Will Horton relaxed into his seat. Well, relaxed might be too strong a word, for someone who was afraid of heights, and was in an airplane that was currently travelling through the air at thirty-five thousand feet. He had taken some anti-anxiety pills prescribed to him for this very purpose, so he certainly was calmer than he would have been without them. He had requested a middle seat, in the middle aisle, to prevent him having the temptation of looking out a window. One of the flight attendants, a very chipper, good looking lad named Mark had come by several times offering Will pillows, some peanuts, several chances to get glasses of water, or juice; even though technically the airplane would only be in the air for about thirty minutes. Will did appreciate the attention however, since it kept him from thinking too much about how exactly far away from the ground they really were.

It hadn't, however, kept him from thinking back to the reasons why he was in this airplane in the first place. Okay, most of these reasons weren't exactly bad and some of them were actually quite pleasant. The main one being that he had applied to, and was accepted on scholarship no less, to attend the University of Ottawa. He was going to take Computer Science with a minor in International Business Development. He had stumbled upon this neat program while looking at colleges. He had been helping Gabi search for some colleges specializing in Liberal Arts programs and had googled Ottawa University at her suggestion. He stumbled upon another university of a similar name, located in Ottawa Canada of all places. And, just out of curiosity, Will had looked into some of its programs. Gabi had dared him to apply and he had been accepted. This had not been the only program for which Will had gotten an acceptance letter. He had been accepted in a similar program at Salem U. Going to Salem U. would have been the ideal situation, especially considering, he would then still be able to help his Mom out with his brother and sisters. That is kind of hard to do when you are six hundred miles away from home. And he would normally never have considered going to a college so far away, except for the whole Coming Out thing. That had changed everything.

First of course there was the Gabi break-up at the beginning of summer, just after graduation in fact. Gabi had basically broken up with Will because of Will's failure to become intimate with her. At the time he was devastated. He so wanted to be able to love Gabi the way Gabi deserved to be loved. And he did love her. Just not in the way that he knew she wanted, needed and deserved. Around that time, there came that chance encounter with a guy named Neil at Brady's Pub. Will had been working there to help out his great grand-mother, as well as to earn some cash in order to afford college. Neil had walked in one day, with a bunch of his college friends. They sat down, ordered some food and that is when Neil noticed Will. Neil started coming back to the Pub several times in the next couple of weeks and Will got to know Neil more and more. Neil was of course the first openly gay person that Will had ever met. With Neil's help, a little under-age alcohol and a frantic kiss, Neil got Will to come out, at least to himself. With Neil's help and the help of his Grandma Marlena, Will figured out finally that he was gay. He had not been ready to come out to anyone else though. Not then.

Will's daydreaming came to end, at that point, when a voice came on the airplane's intercom. "Ladies and gentlemen, please be advised that we will be commencing our descent to Ottawa in a few minutes. Please buckle your seat-belts. We are on schedule, and should be arriving at Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International airport in about fifteen minutes. You will then be asked to disembark and make your way towards Canada Customs. Thank you for your attention and have a great day."

Getting off the plane didn't take very long. Will was able get his stuff together rather quickly. He even stopped in the aisle a little while to say goodbye and to thank Mark for his great service and personal attention. Then the waiting started. First it was waiting for his luggage. Thankfully, this was a much calmer wait then waiting to get on the plane, since he didn't have to wait with his mother. And, again thankfully, Grandma Marlena was there to alleviate some of the stress. Sami tried to the bitter end to convince Will to stay in Salem. "You know, it isn't too late to change your mind", she said, repeatedly. Will supposed he couldn't really blame her for trying since it had not been long since she finally accepted that Will was not going to "turn straight". Sami had been convinced that Will wasn't really gay. It was just a phase. She was also convinced that Will was only going to a foreign country in order to get away from her. She was of course partly right. He had needed to get away from her, and from Salem. It had been the deciding factor, when he finally sent back through the admissions website that he would be attending U of O. The fact that everyone in Salem found out he was gay because Neil outed him was another matter. He couldn't really blame Neil. He really was only trying to prevent Will from going to prison for a murder he didn't commit. But the pressure of the stares Will felt upon him was too much for him. And so, here he was.

Immigration and customs were a relative breeze since he had basically been pre-approved to enter the country through the student visa process. So now, all he had to do was find the person that would take him to his dorm from the airport. He was told that the person would be holding a sign with his name on it. He walked into the arrivals area of the airport, with his cart of bags in tow and looked around. Sure enough he found the sign. His mouth fell open. Holding a rather large sign saying: "U of O welcomes William Robert Horton", was the most gorgeous man Will had ever seen: Dark hair, brown eyes; tall enough and very well built. He stopped for a moment, in order to breathe. "Whoa buddy", he thought to himself. "Calm down. It's only a cute guy. You can handle this." He then walked up to him with his identification out, as he was directed to do and said: "Hello, I'm Will Horton." The dark haired stranger put out his hand and said," Hey there. I'm Sonny"