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Chapter 3

The Truth and a Little Experimentation

Lunch had turned into light sparring in the garden which then turned into dinner which then somehow turned into movie night and Sasuke wasn't positive just how that had happened.

He'd thought at the time about the alternatives of either having company or being bored again and company won out every time prompting him to suggest each activity after the previous one had come to and end. And Naruto wasn't horrible company, he'd know this before all this latest drama. As annoying as he could be it was relatively easy being around him in many ways. He was uncomplicated and not someone you had to go out of your way to entertain much because he was so good at keeping himself entertained, which was pretty perfect for Sasuke. Sure they bitched at each other still and called one another names but it was all part of the fun and by the time Naruto insisted that Sasuke just had to watch this particular movie he hadn't gotten around to yet, Sasuke had made him stay and watch it with him so he could delight in telling him how bad he enevitably knew the movie was going to be.

Unfortunately this was where Sasuke's usually good foresight let him down. His place was nice, had a neat little garden, but it was on the smaller side. He didn't have an entertainment room and therefore his one and only mainly unused television sat on the opposite wall across from the end of his bed. This meant that when they had decided to watch a movie they had little else to do but to sit on the bed to watch it.

Surprisingly though it was Naruto that seemed to show the most discomfort with this idea. Or was it nervousness? Either way it was pretty baffling to Sasuke who to make things easier on the both of them, sat up at the far end of his bed instead with his back against the headboard leaving Naruto with more than enough space to stretch out on his stomach with his head at the opposite end with no fear of personal space being broached.

Of course their legs were still fairly close and Sasuke was very aware of the proximity himself and it was more than a little distracting. Though perhaps not as distracting as when Naruto had taken off his jacket showing off his tanned and muscled skin of his bare arms because of the sleeveless tee he was wearing today. It also didn't help that him lying on his stomach, stretched out in front of him gave Sasuke a fine view of nicely rounded ass hidden beneath those ghastly orange pants.

Thankfully Sasuke managed to look away before Naruto turned to look over his shoulder and ask him a question.

"This is kinda nice, you know. Hanging out like this I mean. I know we sorta hang out but not usually all day."

"Don't get used to it," Sasuke told him bluntly.

"Why not?" Naruto asked.

"It's only luck that we've lasted this long today without trying to kill one another."

Naruto sort of huffed in amusement and smiled. "Well, you would've if I uh… actually never mind."

Sasuke was left frowning at the back of Naruto's head at the unfinished sentence. He had a feeling this was what had been troubling Naruto earlier. But seeing as he seemed a little more comfortable now, perhaps now was the time to push a little more.

"Don't be more annoying. Say what you were going to say."

"You won't like it," Naruto told him looking steadfastly back at the TV.

"I'm not sure I like the evasiveness much either," Sasuke told him frankly.

Naruto's shoulders slumped a little before he pushed himself up to sit on his folded legs and turned to look at Sasuke.

Boy he looked nervous.

"It's about what happened the other night," Naruto began.

He didn't really need to be more specific, there weren't a lot of nights lately that would stand out in either of their minds more.

"Yeah I get it," Sasuke interrupted. "You didn't actually want me to kiss you, whatever, I heard it the first time."

Naruto winced just a little.

"I'm not so sure that was it."

Confusion was Sasuke's first reaction, followed closely by disbelief. Sasuke had completely believed Naruto hadn't actually wanted the kiss, not really. Sasuke had just told him he'd thought he had in an attempt to rib him about it and deflect suspicion that Sasuke had been the one to actually want it.

"You were just pissed I didn't want to," Sasuke persisted.

"I was. But I think I knew what would happen if I made you want to, even if you did just end up doing it to get me back. I just don't know why. And I, uh, don't know why I, um, kinda, maybe liked it a little?"

It almost sounded like a question. And Sasuke wondered if this wasn't another attempt of Naruto's to tease him again. But if it was, it was a good act. Naruto seemed genuinely nervous and embarrassed about this. It didn't seem faked. Of course on the off chance it was, Sasuke wasn't about to fall for it again. And besides, Naruto = Friend, remember? He wasn't supposed to care if Naruto hated it or liked it.

"I don't see how I am supposed to care either way," Sasuke told him harshly.

"I guess I didn't expect you would," Naruto confessed. "But it's bugging me, not knowing."

"Knowing what?"

"If it was just some kinda fluke or whatever. That I sorta reacted without thinking or something like that which made me not care who it was."

Surprisingly, that actually kind of hurt.

"That's not very flattering."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "I think you've had enough flattery to last you a lifetime anyway. C'mon Sasuke you've gotta see this is sort of a big deal in a way for me. I mean does this mean that I like guys now just because I kinda liked kissing you? I want to know if something like that was just a one off or not."

Sasuke sighed. "Fine, but I don't see how you telling me this is making it better for you."

"I, uh, actually didn't think talking about it would help much. Otherwise I would have gone to someone else. No offence."

"Then what do you want from me?"

Naruto dug his teeth into his lip for a moment as though summoning up the courage to answer. If he didn't go ahead and get to the point this time, Sasuke was pretty sure he was going to have to hit him.

"I think I need to kiss you again. You know, just to find out. And cause I've already done that with you, it just kinda seems easier."

At first Sasuke thought he'd heard him wrong. Not only was there the possibility that Naruto had enjoyed kissing him before but he wanted to do it again just to make sure. And once Sasuke understood what he was being asked he wondered what were the cons of letting him.

Best case scenario; it was a fluke and Naruto had just enjoyed the attention. Sasuke's attraction would eventually fade and things would go back to normal.

Worst case scenario; Naruto liked it again.

But even the worst case scenario wasn't so horrible. Naruto practically thought he'd liked it at the moment anyway and even if he proved that to be true for sure this time, it didn't really mean all that much when it came to the friendship. Naruto would have his answer that perhaps kissing guys was an enjoyable experience and they might well move on just like they had last time and go back to being normal friends.

So in the end Sasuke just nodded.

Naruto looked shocked. "Really?"

"Just hurry up already."

Sasuke's brusque tone must have kicked something in Naruto's brain making him lean forward swiftly and plant their lips together. It was a little more awkward than last time though, not being a spur of the moment desperate result of day-long teasing, but after a few moments Sasuke felt a tongue flick against his lower lip and he opened his mouth to twine their tongues together.

It was actually quite nice. Perhaps a shade too nice but Sasuke didn't want to push him away. He obviously needed to get something out of his system and being abrupt with him right now would not speed them back toward normalcy any faster. Besides he actually was enjoying it himself right now.

Eventually he felt a hand against his shoulder as Naruto used it to ease himself away fractionally, a little flushed and breathing deeply.

"Better?" Sasuke asked as nonchalantly as he could manage.

"Not really. It was… really good."

Okay, worst case it was… but still…

"I guess you aren't happier for knowing."

"I'm not sure… I mean it's still just a kiss, right? I mean a kiss doesn't mean I want to, you know, do more."

That statement managed make Sasuke a little more tense. At the same time though, the lingering after effects of the kiss were doing strange things to the normally sane part of his mind. It was hard to think right now why what he was doing now was such a bad idea. Naruto did = Friend. Didn't that also mean he was supposed to help out a friend who needed it? Well he hadn't really done it before with anything emotional, but physical was something he could generally handle. Of course usually that meant helping in a fight, not whatever this was.

"You want to know if you liked it despite me being a guy?" Sasuke guessed.

Naruto nodded.

Sasuke tried to focus but somehow it was hard to focus on what was wrong right now.

"It's a good indication if you like the kissing, even more that you wanted it this badly. But touching would probably solve it for you."

He watched those blue eyes widen for a moment before resolutely closing his own eyes. He didn't want to see the expression at all. Of course Naruto may not even –

He felt the ties of his robe being tugged at with slightly jittery fingers before it went loose and fell away from his shoulders. He felt warm fingers curl over his shoulders, ridding his upper body almost completely of the garment as they brushed it away.

But no matter what, he was not going to interfere with this. He would not in any way take control because it was not really what Naruto needed right now and besides, it was also kind of hot to be explored like this. He had no idea what to expect and the idea was more than a little thrilling.

Tentative fingers ghosted their way down from his shoulder before stopping completely. He felt a hand against his chest but it moved no further.

"This is weird, right? I mean fine if I wanna find out about myself but we're friends. It's gonna be weird."

Uh yeah, this is totally weird, Sasuke thought to himself but refrained from actually voicing it. Admitting that the situation was strange, uncomfortable and awkward would make Naruto stop. He didn't actually want that at this point. Weird didn't stop it from feeling nice as far as Sasuke was concerned.

"Better to try this now with a friend and know. Besides, we'll pretend it never happened," Sasuke stated firmly.

"Oh, okay. I guess you're right. Ya know you're being really understanding about this."

"You say that like it shocks you," Sasuke informed him unimpressed.

"Well it does."

"Do you want me to…?" Sasuke began while starting to open his eyes. He figured if Naruto was going to insult him he could do without the extra headache. Besides it was nice to see how much Naruto wanted to do this.

But Naruto was quick to react, putting his hand over Sasuke's eyes for whatever reason and stopping him from continuing.

"Sorry. Jeez you're moody."

He felt the bed move and then a knee implant itself in between his slightly spread legs as Naruto shifted probably trying to get into a position where he could use his other hand while keeping Sasuke's eyes covered at the same time. He felt a hand against his collarbone, a little surer this time as Naruto dragged the pads of his fingers downwards. When he one heavy finger scraped over his nipple he could help but suck in a silent quick breath he hoped to hell Naruto hadn't noticed.

But apparently he had, though thankfully didn't say anything about it. His hand came back up, fingers deliberately brushing over the little bud this time making Sasuke bite the inside of his mouth. After all if Naruto thought this was weird he would probably freak out if Sasuke made any kind of pleasurable noise.

But damn he wanted to.

Naruto's hands were inexperienced and clumsy on him but he was enjoying the feeling possibly because of that little fact.

The hand moved downwards again, skimming over and then back around his belly button before fingers stopped to tease at the skin just under where the fabric of the robe had pooled in his lap.

Regrettably Sasuke hadn't really thought this far ahead. Was Naruto planning to go lower? Did Sasuke even want him to? Well yes and no. Yes because, lets face it, he was getting pretty turned on by now. No because anything more would be a great deal harder to pretend never happened. Besides, he was pretty excited at the moment and Naruto would see that for himself if the bunched fabric wasn't in the way. How the hell would he explain that? Till now he'd been pushing Naruto away by telling him that his friend just didn't do it for him. Which had been a lie as it turned out. He supposed he could just say it was an 'in the moment' thing. But he wasn't sure if that would work.

But it didn't seem to matter. Naruto's fingers had stalled where they were. Though the way he was teasing at the fabric made Sasuke think there was a part of him that wanted to continue but Naruto seemed hung up on something.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked in a surprisingly calm tone.

"Um, nothing I guess."

"You stopped," Sasuke felt compelled to point out.

Frankly he felt like hitting himself. He shouldn't want Naruto to do this. He shouldn't want to do anything himself. But he did. His mind had been awakened to the concept of looking at Naruto in a different light. And since it had been awakened he felt a compulsion to see what he might have been missing out on. And at this point the compulsion was almost painful.

And it wasn't even like the teasing the day before last had been entirely to blame. It was what had gotten him thinking about it, but Naruto just being himself was doing even weirder things to his head now.

Even so he knew he was going to regret this. No doubt if he encouraged this to go any further, their friendship was never going to be the same. But in this very moment he knew he was going to regret stopping even more.

"Well yeah," Naruto replied obviously, though Sasuke was pleased to note, a tad breathlessly as well. "I mean you don't want me to… I mean any more would mean… Sasuke you're my friend."

That fucking word again.

"You'd rather find out with a stranger?" Sasuke asked.

"No. I didn't want to do this with anyone else otherwise-"

Naruto interrupted himself then by shutting his own mouth quickly. But it didn't matter, he'd just said the worst thing imaginable if he wanted Sasuke to want 'out' of this situation himself. He'd basically just told Sasuke that he'd wanted this with him. No one else but him. It warmed Sasuke in a way he'd never thought imaginable. It also meant that perhaps Naruto hadn't been entirely truthful before when he'd used this experiment to find out whether he liked guys in general. Sasuke realised just then that Naruto was really doing this to find out whether he liked him.

In a sudden move, Sasuke reached down and plucked the remaining cloth from his lap and let it drop by his side. Thanks to Naruto's hand over his eyes he couldn't see what reaction this bought about but he heard a short indrawn breath anyway.

At this point Sasuke was more than half hard. The teasing little touches, the knowledge that he had been testing Naruto just as much as Naruto had been testing him, all of it had combined to give him a very nice feeling. And there was just no way Naruto could miss seeing that. And he had to be looking.

"Sasuke, what…?"

"You're teasing the fuck out of me, what did you expect would happen?" Sasuke replied matter of factly.

He'd expected to shock Naruto and he probably had at first. But Sasuke never expected to hear a teasing voice reply;

"I thought I didn't do it for you?"

Sasuke was quiet for a few moments after that, not sure how to take that remark. He didn't know if he should be suspicious of Naruto maybe still just proving a point or whether coming clean would benefit him more. Oh well, there was little he could hide at this point anyway.

"Apparently I was wrong."

"That must have hurt, admitting you were wrong."

"I'm hoping I'm going to feel better about that before too much longer."

Sasuke wasn't sure if his hint was enough and he opened his mouth to make another remark when he felt the lightest of touches flutter against his length and his sentence turned into a quickly indrawn breath instead.

Naruto froze for a second at the sound and then emboldened fingers wrapped around him completely and tightly. Sasuke's mouth fell open and his head fell back and… holy crap, he couldn't remember it ever feeling this good before. And sure inexperience with other people didn't exactly show through with something like this because, let's face it, jerking off was something every guy had experience with but it wasn't like Naruto had suddenly become a master at pleasure. So why did this feel so much better? Was it even possible that the wind up to having Naruto finally touch him was that intense that finally getting this was making it feel oh so much better?

Well it was possible. Hell, it was happening so it was probably more than possible. Just what the fuck had he gotten himself into? What was it about Naruto that was making this feel so much better? And just what was Naruto feeling about all of this?

Without being able to see him, Sasuke felt at a real disadvantage. He lifted a free hand up to try and pry the hand away from his eyes but his actions made Naruto stop what he was doing in a heartbeat.

"Don't," Naruto said softly.

Sasuke did stop trying to loosen the grip over his eyes momentarily.

"Why? You think I can't feel what you're doing?"

"I know you can," Naruto replied now somewhat irritated at the implication he was being stupid. "But I don't want you to give me that look."

"What look?"

"That Sasuke look."

"What…? Okay fine. I won't look, just take your hand away."

After a moment Naruto complied and Sasuke was tempted to look anyway. But he didn't, he kept his eyes closed as promised even when he felt the bed shift again and then soft lips brush against his own. He kissed back without thinking, letting his tongue get sucked into the other's mouth like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Still experimenting?" Sasuke asked already knowing the answer just as Naruto drew away.

"No, I think I have my answer," Naruto replied. "Just then when I took my hand away, your face, I just, I had to do that."

"For someone who feels comfortable enough feeling me up and kissing me, you should feel comfortable enough seeing my eyes," Sasuke pointed out.

"Sure, but not yet. I want to try something else."

Naruto scooted down and away from him then and Sasuke almost opened his eyes just from shock alone. What the hell was Naruto…

And then he felt it, something warm and wet lick the head of his leaking cock. No fucking way, Naruto wasn't really going to… I mean this was a big first for him there was no way he would…

And then he was slowly being sucked inside a mouth and Sasuke's rampant thoughts hit a pink fluffy cloud of pleasure and stopped thinking entirely. Well almost entirely. The part of his mind that wasn't reeling with sensation was still a little shell-shocked and couldn't really believe this was happening. But those were definitely Naruto's strong hands pulling him further down the bed till he was completely lying on his back, Naruto's bright blond hair tickling his belly as Sasuke reach down to wind his fingers through it and Naruto's warm wet mouth sucking him in, licking around him and apparently trying to fit as much of Sasuke into his mouth as he possibly could all in one go. He actually hit the back of Naruto's throat making the latter's throat constrict around him for a few moments while Naruto fought off the choking sensation but then seeming to realise he'd gone a little overboard drew back before plunging down again. Thankfully he seemed to have learned his lesson the first time and although it still seemed a little rocky at first he found his stride and proceeded to pleasure him in a way Sasuke could only describe as incredible, ambitious and with an apparent single mindedness to make him come in the quickest most energetic way possible. And if Sasuke didn't stop him soon he might just succeed.

"N-Naruto, s-stop," Sasuke said brokenly.

"Mmmm?" was the muffled response that only caused his throat to vibrate against Sasuke almost making him come right then and there.

"Stop, unless you want your first experience with this to end really abruptly," Sasuke managed.

Naruto did stop then and drew back little by little, letting Sasuke slide slowly from his mouth.

"I thought you were enjoying that," Naruto pointed out.

"Too much," Sasuke admitted. "What the hell has suddenly gotten into you anyway?" Sasuke asked pointedly. "A moment ago you were too nervous to ask for a kiss."

Sasuke could feel Naruto's fingers absently sweeping across the now very slick skin of his straining erection, up and down, up and down. When the fingers dipped down to flick lightly over his testicles and sometimes even further occasionally to skim over his perineum. He probably didn't even realise what he was even really doing.

The bastard.

"I guess once I've decided to do something I don't really hold back," Naruto replied eventually.

"Yeah I'm getting that," Sasuke muttered.

"This is beyond too weird for you isn't it?" Naruto guessed but strangely still didn't stop touching him. Up and down, up and down… holy fuck did he just brush against my…

Sasuke strained to focus on the question. Weird? Probably not as weird as it should be but that could be because his mind was still rolling against that fuzzy pink cloud of pleasure and didn't give a fuck.

"At least you…" Sasuke was momentarily derailed as Naruto's wandering fingers made light but definite contact against his hole. "For fucks sake, unless you're planning to shove something up there stop fucking doing that!" Sasuke snapped.

He hadn't really meant to say that. He'd just been thinking it so hard the words had burst free completely out of his control. And when Naruto's hand stilled and stopped touching him he pushed his head back up against the mattress underneath him in a mixture of feeling stupid and absolute frustration.

And just when he was about sure this time he'd managed to scare Naruto off for good he felt a spit slicked finger slide against him for half a heartbeat before it pushed its way inside.

Sasuke squeezed his eyes shut and groaned. Okay, so no more underestimating Naruto with anything ever. It had been a little too sudden though and Naruto wasn't exactly being gentle.

"You're not digging for gold dobe, slow down," Sasuke suggested when he could manage it.

"Tell me what to do," Naruto prompted him in a strangely sort of husky voice.

Naruto was actually enjoying doing this, that seemed obvious by this point, and he hadn't even been touched yet. Well then, Sasuke decided that he might as well go with it.

Naruto followed his directions, going slowly, massaging, widening, adding and most importantly, improving his aim. When Naruto did manage to find that electric spot inside him Sasuke arched his back and made what would have been a very embarrassing sound if he actually had the ability to care at this point.

Naruto was driving him nuts and Sasuke felt his whole body winding tighter and tighter till he was about to snap. And then he came to a decision.

If this was all just some huge misunderstanding, he was going to kill him. At this point it was either fuck, or one of them, preferably Naruto, had to die.

So Sasuke let his frustrations speak for him. With both hands on Naruto's shoulders he pushed him back onto his ass ignoring the surprised yelp. Pants were all but yanked off in a frenzy and then Sasuke straddled him, holding himself up over Naruto's lap. Then he began to lower himself till he felt the head of Naruto's swollen cock push up against his opening. He took a deep breath and pushed down.

The surprised gasp beneath him told him just how unexpected the move had been but Sasuke mostly ignored it because it was followed up by a deep heartfelt groan and the feeling of fingers digging into his hips, urging him further down. Sasuke ignored that too. No matter the preparations, this was going to sting.

Sasuke leant down and put his lips next to Naruto's ear.

"If you push up right now I will murder you."

He straightened back up to regard Naruto's wide and slightly dazed up as the blond nodded.

Little by little, Sasuke took his time easing himself down, gasping a little himself as he slowly sunk onto Naruto's lap and feeling himself being slowly filled up. It was such an intense feeling that he took a few moments just sitting still to allow himself to relax and breathe for a moment.

Then he began to move. Slowly he used his legs to move himself and he heard Naruto begin to moan in earnest. He must have been teasing Naruto a great deal by the sound of it.

Very quietly he then told Naruto, "You can move now."

Naruto's fingers had been flexing against his hip bones, his muscles bunching spasmodically as he fought against the need to thrust up and now that Sasuke had apparently given him permission to do just that it seemed as though Naruto had other ideas.

Sasuke felt Naruto's arms going around him and then he was being tipped back till his back hit the bed and Naruto slid out of him.

The loss he felt at that was almost painful. He had thought Naruto had been enjoying himself to judge by the noises he had been making. But perhaps Sasuke had taken it too far after all and Naruto had just been waiting for his chance to make Sasuke stop.

But then Naruto followed him over, draping himself over Sasuke's prone body and sliding up between spread legs. He captured Sasuke's mouth in an almost desperate kiss just as Sasuke felt him push back inside. It was almost too much. Who knew Naruto had this in him? If Sasuke had known it might be like this he might have thought to blur those friendship lines a long time ago.

At first his thrusts were a little frenzied and showed his inexperience but eventually he found his rhythm of long steady thrusts that made Sasuke break off from the kiss and throw his head back only to have his neck attacked with lips and occasionally teeth as Naruto got a little too carried away. But it was amazing and if Naruto wasn't driving him slowly towards the edge of another orgasm he would have happily let this continue all night.

It was then he realised that this really wasn't going to be something he could forget about too easily. And for the first time he realised that he didn't actually want to. And he really didn't want Naruto to forget it either.

"I'm going to say something and I don't want you to be mean about it."

"I can't promise that," Sasuke replied still feeling his heart pound through the hand he had resting on his chest.


"Fine. What is it?"

"I still don't know what this means," Naruto confessed after a moment.

Sasuke looked over at him to see Naruto still lying on his stomach, his face turned toward him and a pensive look on his face.

"You really are a moron, aren't you? You just had sex with a guy and you're still wondering."

The part of Naruto's face that he could see frowned at him. "Yeah but I still can't imagine doing that with anyone else. Touching you was… well it was exciting. Thinking about anyone else… well… it's not really doing it for me," he confessed.

Sasuke watched that one blue eye gaze at him too shocked for a moment to breathe properly while his mind raced. Naruto might not realise what that meant but Sasuke understood what that sounded like. He just wasn't sure if he dared believe it though. It might have been the lack of oxygen from the swallow silent breaths but his mouth opened and he spoke before he realised what he was doing.

"Do you know why I didn't want to kiss you?"

Naruto didn't look happy about that reminder. "'Cause you think I'm ugly."

"It's because you are my friend," Sasuke replied. "Real friends are rare for me. I wanted to protect that and having sexual thoughts about your best friend isn't generally a healthy way to preserve that friendship. So I made myself not think about you like that."

It seemed to take Naruto a little while to process that information. He seemed confused.

"So you don't think I'm ugly?"


"You just didn't want to break the friendship?"

"That's right."

Naruto sat up suddenly and gazed down at Sasuke in open bewilderment.

"But that's so stupid!" Naruto blurted.

Now it was Sasuke's turn to look surprised. "Excuse me?"

"Well I mean it's great too," Naruto amended quickly seeing Sasuke's face begin to darken. "I never thought you'd feel that way about me. And I get it, you didn't want to risk breaking that bond but you're kinda stupid thinking that there aren't even better bonds to have with people."

"You'd better get to the point really quickly," Sasuke warned him.

"You just assume that showing interest in me would make me not want to be friends with you any more. And well, that's kinda true, but not like you think."

"It isn't?"

"No. Don't you get it, it's not that I've suddenly got an interest in guys now cause I like being with you. I think it just means that I want to be with you period. And now I feel even closer to you than I did before. You were so worried about losing a friend, you didn't even for one moment consider that you might gain something even better."

Sasuke blinked at him. He had honestly never thought about that before.

"Things don't usually work out for the better for me."

Naruto grinned at him. "That's cause you're not real optimistic."

Naruto leaned down over him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "I really like you were so worried about losing me. But I don't think you're going to get rid of me now. Especially not now."

Sasuke could help but smile a little at that. "So all your little experiment told you was that you wanted me not that you wanted guys in general then huh?"

Naruto smiled right back. "I'm not exactly complaining."

"Neither am I."

Sasuke let his arm flop onto the bed beside him, his fingers brushing against cloth – Naruto's discarded clothes – and then something thicker and rougher. He grabbed whatever it was and bought it up in front of his eyes.

It was the letter. Sasuke frowned.

"Are you still curious about who wrote this?" Sasuke asked Naruto but kept his eyes on the envelope.

"Not really," Naruto replied lazily, stifling a yawn. "I think I worked out who gave it to me."

Sasuke did look at him then to see Naruto still grinning at him.

"Who?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto abruptly stopped grinning. "Um, didn't you?"


Naruto blinked at him. "What?"

"You really thought this was from me?" Sasuke asked a little surprised.

"Well yeah. You said that thing about me being a good-hearted person. You said it the same way it was written in the letter," Naruto told him.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at him. "Maybe the phrase stuck in my head after I read it. I still meant it, but I didn't write this."

Naruto stared at him dumbfounded for a few long seconds. "Really?"



"You look disappointed," Sasuke observed. "That's not what prompted tonight's little experiment did it?"

"Well no," Naruto admitted. "I still liked that kiss. But I would never have told you about liking it if I thought… Holy crap," he muttered.

"So you don't regret doing that or what you just said, even if I wasn't your secret admirer?"

"No. Sasuke that was amazing. But I, uh, kinda feel stupid for thinking it was you now."

"I'm surprised you don't feel this stupid more often."

"Shut up jerk!"

Sasuke smirked at him. "But just so you know, I don't like the idea of you reading this thing all the time and fantasising about who wrote it."

Sasuke gripped the letter in both hands and tore it easily in half.

"Wait, Sasuke! That was still a nice letter!"

"I don't care. You've got better fantasies to fulfil now."

Naruto looked a little upset about his letter for a few more moments but eventually what Sasuke had said started to sink in and he smiled a little at the thought.

"That's true."

As Naruto walked out of Sasuke's house two nights later he paused by the trashcan near the front gate and looked down at the destroyed remains of the letter in his hand.

"Oh well, guess I'll never know."

But it was hard to feel bad about that. As mysterious as it all was, he'd only wanted to know who had written it because he'd wanted to find someone who could care about him like that. And even though it appeared as though he'd been wrong about Sasuke writing it, the letter had in fact pointed him in the right direction of someone who did. He really couldn't feel bad that he'd gotten his wish even if it hadn't turned out as expected. He felt too happy about that to care.

So he dropped the two halves of the letter into the bin, shoved his hands into his pockets and started off towards home with a big smile on his face.

Across the street a pair of pale wide eyes watched from the shadows as the letter disappeared into the trash. Hinata had only been walking home and caught sight of Naruto leaving Sasuke's house. She had been torn whether to walk up and say hi or not when the familiar envelope appeared in Naruto's hand. She watched horribly disappointed as the torn letter got thrown away. But then Naruto had looked up and smiled and for some strange reason she didn't feel quite so bad anymore. Even though he hadn't kept her letter his smile seemed to tell her that the message had been well received if nothing else and that at least was something to feel good about.

The End.

Notes: ah yes, this could have gone on for much longer but I was determined not to draw this out but only because I wanted a short story no matter how much my brain insisted otherwise. Admittedly this did end a little up in the air but I think we got the main things sorted. A few guessed that Sasuke wasn't the letter writer. A lot of people were up in the air about it. Poor Hinata *looks sheepish*

Many thanks again to sheechiibii for the request, it was a great idea to write even though like I said, I might have been a little worried I didn't quite get there as far as the theme went. But I hope you enjoyed it still because the ideas you gave me for this request were oh so much fun :)


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