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By Dash

Chapter 1

The Letter and A Matter of a Simple Kiss

It started with a letter. Not any sort of letter, a love letter no less. It had no name, no hint as to who might have written it, or when exactly it had been planted in his jacket either.

Naruto had stripped his jacket off for training and left it on the ground at the side of the field while he and his team trained. But then at the end of training he had stayed behind to finish up some drills and the others had left. He hadn't noticed any of them nor anyone else go near his jacket but then he hadn't exactly been watching either. All he knew was that when he had taken it off it had nothing in the pockets and now he had one small slim blue envelope in his pocket and no clue as to how it had gotten there.

He sat on a fallen log at the edge of the field and stared at the writing trying to figure out if he knew the handwriting. It didn't look familiar but then again he couldn't for the life of him remember what anyone's handwriting looked like anyway. It could be from anyone.

And as if the appearance of the letter wasn't strange enough, the writing was well… very personal.


I wish I could say these things to you in person but I cannot because I fear you do not feel for me the way I feel for you.

You are the kindest, amazing and most good-hearted person I have ever met. My life would not be half as happy as it is now if you had not been there for me. Even though I fear rejection from you I felt I had to tell you, to let you know that someone out there cares about you, is forever grateful to have you in their life and have been made better for the experience.

I wanted you to know that you are loved,

I want you to be happy,

And I wish we could be together.

And that was that. No signature, nothing else to go on just a sort of uneasy feeling that someone might to go to so much trouble to tell him something without actually wanting him to know who that someone was.

Of course the uneasy feeling was followed up by a vaguely warm feeling. It was a nice letter really, someone wanted to know that they cared and it made him smile a little to think that someone really did.

But he really wished he knew who. He wasn't really someone that could let something like this stay a mystery no matter what might happen. He wanted to know who it was but peering at the letter didn't seem to reveal anything new to him so instead he got to his feet and started walking back to his apartment.

It was possible the person was too shy. Or perhaps they were too embarrassed 'cause as the letter said, they didn't think Naruto might want them back. If that was the case…

Naruto sighed, probably not Sakura then.

She probably knew how he felt about her so she wouldn't fear being rejected. But then she had once previously told him she loved him and he had rejected her. Of course he'd told her why at the time. She was still in love with Sasuke and had just been confessing to help Naruto get over the promise he'd made to her. But still, it had been a rejection of sorts so maybe she wouldn't be so open about it the next time.

Naruto frowned.

But she is still in love with him anyway. And he's back in the village. There's no way the letter was from Sakura.


Naruto's head shot up and turned toward the voice. There was Sasuke standing just off the field, arms crossed casually over his chest.

"Teme, don't sneak up on me!"

Sasuke smirked at him. "I'm a ninja remember, that thing you are always pretending to be."

Well if there was ever one person who could bring him down out of a high happy daze it was Sasuke. Funny how things never seemed to change.

"What is that?" Sasuke asked gesturing toward the paper clasped tightly in his hand.

"Nothing! None of your business!" Naruto snapped going a little pink and shoving the paper back into the envelope.

"Whatever, we've been summoned for a mission."

"What, just the two of us?" Naruto asked surprised.

"That a problem?"

"No, I'm just surprised, that's all."

And with good reason. This would be Sasuke's first mission since coming back when he wouldn't be under the watchful eye of Kakashi. And of all the people to team Sasuke up with apparently Tsunade had chosen him. Suddenly he felt better again at the show of confidence.

"That would explain the stupid expression then. We leave tomorrow."

"Will you fucking focus!" Sasuke swore at him.

Sasuke's rage was clearly displayed on his face as he stalked over to Naruto, red faced and breathing hard. Naruto couldn't really blame him. He hadn't been paying attention, he had almost gotten both of them killed and it was all his fault.

Of course that didn't in any way mean he would allow Sasuke to think that.

"I was focussed! It's not my fault they circled around."

"Yes it is! You were supposed to be watching the rear, you were supposed to know if anyone was sneaking up on us, that's the whole fucking point!"

Okay so maybe Sasuke had a point he couldn't argue his way around.

"Fine, I get it, I screwed up!"

Sasuke was obviously expecting the yelling match to continue for longer than that and was a little derailed by his abrupt victory. The anger contorting his features eased and he frowned at Naruto for a few moments in silence.

"What's wrong with you?"

Naruto blinked at the unexpected question, a little derailed himself.

"What do you mean?"

"Not even you could have missed them coming up behind us. You're not that much of a fuck up. Most of the time."

"Was there a compliment in there, or are you just being an asshole? 'Cause there is no way you're concerned."

"If you are being distracted enough to let us get killed I am concerned. Just not about you so much."

Despite himself Naruto felt a half smile form on his face. This was Sasuke's attempt at a joke or as near as he ever really got to one. Pity his jokes were always on the mean side still, but at least the attempt was there which was more than Naruto could say for pre-returned Sasuke.

"You made a joke," Naruto said like a proud parent.

"Partially. Look, just get over whatever the hell it is that is bothering you so we can finish the mission without getting killed, okay?"

Naruto lost his smile. "Uh, sure Sasuke."

As they continued on, Sasuke seemed not to care what was distracting Naruto at all, only that he put it out of his mind. But Naruto couldn't function like that. For him, problems needed to be sorted out or at the very least he needed to get to a place in his head where he felt better about the situation rather than worried. Usually it helped for him to talk about it to someone but unfortunately Sasuke was the only one here and he wasn't much for reassurance at the best of times.

Oh well, any port in a storm.

"Heya, Sasuke?" Naruto asked as they moved through the trees.

Sasuke made a sort of soft grunt which Naruto took to be permission to continue.

"Do you get a lot of love letters?"

Apparently Sasuke hadn't been expecting this question at all and he looked over at Naruto with a strange expression.


"I got one."

"That's what's bugging you?"

"Yeah, kind of. It didn't say who it was from."

"I'm going to hazard a guess and say that the person is probably deaf or blind to be at all interested in you."

"Teme, I'm being serious!"

"So am I. Why the hell would a letter distract you so much anyway?"

"It's not like a get a lot of them," Naruto confessed. "And I want to know who she is."

"You hope it's a she."

Naruto's eyes got real wide at that. It was a possibility that had never occurred to him before.

"Of course it's a she!" Naruto immediately shot back. But after a few moments of thinking had to ask, "Isn't it?"

"How the hell should I know?" Sasuke asked a shade defensively.

"You're making fun of me," Naruto accused.

"Yes. But it's still a valid point. Perhaps your secret admirer is remaining secret because he knew what your reaction would be."

Naruto pondered over that point. What Sasuke made sense he supposed. Didn't mean it was a guy though, a girl might have been just as afraid of what he might say.

"Well, either way it's still pretty flattering I guess. Guy or girl, they said some pretty nice things."

"How very open of you," Sasuke told him insincerely.

"Okay fine, so it's not like I'm gonna be interested in a guy, but it was still nice to read that anyone cares that much no matter who they are. And don't say it like you think like I'd be all disgusted or whatever. I bet you'd try to gouge their eyes out if a guy ever came onto you."

"What makes you think that?"

That pretty much made Naruto freeze in his tracks. Sasuke noticed he wasn't being followed after a few seconds and turned around.

"What?" Sasuke asked testily.


"Seriously what?"

"What you just said."

Sasuke frowned. "I just meant that you shouldn't judge people so readily about anything. I was making a point."

"That… doesn't answer my question…"

"It also means that you shouldn't be so thrilled about the contents of a letter before you know who sent it either. Anyone can write nice sentiments on a bit of paper, it doesn't mean it will turn out to be the girl of your dreams. For all you know it could be some crazy stalker girl, or some other girl who's just trying to mess with you. Or a guy. Now if you don't mind I want to get this mission finished before the end of the day if your brain can actually manage to focus on two things at once."

In the end, the mission turned out to be a bit of a bust. Apparently the ninja that had come after them in the forest had been the bulk of the rogue force and had left the hideout to be guarded by only one member. They had no problems taking the last guy down and retrieved the scrolls they had been sent after in quick order.

On the way back they pushed themselves to make it back to Konoha but even at their best speed they would spend another night or two out in the forest.

When they camped down on their first night Naruto settled down to take the first watch on a boulder overlooking their little clearing. Sasuke had lain down on his bedding and looked to be asleep so Naruto dragged out the by now very crumpled envelope and took out the note again.

He must have read over it a hundred times by now but nothing in his study had so far given him any clues as to who it might have been. At this point he couldn't keep telling himself that he was only reading it now for that purpose. Truthfully he just liked the way the letter made him feel.

He was momentarily startled when someone jumped up and sat down beside him scaring the absolute shit out of him. He had thought Sasuke was asleep.

"Gods, Sasuke! Stop creeping up!"

"As intent as you were I think an elephant could have snuck up on you," Sasuke observed plucking the note out of Naruto's stunned fingers. "Is this what you are so obsessed over?"

"Sasuke, no! That's private!" Naruto exclaimed making a grab to reclaim the note. But Sasuke simply put a palm to Naruto's forehead and leaned away so Naruto couldn't reach it and scanned the note.

Once he'd had a quick look he handed it back only to have Naruto snatch it back and glower at him.

Sasuke looked thoughtful and Naruto wondered what he was thinking about. He should have been embarrassed that Sasuke had read something so private but Sasuke was pretty smart and Naruto was curious if he might have been able to work out something he had missed.

"So?" Naruto asked grudgingly, tucking the note away.

"So what?"

"So you read it, do you know who might have written it?"

"No," Sasuke confessed but something about Sasuke's tone seemed a little off and Naruto wondered if he might be lying.

"Teme, just tell me if you know something. It's been driving me nuts!"

"And you think that doesn't amuse me?"

"You could at least tell me if you think it's a guy or a girl," Naruto groused. "After all that talk earlier you've got me wondering now."

Sasuke smirked at him. "And why would I tell? I thought you said it didn't make any difference because it's what was said that counted. Or would thinking it's a guy ruin the fantasy of possible romance too much?"

Despite the jerky little smirk, Naruto got the impression that Sasuke was more than making fun of him. Actually he seemed a little snippy about it. Naruto could only assume that Sasuke did indeed think that the letter writer was a guy. Naruto sighed. Oh well, perhaps it did ruin the fantasy a little bit.

"Okay so maybe not romance then," Naruto allowed. "But it's not like it freaks me out either. What he said was still really nice and I'd still like to thank them for it."

"Oh and what if they are hoping for a thank you in the form of a kiss? Would you still thank them? Whoever it is, they're obviously interested in romance even if you aren't."

Naruto's immediate reaction was to say no. But then Sasuke was acting a little strangely and something about his behaviour stopped him from saying it. Instead he gave the idea some proper thought.

"Just a kiss?"

"Sure, just a little kiss."

"Well maybe. I mean that's not too weird right?"

"Might depend on the person."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I wouldn't kiss you for a dare, that's for certain."

Naruto felt the flush heat up his neck on the way to his face. "Asshole, I wouldn't kiss you either, no matter if you wrote me the nicest letter in the history of nice letters!"

"Yeah but you like girls so that's not really saying anything."

Naruto almost swallowed his tongue at that. Did that mean that Sasuke didn't? It would explain a few things that was for sure, but the news surprisingly failed to freak him out. Actually he was too incensed at Sasuke's dismissive attitude of him that freaking out wasn't even an option.

"What the hell is wrong with me?"

The reaction actually made Sasuke grin. A full real grin, it was astonishing to see. Naruto got the sudden impression that it was exactly the right kind of reaction to have, even if he couldn't see why.

"Do you want me to make you a list?"

"If this is about personalities, fine, I get that I annoy you. But I look good, why wouldn't you want to kiss me?"

"Don't we like ourselves," Sasuke commented mildly.

"Just stating the facts," Naruto replied confidently. "But okay fine, if you wouldn't kiss me, who would you kiss?"

Sasuke shrugged. "No one I can think of at the moment. I'm going to sleep."

"That's not fair!"

Sasuke didn't answer him and Naruto watched him return to his bedding with a frown.

The next day of walking was spent silently. Naruto was thoughtfully watching Sasuke while Sasuke pretended to ignore him almost completely. By the look on his face though he was failing miserably.

Two hours into the trip, the two stopped running to take a break and walk for an hour or so and Sasuke's patience finally snapped. He rounded on Naruto, glaring.

"What already?!"

If Naruto was at all intimidated by Sasuke's tone he didn't show it at all.

"How do you know you like guys?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and began walking again, Naruto matching his pace, still with that thoughtful look.

"How do you think, moron?"

Naruto made a face as though he realised this was a stupid question. But he also didn't seem derailed at all.

"Do you check out a guy and think 'ooo he has a nice ass' or something?"

At this point Sasuke realised he wasn't going to get out of this easily. Apparently Naruto was curious. Which was annoying but it could have been worse.

"It doesn't work any differently than you checking out girls."

Naruto frowned. "Yeah but it's not like I stare at them or anything. I like people cause of how they make me feel, not really how they look."

"That's bullshit," Sasuke stated dismissively. "You'd take a peek at Sakura naked if you had the chance. Or the balls," he added as an afterthought.

"Hey, I have balls!" Naruto said indignantly. But then in a more subdued tone, "but I like them where they are too which is why I'm never going to try that again."

"But the fact remains that you want to look. Which means you find her attractive."

"But it's not all about looks," Naruto persisted. "Well for me it isn't. But I guess you're saying that's not true for you which is why I don't get why you wouldn't want to kiss me."

Sasuke almost tripped at that statement. So that's what this was all about? He wasn't merely curious, he was still annoyed about what Sasuke had said last night.

"You're resistible, trust me," Sasuke told him.

"No I'm not," Naruto told him with a big grin.

It was entirely possible Naruto was teasing him but Sasuke was by far over the conversation by now. Luckily he was pretty sure he knew of a way to stop it in its tracks.

He stopped and turned, grabbing Naruto's arm to swing him around and with a palm on his chest forced him backwards into the tree behind him. He put his face mere inches from Naruto's.

"Are you trying to tell me you want me to kiss you?"

"I just want you to admit that it's not always about looks," Naruto said slightly wide-eyed by this sudden turn of events. "Like I said with that letter. Whoever wrote it said some really nice things so they're probably a nice person. And that's what really counts."

"And like you said, it does matter what they look like otherwise you'd want them even if it was a guy," Sasuke pointed out with a smirk.

"That's different," Naruto argued. "Your talking about something that has more to do with preference than attraction. You said you liked guys, I'm a guy and I'm pretty hot but you aren't attracted to me. That means you have a problem with my personality."

"And that surprises you?"

"Not at all, but it proves my point. Face it, no amount of looks can make up for someone being a complete bastard," he finished with a significant look.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Naruto's smug expression before letting him go and stepping back. It almost seemed like Naruto was trying to talk him into kissing him. But that was stupid, he was just trying to prove a point, wasn't he? But he was leaving Sasuke very few alternatives to prove his own point if that was the case. He either had to tell Naruto he wasn't remotely good looking or go ahead and kiss him.

Whatever the deal was with Naruto, it certainly got him thinking. Naruto wasn't completely wrong, sometimes no amount of looks could make up for someone being a complete bastard as Naruto had said. And it wasn't precisely correct that he didn't find Naruto attractive either, he just refused to think about some people that way. It had been Naruto who had been instrumental in getting him back into his Konoha lifestyle and Sasuke wasn't above admitting that without his influence, he wasn't sure if he would have been able to.

Such an important friend was simply just not thought about as a possible bed partner because that's how you ruined friendships. So he'd never even for a moment allowed himself to think about Naruto in such a way. Even opening up to him like he had last night was a spur of the moment thing. He had thought Naruto might take it badly, not that he might just be pissed because Sasuke wasn't interested in him in that way. Just what kind of a message was that?

At first he'd thought the reaction was perfect. Naruto wasn't freaked at all apparently. But now he just wanted to push it and pushing wasn't good for Sasuke when it made him think about things he'd rather not think about. Especially if it was only Naruto's goal to tease him about how he thought of people. But if that was Naruto's only goal why the hell was he being so damned determined? Was it actually possible that Naruto…

"Uh, Sasuke, are you okay? You've gone all white."

"Fine. But your point isn't won yet, I can still prove you wrong. I could agree that you're appealing and kiss you. Or I don't agree with that and do nothing. Either way I win."

Naruto looked at him expectantly for a few moments with faint traces of apprehension on his face and Sasuke found himself wishing he knew why. Perhaps he was worried Sasuke might actually kiss him, that seemed to be the real threat here. Oh well, Sasuke supposed he had his answer after all.

As the moments dragged on Naruto began to frown.

"You're not doing anything."

Sasuke smirked at him. "You noticed that huh?"

Sasuke turned and began walking again without looking back around to see if Naruto was following him. But he couldn't help but snort in amusement when he eventually heard Naruto quite angrily realise he'd been insulted.

"You asshole, Sasuke!"

So Sasuke didn't think he was attractive. Normally he wouldn't be so bothered by this but he was. It was mostly due to the fact that he had been insulted that made him want to get revenge for this slight. Naruto might not have a legion of fangirls like Sasuke did, but he knew he wasn't bad looking. And he might have been a little overly boastful to Sasuke earlier but he was cute, right? He'd had enough people tell him. But stupid Sasuke just had to prove him wrong and insult him all at the same time. Honestly he would have rather have been kissed if Sasuke was so hell bent on proving his point.

Wait, what?

Naruto mentally slapped his own forehead. What the hell was he thinking? He did not want Sasuke to kiss him. But he had to admit that he had sort of been expecting it. He'd only gotten nervous when Sasuke had hesitated and looked as though this was not going to happen.

But whatever, Sasuke had won the first round, he couldn't really deny it. So he forgot about trying to get Sasuke to admit the allure of emotional connection and decided to play the game as Sasuke seemed to believe it should be played. And doing that ought to be fairly simple since all he had to do was tease the ever-living fuck out of the smug Uchiha bastard.

He refused to believe he looked bad but instead chose to believe that Sasuke just didn't see it. Well he'd make him see it.


Notes: Well by now you can see how I've diverged a little from what was asked but somehow I'm still enjoying how the story is rolling out so I decided to stick with it rather than scrap it completely. You can also see what I mean by a little OOC, probably more Sasuke than Naruto. But hey, for a quick light and hopefully somewhat amusing little fic, Sasuke's 'must avenge' personality leaves little room for fun so I've had to inject a little more into his character than I probably should have. But what the hell, this is a little bit into the future and it's a little more fun this way ;)

There should only be two chapters for this. And I know in Dash-speak that usually means three but we'll see how we go. Originally it was only going to be one chapter but it got a little too big *looks sheepish*

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