed kisses down his stomach and over both of his sides. Kissing his hips I moved down one leg, placing kisses behind his knees and massaging his calf before kissing my way up his other leg. When I reached his cock it was already semi hard again.

When I chuckled my warm, moist breath drifted across his penis and brought him to further arousal. Taking the head into my mouth I began to tease the slit with my tongue. Oh how good he tasted. Slowly, I slid my mouth down his cock until he was all the way in. Then, I started to suck.

Misaki's lax body was suddenly full of life and energy when he sat up and dug his fingers into my scalp. "Ah! Ha! Usagi-san! Mm!" Misaki panted and moaned above me while my hands reached up, pushing him back into the bed. Before he could find the strength to sit up again, my hands swiftly moved underneath him to cup his ass and bring him further into my mouth.

Oh, cum again. Cum again. Cum in my mouth. The same thought ran through my mind over and over again. Wanting to push him a little farther I slid one finger towards his bud and pushed inside. This proved to be his undoing as he came in my mouth. Drinking until he was empty, I pulled back but left my finger where it was. Slowly I began to move the digit in and out while twirling it around and stretching him out.

A second finger followed the first. When I slowly eased them out Misaki moaned but not in pain. We'd done this enough in the last four years that he'd finally softened enough that it didn't hurt him every time. I eased over him, rubbing every part of my body I could against him. When I felt the tip of my penis rub against his opening I rocked against him once, twice, three times until he started pushing towards me. I undid my pants and slid them down just enough to free my aching cock and began to rub him flesh to flesh. We both groaned at the contact.

Grabbing the base of my shaft I began to push my way inside. So tight, so hot. Still, after all this time the feeling of being inside of him sent a shockwave through my body and had me gasping in awe and pleasure. I needed him around me, hugging my flesh to him. When I was all the way in to the hilt, I paused a moment to take in the sensations and give Misaki time to adjust to my intrusion.

Soon I couldn't take it and was forced to pull out all the way before sliding back in again. I don't know how long I kept up that sweet torcher but soon I was going just a little faster. Just a little harder. Misaki's hands were grasped in my own and our fingers were threaded together. I pushed into him again and again making him moan and call out in pleasure. His hair was sticking to his forehead and a fine sheen of sweat coated his smooth flesh.

His long legs were wrapped around my hips while his fingers clutched my shirt. "I love you." When I heard those three precious words torn from my lover's throat I lost all control. I slammed into him hard and fast and the sound of our flesh smacking together was almost drowned out by our cries of passion. Within moments Misaki's voice was raised in his final orgasm and I spilled my seed inside of him.

Collapsing, I fell to Misaki's heaving chest while I tried for the life of me to remember how to breathe. After what felt like eternity I gathered enough strength in my arms to lever myself up so I could look down into those bright green orbs. "Misaki," I sighed. "I love you." Leaning forward I planted a soft kiss on his swollen lips. The look he gave must surely have mirrored my own. The contentment, the love, the satisfaction all were coursing through my body.

Rolling over, I slid out of Misaki and pulled him to lay, draped over my own body. The night air was chilly against my sweaty flesh so with some tugging I managed to get a blanket draped over both of us. Closing my eyes and hugging Misaki closer to me, I slowly drifted off to sleep.