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So hello again, FanFiction dot net. This is my second piece of alternative fanfiction that I been thinking for the past months after I watched SAO: Sword Art Online.

While I will say that I did enjoy the show (The first season in any case) I do kinda wish that they had gone deeper into the psychological and mental situations between players and losing so many people in the game. It's really amazing how things were like that, the action, the price of virtual reality, differences between realism and this new world.

To me, the writing started to lose track of what it was going for after the fifth episode. While I don't exactly mind filler, as it used to display impressive ideas, it just sort of fell... Well flat. Characters only seemed to fit one objective and I do wish that they would have made a few more episodes with them in it, NOT gawking over Kirito (Who, in my opinion, is probably the most over-powered player... ever).

A bit about myself. I am a fair fan of anime, always wanting to input real-life situations in, wanting to see how things would turn out. While it seems depressing, in the end, it really depends on a character's ability to rebound to show the differences of good and evil; love and hate; trust and betrayal. As such, I have become big fan of Gen Urobuchi's work with Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero. What does this exactly mean? Well, expect this fiction to be 'darker' than most. But I'm not above giving the characters a break here and there.

So here I am, writing away to make something like that a reality in the world of Sword Art Online. Before this Author's intent was created, I personally felt that I didn't have that much of a direction for this fanfiction, but now I do.

A fan of SAO, and a fan to anime in general..

=Objective Reality=